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National Security Agency Slavery

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Back in the 80's, word had gotten around that some people in the NSA had been using hypnosis for one of their upcoming projects to take place some time in the future.

What they had been doing was going around recruiting people. They would have an agent watch someone for a while, and try to identify those whom were gifted with at least above average intelligence. They would keep an eye out for people who would make profound observations, do a quick hypnosis test to see if they responded to it, and if they did, ask to bring them in for an interview.

If the person they interviewed had matched up with what they were looking for, they would then test them to see if hypnosis would work particularly well on them. They took them into a room and started with some very basic hypnosis techniques, like a swinging pocket watch at first to see how they responded. If they responded well to that, they would try to induce a deeper trance that took longer, which involved the long winded and calm voice with relaxation techniques.

If they passed that stage, they would have them sign an NDA, and if they agreed to continue, move on to bringing them into another room with various lights installed in different areas. Some on the ceiling and wall. They would start with something simple, like flashing a simple flashlight a few times, then in different patterns.

Then they had a grid of lights on a bar towards the ceiling they would flash in alternating patterns and colors. There were even a few strobe lights in the room that were tuned to different frequencies. Lastly, they had a larger panel on the wall. It had a black background with an even larger grid of lights that would flash and create different patterns in different colors.

After that stage, if they still wanted to continue, they would then have them go through a few educational classes on what exactly the project was, what it entailed, and the process involved to complete it. They inserted a bunch of propaganda in there about patriotism, serving your country, and various other things quite reminiscent of brainwashing. They had been laying it on thick to the point of going overboard with it.

If the people they were trying to recruit wanted to participate in the project, they were promised a salary with regular paychecks, then begin their training. This is where the problem came in, because since they were dealing with hypnosis, with one of the main subjects being amnesia, some rogue element idiots thought it would be a good idea to make these hypnotized people do a bunch of work then make them forget about all the NSA stuff and not actually pay them.

This project involved A LOT of people over a LONG period of time, so you can imagine how much back pay the NSA owes them. Boy are they in trouble.

The MIB sent in a couple of their elite infiltrators to bring their whole operation down. While the NSA had their agents going around watching people to recruit them, the MIB had been watching THEM until they could identify the agents that were working.

It was pretty easy, actually. The recruiting was taking place covertly all over the country and across the world, mostly in crowded malls and stores, and the infiltrators could just notice someone that had been following one or more people while trying to make themselves as nondescript as possible, but that deliberate nondescriptness just made them stand out more.

The infiltrators just had to watch them for a while, see what they were looking for after they had recruited a few people, then they would have all the information they needed to be able to get in.

One of the things the NSA wanted to accomplish in their project was to create sleeper agents, and the end goal of the project was estimated to come to fruition at around 20 years or so in the future. So for this, they were looking for younger people, especially kids, because by the time 20+ years came around, they would be fully mature adults, yet not too old to be hindered physically or mentally.

So basically, the infiltrators just had to make themselves look like a young kid with his mom, and they would go around trying to bait the NSA agents. Long story short, it worked and they snagged one.

They would bring them into this out of the way "office" of the mall that they were working out of, and begin the interview and recruiting process. The whole place was bugged, so the MIB had vast intel and knew exactly what they needed to say to get through their hypnosis tests and whatnot. The infiltrators were susceptible to hypnosis, but they had some blocks put in beforehand so that only certain people would be able to access them.

They went through the recruiting process, gathered up even more intel, then started taking their own steps of bringing them down. After the infiltrators had went through the process and had confirmed that the slavery was indeed taking place, they revealed themselves and who they were to the agents involved.

This revelation sent shockwaves through the intelligence community. The MIB had made it very clear to them that there would be nothing the NSA could do about it. Whatever resources the NSA had, paled in comparison to what the MIB had access to.

The infiltrators told them that they were just two of many, that they could be anywhere, and one of them was probably already one of the agents working there. How else could they have been tipped off about their operation? Paranoia went rampant.

It turns out though, that the NSA, being a vast established agency with a lot of resources and personnel, would be a waste to just eliminate completely. Plus all those sleeper agents they had spent so much time working on could be used to do some good. That is, after they were given the chance to do so willingly, and if not, be left alone.

The sleeper agents they had been working on were actually very valuable. Not only were they intelligent, but the hypnotic "programming" and training was of a very expensive and time consuming variety. They had weapons training, hand to hand combat training, survival skills, clandestine training, as well as hypnotically enhanced cognitive ability, increased focus, and motivational drive.

The MIB made the decision that they could turn things around. They had the NSA start redirecting some of their hypnotic programming, and due to the enhanced cognitive abilities, many of those sleeper agents are now rich and famous actors, musicians, and other noteworthy people who do a lot of charity work.

So yeah. Sure beats a meager government salary or being some poor unwitting mass shooter. That doesn't necessarily let the United States government off the hook though. They're liable, after all. So if anyone remembers being part of this project or was involved in working on it, they should contact me and let me know.

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