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Soft Kill Program

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Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other advertising networks have been utilizing user data as part of a harassment project. It's connected to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and the United States Government which is referred to as the "Soft Kill" program. It's used to target "dissidents" and people who don't go along with the status quo, as well as the so called "useless eaters" as a modern COINTELPRO.

It was constructed as a way to murder and assassinate people without leaving any evidence. It's like a Stasi 2.0 for the 21st century. If they could get people to commit suicide, there would be no need to send any hitmen in and have the risk of leaving a trail leading back to them.

Most people are aware by now of the vast amounts of user data and dossiers that have been collected on everyone. There's been mentions by people on YouTube and elsewhere demonstrating how the computers and phones are listening to everyone and everything. You can just talk about a subject and next thing you know you start seeing ads for it. They get really specific.

Flesh and blood Humans are at the helm, supplemented by Artificial Intelligence. The A.I. sorts through all the information the companies have been collecting in much the same way that the NSA utilizes A.I. to sift through all the intercepted communications looking for flagged words.

A.I. is required since the amount of data collected on just one person is colossal, let alone hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people all over the world. It was thought the advertising was about making money, but the infrastructure was set up specifically for gathering information and targeting people, while the money would be like a bonus.

It's sort of like a catch-all dragnet in a way. They could collect data on as many people as possible, and even if they weren't specifically targeted, they would already have the information in place to wage a campaign against them in the future if they so chose.

It's used as a kind of "gaslighting" apparatus. It can drive people insane if you don't know what's happening. It also makes people who are religious think they're being contacted by Aliens, god, angels, or even being attacked by demons. They would be shown seemingly impossible synchronicities that would leave no doubt there was something supernatural about it.

It also keeps people in line by scaring them. They would target journalists and others who were taking about subjects the so called "powers that be" don't want to become privy about. It would make them paranoid thinking they were being watched by a force beyond their control and have them give up and delete all their material.

They've also been using it to set off mass shooters by making them snap, or goading and encouraging them to do it, if only in a roundabout way. Like leading them to believe they were invincible, some kind of "chosen one", or on a top secret mission. They'd be led to believe that if they got caught they would be released by the police without charge, or someone would later come to their rescue and bail them out. That wouldn't happen though, and they'd get arrested and thrown in prison anyway without the police involved being aware of what was happening.

It would be interesting if we were able to take a look at what kind of subjects these shooters have been previously reading and researching. They may have stumbled upon something. When we hear about them on the news, it's usually just cherry picked tidbits to depict them as weird or some kind of monster to make a juicier news story for the public and we don't get to see the whole picture.

They would then use this opportunity to further their gun control agenda. It's also part of their "end times" plan. This is where they create as much chaos as possible to make it seem as if the world is going to hell in a handbasket. The collective trauma experienced by the public creates stress which puts more pressure on the people being targeted creating a snowball effect.

Once victims become sensitized to the things that are happening, it changes the way they think and they begin to see signs of it out in everyday life. This leads people to believe they are being followed and stalked by the general public wherever they go. From that point, it would only take one or two people being around the targeted individual in person to continue the harassment, which creates a confirmation that something is going on for sure. It makes the target believe there are many more involved than there actually is.

Supplement this with Voice to Skull technology, and nobody would believe them if they talked about it. As soon as someone started telling people they were hearing voices in their head, they would be written off as a crazy person. It doesn't help that the symptoms of harassment match the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) symptoms of delusions and paranoid schizophrenia. The harassment was more than likely tailored in this way to discredit the victim.

Victims are also sometimes told these voices are daemons, referring to computer terminology. However, the word is pronounced the same as demons. Even if they explained the meaning, most people hearing it such as the police investigators would just think they were dealing with a mentally ill individual. Other non tech savvy victims would just accept it as supernatural demonic forces. All the investigators would hear from them is "demons told me to do it".

There's supposedly a massive class action lawsuit about this in the future. There are leaks and the perpetrators also get caught red handed. Major companies are sued, and each person involved was sued individually as well. Apparently it's fine to mention this now since it will be such an open and shut case that the companies being sued have zero defense against it.

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