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Soft Kill Program Part 2

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The main goal of the "Soft Kill Program" is to get the victim who is being targeted to either commit suicide, get themselves thrown in prison, get committed to a mental institution, or go on some kind of killing spree like a mass shooting. The process is supposed to take 1 to 3 months.

It was originally just meant to remove the person of interest from society, but in more recent years, some of the perpetrators of this activity have been treating it like a game. The way they see it, the more high profile they can make it, and the more insane they can make their victim look, the better it is. They go into it with the intent of their victim to make it in the news, then trade stories among themselves like baseball cards.

Due to this sick culture, they've started targeting celebrities since they have the paparazzi watching them constantly and it makes for a juicier media story that they can savor for longer. In these cases, things have gotten so out of hand they were doing it for no other reason than to make it more legendary since these famous people hadn't actually done anything that would typically get them targeted. Basically just doing it for sport.

Their favorite weapon is to use V2K to beam "voices" in their head to either drive them crazy and/or make them think they're crazy. The realization of someone thinking they're mentally ill creates further distress. Should the victim attempt to seek help, it creates a verifiable record in the mental health system by showing that they have a history of mental illness which would further discredit anything they would say from that point forward.

The V2K can cause a victim to become distracted and unable to focus. Numerous cases of people diagnosed with ADD and ADHD are due to this and not an actual problem with their brain. Following this, they get put on medications such as pharmaceutical amphetamine to alleviate the symptoms. However, these drugs can cause actual paranoia and delusions as part of the side effect known as amphetamine psychosis.

Another side effect is restlessness and tachycardia which also contributes to the issues the victim is having. A victim unaware of the side effects the medication can have would not know what's happening to them and cause more stress by making them worry constantly. They might go and seek additional medical help which would deplete their funds.

If the V2K were to suddenly stop, they wouldn't need the medication to help focus. However, there is damage done to the brain's dopamine system after the use of the medication that they didn't need to begin with. Psychiatric medication also doesn't have any effect on an external source of V2K.

If they can get the victim on medication of some kind, it can make them more pliable and open to suggestion. Altering the brain chemistry keeps the victims off balance. In addition to this, they push for the victim to use alcohol and/or illicit drugs. If the brain isn't working as it should be naturally and is being influenced chemically, it can make their tactics more effective. Furthermore, the side effects can cause more distress to the victim.

Drug addiction can also get them to spend all their money and possibly sent to jail. An emphasis is put on trying to keep them poor so they have no money to take care of themselves properly or to be able to fight back against the harassment by hiring lawyers and private investigators.

There are some basic things they can attempt with the V2K system other than just beaming voices into someone's head remotely. They can mimic subvocalization so the victim will accept it as their own thoughts. It's like putting ideas in your mind. It's usually something along the lines of making poor choices in life.

Heart rate is also controlled in the medulla oblongata. In some cases, they are able to accelerate the heart rate. When a person is anxious or they have a poor diet and low blood sugar it can make the heart race. They try to take advantage of this by speeding up the heartbeat even further to make it worse. This can cause the victim to have a panic attack and make them act erratically.

They can also stimulate the amygdala. This can create an unfounded sense of fear and anxiety. Doing this can also cause a sense of impending doom with no known reason for it. If you combine the harassment along with the rapid heart rate and increase the anxiety, you can sometimes push someone to act irrationally or seek medical attention to cause them to lose money.

A connection to all of this is dating websites. If the victim is single, they've been using them on the people they've been targeting to create a stream of constant rejection or to create the perception that only low-quality partners are available to them to try and push victims over the edge and create a sense of despair.

They've been setting up websites like blogs on WordPress, etc., to create a sort of "false manifesto" so that the person they've been targeting looks like they have the classic symptoms of mental illness. Usually a crazed rambling. These are "off-the-shelf" packages they have at the ready so if their victim becomes some kind of high profile mass shooter or murderer, they would look instantly insane to the public eye if it makes the rounds on the news.

Sometimes they're already out in the open and the victim is unaware of it, and sometimes it's made public shortly before or afterward and is backdated so that the news has something to pick up and report on. They're usually of poor quality so that the victim looks deranged and paints the picture that they're even more unhinged.

In some cases, these victims have been targeted with a smearing campaign online. It's also done in their neighborhoods and places of work in real life, but more recently it's done online since it's easier, cheaper, and they can cover more ground.

They were employing these tactics specifically to mimic mental illnesses as found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. They were calling it "artificial paranoid schizophrenia". They were doing it this way so that anyone who would talk about it or try to speak out would be labeled mentally ill since the symptoms fit the manual to a T. The police would never believe them.

They also had teams of people who would scour online forums and other places like Facebook groups, forums, and Reddit threads talking about gangstalking and electronic harassment. They would post comments about how people who are hearing voices and being stalked online or otherwise are just mentally ill and should seek help from a psychologist.

Some victims had teams of people following them around the internet under different names using aged accounts. Sometimes it was only one person using these accounts and targeting multiple people using a tool. This software would enable one person to control multiple accounts to appear as if it were several people.

This is software that was being used by the military to direct and influence online conversations and spread pro-American propaganda. It can be used to create a false consensus and also causes victims to believe they're surrounded. It's the same software the U.S. Military uses to create and control false online personas known as "sock puppets".

Another tool in their arsenal has been using PayPal to target victims. Many people are dependent on PayPal for their livelihoods for online businesses. Often victim's accounts are closed for little to no reason and without explanation. This can set people off. It creates a sense of despair since they have no other way to make a living. They tend to feel that all is lost.

YouTube is another "Hot Zone". A Hot Zone is what we describe in the course of our work as an area of interest that is currently being investigated, so we tend to not interfere in it while we gather evidence. Basically letting it all play out until it's "Go Time".

On YouTube, they can demonetize videos and cut off the funding of anyone they want to target. They artificially inflate the view and subscriber count so the account holder gets a steady income from it. Often when this happens, the victim quits their regular job to do YouTube full time. Once they have become absorbed in making all their money from YouTube, their income stream gets cut drastically or demonetized completely.

Copyright and other terms of service violations soon follow. Algorithms manipulate the feed to keep the user's videos buried and off the front page to keep them from getting views. Even searching the video by its exact name will keep it from being the first result. They've even been "shadowbanning" users to keep comments from being seen. Twitter has been doing the same thing.

Yet another online tactic is using the captchas that are found everywhere online. They typically manipulate them in a way so that the victim thinks that God is talking to them, or to make them think that someone has total control over the internet. It makes the victim stress out so that they think there's no refuge from the harassment, even online.

They do this by controlling what the captcha says. It usually starts by having it say something so personal to the victim that they think there's no way that the message is not meant for them. Then they start giving the victim commands to see if they can get the targeted person to do something. It's almost exactly like the old "Inglip" meme.

Ad networks are also used to add to the harassment. They listen in on the microphones and record the web cameras of the devices you use. Some of it is analyzed by AI to determine age, gender, race, and other demographics. They estimate net worth based on the furniture and other items they can view in the background.

On cell phones, while an ad is playing it begins recording audio and video from the front-facing camera and analyzes your reactions to the ad being played. This includes facial expressions and especially eye movements. They track what you're looking at in the ad and measure pupil dilation.

Eye movements are also a rudimentary attempt at brain mapping since your eyes move to certain directions when thinking about something. Even no reaction whatsoever is added to the data they gather.

This is all supplemented by what's referred to as a "Noise Campaign". They have cars and trucks drive by the victim's house with modified exhausts. Sometimes just around the block repeatedly. They also blast loud sounds above the level of Human hearing to get all the dogs barking in the neighborhood around the victim.

Another thing they employ is the use of aircraft. Their favorite is helicopters because of how loud they are. However, they're expensive to keep flying over houses, so they'll use smaller single-engine aircraft when possible. Aircraft is used specifically for the reason that studies have shown that people living near airports have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and a higher incidence of heart attacks.

If they could, they would be having supersonic jets fly over causing sonic booms constantly, but it would draw far too much attention. Instead, they use a Directed Energy Weapon and aim it at the victim's house while flying in the smaller single-engine plane.

A big tactic they use is to get the victim sensitized to what's happening around them. Targeted Individuals often report years of gangstalking. What actually happens is they only use a small number of instances to get you to start noticing what's happening, and from that point, the victim starts to think that everything they see has a deeper hidden meaning to it, or that everyone is talking about them.

They're artificially creating what's called "delusions of reference". This causes them to think that celebrities, musicians, and newscasters are sending secret messages to them specifically. It's like a set-and-forget mechanism which causes a snowball effect and creates the appearance that more is going on than there actually is.

Along with these false delusions of reference, they're also artificially inducing what's referred to as "delusions of persecution". This typically involves thinking there is a massive conspiracy against them. When victims try and talk about what's being done, it sounds like an impossible amount of personnel and funding to target just one person and only makes them sound mentally ill which discredits the victim.

The quantity of criminals using the equipment and conducting the actual stalking is a much smaller number. They've just created the appearance that a massive conspiracy is taking place. Many of them are ex-cons, and some are former military. Several were convicted of stalking, rape, and pedophilia.

This is ironic since these are the most common subjects they slander their victims as. They are instructed that if their target isn't one of those things, to try and make him one. They have trouble obtaining gainful employment after their convictions and are easy to recruit because of this. They also already display sadistic tendencies.

Their reasons behind why they've been targeting people include what they consider to be political dissidents, so-called "useless eaters", and people who don't pay into the tax system and social security. One way of finding people was by looking up who has never filed a tax return.

Others are those who have been divulging classified information. However, a couple of the insane sounding reasons behind it are targeting people that they think are Aliens and Time Travellers.

They've also been targeting people who were/are involved in the Secret Space Program. They want to try and kill them off so they can't talk about it when it becomes revealed on a mass scale later.

There's a file that mentions that the governments have been covering up the disclosure of extraterrestrials, so the purpose of targeting people who they think are Aliens that look like Humans is to get them to get themselves in trouble. Like commit crimes or mass shootings so they end up in prison or dead without leaving any "fingerprints" leading back to the government.

All this is done with the victims being found guilty until proven innocent without due process. Governments have been basically assassinating their citizens on their own soil. It's domestic terrorism.

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