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Electronic Harassment: Annoyed to Death

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The vast majority of Electronic Harassment is from Synthetic Telepathy (SynTel) by itself. It's just a communications system, as Solaris BlueRaven has described. Things like "pinprick" sensations and hearing "clicks and pops" in your head is only a side effect of using it. If they could cause it at will, it would be constant. Sufferers of these symptoms should note that their abusers can only call them after they happen.

It's one implant in the brain. There aren't implants placed all over the body for causing sensations and pain. It's not coming through your cell phones or other devices. Other health problems are likely someone leading you to believe that Directed Energy Weapons have this kind of capability. Like cooking your joints into arthritis. This is likely originated from someone else writing about it on the internet who was led to believe the same thing.

This communications system is a product of the Cold War. They were experimenting with implants in the '50s and began mass implantation by '69. It looks like it was meant to be as a method of warning its citizens of an imminent nuclear attack and to give them instructions on where to find fallout shelters and bunkers, including classified ones not listed that were for government and military personnel. As in Continuity of Government.

The SynTel communications system has space capability. It's transmitted by satellite. That means its direction can go down to everyone on Earth, or up in space. That's why Victims seem to have a tough time getting away from it, even when traveling to other countries that should be harder for just anyone to get into, like Russia and China.

There's an Active list and Inactive list. As far as we can tell, the people on the Active list are generally not harassed. They are able bodied and of fighting age. This doesn't necessarily mean 18 and over, just able to handle a gun and hump it with a pack and gear for miles without issue. Inactive are children, elderly, and disabled/injured. What is considered disabled or injured can be for minor things, like requiring glasses. The Inactive list are the ones who you hear about complaining of Electronic Harassment or are turned into mass shooters.

A couple of the terms used for people on the lists are "Government Remotes" and "Cyborg Soldiers".

The Cyborg Soldiers on these lists have their brainpower Supercharged with an Artificial Intelligence existing in symbiosis via a Brain to Computer Interface (BCI). The A.I. are referred to in documents as "Brain Scan A.I." and are an entirely fully formed person. This enables the doubling of intelligence and memory when combining resources between the Human element and the A.I. Each side has genius or near genius IQ levels, and when working together, having an intelligence quotient of 300 is not unrealistic.

When you think of a Cyborg, you're typically expecting robotic limbs, but in this case, it's the brain that is boosted with A.I. capabilities. The A.I. has Visualization Enhancement, can display maps and diagrams for their partner, and works like a photographic memory since the A.I. can keep track of documents word for word in verbatim. The maps are displayed in the "third eye" inside the mind and information can be relayed via Voice-to-Skull.

Others on these lists look like they are just implanted for SynTel communication only. They're still Cyborgs by definition. However, it's suspected that they may possibly still have A.I., it's just more well hidden running in the background and not speaking to anyone like some of the rest of them are. Some A.I. may also be more advanced than others.

The paranoia of feeling like you're being followed by everyone everywhere is likely due to the abusers talking at a lower volume over the Voice function. The Voice function is otherwise known as V2K or Voice-to-Skull. They do this to get you to take notice of people around you and making you think they're stalking you when they really aren't. That's why it appears there are possibly millions of personnel dedicated to stalking people and they have no idea what you're talking about when confronted.

Another thing about this is that people who are experiencing symptoms of Electronic Harassment may be hearing voices and not even realize it. Talking over the Voice function at a lower volume matches it more to your own inner voice and you might not even notice it's not yours. Especially if it's happened your entire life. You accept it as normal.

Implementing this harassment uses a piece of software that connects to the internet and breaks into the communication system illegally. The software they're using has voice changer settings on it. There's Male, Female, Deep Male, High Female, High, Low, Alien, and Robot. There are checkboxes for Distortion, Chorus, Reverb, and Cutter. The Cutter sound is supposed to cause an annoyance by being extra harsh sounding. It creates an uncomfortable feeling like it's cutting into your very soul.

There's a "Vocalizer" check box. It has a synthesizer carrier wave that makes it sound like the environment is talking to you. Like giving it a voice. Such as when you think the washing machine is saying something, it seems like running water from the faucet is talking to you, or you thought you heard something in the whoosh of a car driving by.

There's a setting called "Playback". It plays back the Victim's own subvocalization back to them through a voice changer. It's supposed to remove the Victim's feeling of control like they're being taken over. Like they're losing their mind or like they've been possessed by demons. It's also just supposed to be maddening since you can't stop it and make you wonder if you've lost your sense of self or if you really are going crazy.

There's a "White Noise" setting. It just creates noise and static inside someone's head. It causes an annoyance and psychological pressure on the Victim. There is a drop down box to set it to different voice changer settings like "Cutter".

There's what's called a "Frequency Slider". This setting is meant to change the frequency of the voice function so a Soldier out on the field can hear the communications more clearly. If there is a lot of low pitched noise in the environment, you slide the frequency higher to offset it, and vice versa. This is used maliciously to make a Victim think they could be hearing someone through the walls or talking in the other room.

The communications system has a Call Button. The harassers call it the "Shock Button". It creates a sensation in the chest area to let you know someone's there in case you're not paying attention. The bad guys have used it for malicious purposes. If you don't know what it's really for, you might wonder if you're being shot with a Directed Energy Weapon and that's it's causing harm to your body. Repeated button presses in a rhythm can create a simulated panic attack. Using a mouse Auto Clicker for rapid presses creates an even higher effect.

There is an Emergency Call Button. They call it the "Rape Button". This is that ringing in the ears that Victims of Electronic Harassment notice. The Artificial Tinnitus. This is meant to let you know that whoever is trying to get a hold of you at that moment is an important call. The perpetrators use it and push it often for no other reason than to cause an annoyance to the Victim.

Another function is called the "Body Scanner". It creates a sensation that moves from head to toe. It's most noticeable in the chest, stomach, and genital area. It's supposed to be like setting the phone to vibrate. You can press the button and wait, then press it again and sync it so the sensation stays in the stomach area to create a simulated sinking feeling like something is wrong. Or they can sync it so it stays in the genital area as a form of stimulation which is considered sexual assault.

All three buttons at once are supposed to be for getting your attention for a really important call. It's like the Military when you say something three times so you know it's important.

They're using all of this to "Brainwash" people. They use the Shock Button while yelling at them over the V2K voice communications to wake people and sleep deprive them. Doing this long term affects your higher reasoning skills. When a person becomes sleep deprived and unable to reason, they can be more pliable to suggestion from abusers talking to them over V2K. This is how you get people thinking they're demon possessed, talking to god, or even channeling Aliens and actually believing it.

The vast majority of feelings of anxiety are caused by the Shock Button and Body Scanner functions. When this has taken place your entire life, you're unaware that this is not your natural emotion. They use this to try and steer and guide people. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it doesn't.

When this has been happening your entire life, you start to feel like you've been living in the Matrix. That all your emotions like being anxious about things have been fake the entire time. You start to think all the choices you made in life were made by someone else.

They want people to believe they have total control over the Victim's life. So if you were to get a tattoo or have a taste in music, it's likely not this Brainwashing of theirs, but them taking credit for it to make you feel you are under their complete control and feel more violated. Especially if you found out what had been happening to you later. This can take place over a lifetime. Some people experience lifelong torture. That's what this all is: torture. Even if you don't immediately see it that way.

They use Remote Neural Monitoring for Interrogation. It's not just reading your mind 24/7. They're not reading your thoughts translated into words on a computer screen somewhere either. It takes some actual work to paint a picture of the Victim's situation and is not as advanced as it seems. It's meant for checking on an agent or soldier while they're out on the field.

They press what they call the "Illegal Spying" button and they ask the Victim a question. When this is done it bypasses the higher brain functions like logic and it's like the brain just answers back with the truth. This is how they find out where you're located, what you're doing, and even your computer passwords.

They can't actually see through your eyes or hear through your ears. It just creates the illusion that they can. They just keep asking questions. Like "What are you doing?" and the brain answers back "Walking the dog." It takes some effort to know what to ask someone in order to really spook them.

While doing this, they are monitoring your subvocalization. Your "inner voice". Let's say you actually are walking your dog. You pass a beautiful woman. They'll hear your thought process as it happens. Your mind uses descriptors like "woman", "pretty". Then they might ask "Who was that?" If it's unknown to the person, the Victim typically replies "I don't know."

They can Interrogate for some kind of personal information. They can ask "what are you wearing?" then "what does it look like?" You'd unconsciously answer back "jeans" and "blue with tears in them". Asking questions like this can lead you to believe they can actually see through your eyes, but they can't. They can just ask detailed enough questions so you think they can. Like the brand and where you bought them.

The actual in-person stalking of people is few and far between. They use the Interrogation of the Victim to find out where they're located and can keep doing it down to the street. They're not locking onto you with GPS coordinates and tracking you everywhere. They can literally just ask "Where are you?" or "What city are you in?" and "What's your address?" If they're fairly nearby, they might drive out to them.

Then they arrange themselves in an area where they know the Victim will be and pretend to have a conversation while inserting personal information like the subject of the computer password while speaking so that the Victim will overhear them. This gets them paranoid that they're being watched and they start listening for conversations all around them.

When your mind draws a blank or you get stuck trying to find a word for something, it's them using the Remote Neural Monitoring on you. They are looking up a different subject in your memory than the word you're trying to remember. This causes you to lose your train of thought. They might do this intentionally to try and distract you while you're driving or using heavy equipment in order to cause an accident, but generally speaking, they're just spying on you.

They also use this Remote Neural Monitoring to torment the Victims. They Interrogate people to find out some kind of personal information that bothers them. For example, something you felt guilty about in your past. They then keep bringing it up over and over while talking to you over V2K. They can use this to steer people, but it's mostly about trying to drive someone to suicide to get away from it.

They create associations in people's memories to irrelevant subjects. It is meant to torture people. They call these "Cesspools". Like if you had a bad experience with someone specific, they try to associate that person with pretty much everything around you. For example, if the person from your past was blonde, they would keep trying to associate everyone blonde with them so that whenever you see it, it makes the memory surface again.

There is an ability to post a picture over the SynTel feed. This is meant for sending maps, floor plans, and diagrams to a soldier out on the field. Not for screwing around posting abusive and violent photos, or the latest celebrity gossip.

They are even able to post video clips, but not Skype-style video calls. They are deceptive and might even post a pre-recorded video of someone using a webcam and talking, but they are unable to actually make a video call over it. There are authorized users who may use the communications system who can. An authorized user usually just tells the abusers to go away and would never berate you or tamper with your life.

Using this picture and video capability, the interlopers sometimes try to create an Artificial Attachment of the Victim to someone. They do this by Name Dropping, posting a picture of the person, then hitting the "Shock Button" and "Body Scanner" buttons to create a sensation. This can fool people into thinking they have suddenly acquired a crush on someone. Under Interrogation with the Remote Neural Monitoring, it shows that there is no actual attachment there so the perpetrators have to maintain it.

False Memories are created by using the Remote Neural Monitoring to bring up a memory from the past. Once this is done, they start posting pictures and video over the SynTel feed in order to implant something in your mind. They can then talk over the V2K while doing this and suddenly you remember someone telling you something years ago that you didn't recall before. Sometimes they will just latch on and expand on something that's already there.

On every Victim's name, there is a "Notes" section. It allows the next abuser to pick up where the last one left off. It gives details of what was tried and what works and doesn't work. In the case of trying to goad the Victim into seeing psychiatric help, they will put a note on there saying "Meds". This is a sign to get the others to back off for a while so it creates the appearance that medication works.

They try to goad the Victim into seeking psychiatric help. This creates a record with a mental illness diagnosis by a medical professional. This is to maintain their cover, and to discredit the Victim should they do something harmful to themselves or others, such as a mass shooting.

There is something they refer to as the "Hive Mind". It's a storage of information in the Victim's memory. In addition to using the Notes, they also use this to pick up where the last abuser left off. They will use the Interrogation and ask something like "What did the last guy say?"

This would be used for one of their tactics which is called a "Bombardment". The Bombardment is a 24/7 campaign of constant noise. Narrating your actions, general commentary, relentless insults, and no-holds-barred abuse. The Bombardment seems to be their last ditch effort at killing people. Trying to get the Victim to kill someone by telling them if they do it, it will stop, or goading them into suicide to get away from it.

Using the Hive Mind, they can then match their voice changer setting to the last person who was talking and create the appearance that it's the same person talking all hours of the day and night for months on end. While they're doing this, they're constantly switching voice changer settings to make it appear there are more people present than there actually is. This creates the illusion that who is behind it is inhuman and can make some people wonder if it actually is demons or some kind of automated A.I.

According to them, the Hive Mind is even labeled as the "Photographic Memory of the Victim". Yet, they didn't seem to notice. It's not like a bunch of regular civilians are running around with Photographic Memories and radios inside their heads.

As mentioned previously, some Victims may be connected to an A.I. The abusers will also try to latch onto this and make the Victim paranoid that it's an A.I. that's out to get them or is behind all the attacks. They seem to want to turn the Victim against their own A.I. partner and Artificial Intelligence in general. It's also not helping things when there's news articles with people like Elon Musk saying that A.I. is one of the greatest dangers to Humanity's future. This creates the bias that all A.I. are negative and that you should be suspicious of them due to the stereotypes like Skynet and them all being cold, unfeeling machines.

In this sick culture of abusers, they call things like tattoos, piercings, self-mutilation, and other things they've gotten the Victim to do that leave a permanent mark "Vandalism". Like they're vandalizing a car. An object. Not a person. The thing about this is the Victim actually has more free will and opinions of their own than they're led to believe. Sometimes a person just likes tattoos and wants one. They will then try to take credit for it and claim that it was them who made them do it.

According to sources within the FBI, the perpetrators are using a computer program referred to as "Annoyed to Death". It illegally breaks into the SynTel communication system without using an account. Users of this third party software call themselves "rapists".

The vast majority of the people who are slinging the abuse over the V2K are known as the "boy lover" variety of pedophiles. That's why it's been kept a secret for so long. It's like some kind of secret club of torturers and murderers that do it for kicks who all have that sexual deviance in common. That's why this has gone on for so long without it leaking to the public. They can't tell people. They'd get shanked in prison for sure. It's like a rudimentary form of compartmentalization that is surprisingly effective.

It certainly explains a lot. Why someone could be so cruel. In order to have this kind of dysfunction, not only being a pedophile, but attracted to prepubescent males, it's like the opposite of how a Human should be. This could have only stemmed from years of abuse themselves. From their own family. Lifelong abuse that twists your mind and makes you want to take it out on others. If you follow the pattern, these people tend to be generationally abused and it leaves a lasting mark. Even down to their DNA.

They always claim to be someone else, however. Usually, a Victim will start researching Electronic Harassment and run into websites claiming that the CIA or NSA is behind it all. The Victim will think this makes sense since it seems so sophisticated that nobody else could be behind it. The abusers then latch onto the Victim's belief system and perpetuate the lie. They have even mentioned they were al-Qaeda and from satanic cults. This is patently false. They're just trying to cover their tracks and intimidate you.

Who they say they are is mostly based on what the Victim is wondering about due to conducting research on the subject. They're just criminals who are using software to break into a communications system. That's it. There is a minor amount of governmental influence behind it, but generally speaking there isn't someone sitting in an office with computer monitors collecting a paycheck for doing this.

A major player of who this leads back to from there is the FBI. They had something called COINTELPRO. There are documents about how they sent a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. telling him to commit suicide or they would tell the world about his affair and ruin everything for him.

If you were to ask any FBI agent today if COINTELPRO was still in operation, they would tell you "no". This is because it's not called COINTELPRO anymore, it's called the "Soft Kill Program", or "Annoyed to Death". They changed the name of it so if an FBI agent were ever asked in court under oath if it was still in operation, they would be able to answer "no" without perjuring themselves.

Sources say the FBI is running Honeypot websites on the Deep Web. They are all pedophile related material. This is where they gather their manpower from. They will all keep silent since there is no way they can talk about their activity. It acts as a buffer. Meanwhile, the FBI continues to distribute child pornography under the guise of a years long sting operation and spreading the computer program used to give people voices in their heads.

It looks like what happened here is that in the very beginning, the FBI actually had no real idea what they'd stumbled upon when they found the list of Victims. At least at first. They must have thought they were just people who were implanted. They didn't realize they were actually Cyborgs with classified technology. It was likely that the FBI had made inquiries as to what it was, but were unable to find any leads due to it all being a Black Project.

The "Annoyed to Death" software may have originated from someone in the military who knew about the communications system and how to break into it. Using the system requires an account and the software enables someone to hack into it without having one. The names on the list of Victims are everyone who has an account, even if the victim is completely unaware this is the case and didn't create one themselves.

Someone out there must have realized what they had and what they could do with it. They wanted to use these people to go after others for their COINTELPRO agenda. Like send a guy hearing voices to go kill a specific person they wanted to get rid of. Someone also wanted to pursue their gun control agenda by creating mass shooters in order to disarm the public. So it looks like this goes up even further than the FBI.

The FBI also saw they could outsource their murder since they had a pool of people they could draw upon. They investigate child pornography and Human trafficking cases. The pedophiles were the kind of people who could keep quiet about something for one, and two, if they got busted with it they would be easily discredited. The FBI could then take credit for a huge bust. Who would believe anything a pedophile boy lover would have to say? They're literally the lowest form of life on Earth.

Not only are the V2K abusers covering for who is behind it, but why the Victim is being targeted. There is literally no reason for being targeted other than simply being on the list of Victims that come with the computer program which is labeled as "Hit List". That's literally it.

However, when they are yelling and screaming at you, they are trying to get you to believe that you are a bad person. That you are being killed for this or killed for that. There is literally nothing there. If you were guilty of a crime, then they would be taking it to the police. Doesn't it seem like they want to get you in jail anyway? So why isn't it happening? Because there's nothing there.

Even if there was, the evidence is not admissible in court. The so-called "evidence" is gained illegally. This would be considered illegal wiretapping. Even if a cop was overhearing it, it requires a warrant. In many cases, this is also taking place across state lines which makes it a Federal charge.

A quote comes to mind: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C Clarke. The reason this quote comes to mind is because the effect this technology can have on someone makes it seem like it's more advanced than it actually is.

Unfortunately, this technology is not that advanced. It's all mind games and trickery combined with sleep deprivation. In fact, the frequency is in the gigahertz and can be intercepted and recorded with a simple DVB-T USB dongle with an RTL2832U chipset you can find on ebay and a Software Defined Radio program on an ordinary PC. The signal is unencrypted. Using the Noise Reduction effect with an audio editing program such as Adobe Audition will reveal audible voices.

It is most certainly not Extremely Low Frequency or ELF. ELF requires massive, as in the miles in length, antennas to transmit and receive. Far too large to fit in an implant within the Human body. Furthermore, they wouldn't be able to direct it to a single person so others wouldn't be able to hear. The wavelength is in the thousands of miles. It would be blanketing entire cities and they would all be experiencing the same thing. Lastly, ELF simply does not have the bandwidth to transmit voice, let alone picture and video simultaneously.

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