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Solar Powered Plane Flies 26 Hours Non-Stop

Implantable Eye Telescope for Severe Vision Loss

Chinese Airport Closed After UFO Spotted Flying Over City

Scientists Grow New Liver in Laboratory

Hand Operation Shows How Body Heals Itself

Smoker's Lung Cancer Risk Halved by Taking B Vitamin

Cannabis Extract Makes Brain Tumours Shrink, Halts Growth of Blood Vessels

Stem Cells Reverse Blindness Caused by Chemical Burns

Concept Car Turns CO2 Into Oxygen

Bankers Jailed, Sued as Iceland Seeks Culprits for Crisis


Cannabis to Control Alcohol Abuse

Cannabis Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74

Transmit Phone Video Straight to the Internet - Protect Your Evidence!

UFO Classified Technology and the Secret Space Program

Lasers Could Trigger Downpours on Demand

Create Fuel and Reduce co2

You Can Help Sieze BP and MAKE Them Pay for What They've Done!

The Lightwarrior Academy

9/11 Memorial Scams - All Victims Faked? Evidence of N.I. Intervention?

The Real Story of The Men Who Stare at Goats


New Study Proves Marijuana Increases Brain Cell Formation

Expert Report Says Claim of Livestock Causing Global Warming is False

Ordinary T-Shirts Could Become Body Armour

Tax Resistance - The Moral and Legal Defense

'Cure' is Found for Skin Cancer, Claim Scientitsts

Artificial Pancreas Works in 11 Patients

Arizona to Allow Concealed Weapons Without Permit

Truth Music Directory

Declassified MK ULTRA Documents

Blind Boy Learns to 'See' Using Dolphin Technique


Parents Stop Palm Tree Cell Tower

How to Deal With Police Officers - The Magic Words?

Founding Member of The N.I. Files Complaint Against Local Sheriff

Humans Have Inhabited Earth Millions of Years

Pictures of the Sky Before Hurricane Katrina Struck

NASA Veteran Says 'We Are Not Alone'

FDA Approves Implanted Hearing System

Vitamin D Proven Better Than Vaccines at Preventing Flu

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower - Secret Mars Colony and Time Surveillance

Why You're Only Half Human


Second Whistleblower Confirms Reality of Time Travel

No Contract - Return to Sender

Immortal HeLa Cells

Defending Yourself Against "Legal Fiction"

How to Become a "Credit Terrorist"

Stem Cells Used to Restore Eyesight in 8 Patients

Revolutionary Operation Could 'Cure' High Blood Pressure

Meditation Reduces Heart Disease Deaths

Grow Your Own to Replace False Teeth

The RH Negative Blood Type Mystery


Snake Born With Hand Shocks Scientists

3D Printer Can Almost Make Itself

VW Unveils 180 MPG Car

Federal Judge Rules People Can't Be Detained For Openly Carrying Guns

A Great Day for Freedom of Speech

Herbs Can Be Natural Pesticides

Twilight of the Psychopaths

The Marijuana Trick

Magnesium - The Miracle Mineral

Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer


Alien Baby or Elaborate Hoax?

Bionic Brain Chips Could Overcome Paralysis

Mexico and Argentina Move to Decriminalize Drugs

Historical Facts on the Ineffectiveness and Dangers of Vaccines

The Hopewood Children

Reincarnated WWII Pilot?

Pot Kills Cancer

A New Cydonia on Mars

Beetroot Juice Increases Stamina

Bottled Water Sucks


Birds are Indeed Smart

US Tests System to Beat Web Censorship in China and Iran

First Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway

Harvard: Aspirin Reduces Chance of Dying from Colorectal Cancer

Russell Blaylock, MD, What to do if Forced Vaccinated

Why Doctors Aren't as Clever as They Used to Be

Scientists Make 'Artificial Leaf' to Generate Clean Power

GM Claims Electric Car Will Achieve 230 MPG

3rd US Nuke Dropped At The End Of 'Desert Storm' In 1991?

Music world pay tribute to Les Paul


A Spiritual Conspiracy

Terror Attack Averted or Gross Incompetence of MI5?

Photographic Memory in a Pill?

Vitamin C Super-Pepper Developed by Marks & Spencer

Ten Things You're Not Supposed To Know About H1N1 Vaccine

Monolith on Mars?

Beluga Whale 'Saves' Diver

ESP, Remote Viewing Actually "Complimentary Cognition"?

Top Epidemiologist Slams Swine Flu Fear Mongering

Artificial Brain 10 Years Away


Brazil’s Secret Government UFO Files Revealed

Blind to be Cured with Stem Cells

Tesla's Wireless Power Shown off at Hi-Tech Conference

How California Could Turn its IOUs into Dollars

New NASA Chief Wants Men on Mars in his Lifetime

David Icke - Flu is not the Danger...it's the Vaccine!

European Court Ruling Ends Water Fluoridation

Caffeine Effective Alzheimer's Treatment

New Drug Shields Against Radiation

Swine Flu Cure Used During 1918 Flu Pandemic


Nikola Tesla Still Alive After Death

Bush's Key Men Face Grilling On Torture and Death Squads

California tax board: Legal pot could generate $1.4 billion

Huge Blob Of Artic Goo Floats Past Slope Communities

Gene Scientist To Create Algae Biofuel With Exxon Mobile

Japanese Scientists Creating Robot-Insects

Biomass Eating Military Robot

Reading Keystrokes Through The Power Socket

Lasers Replace Spark Plugs

'Elixir of Life' Discovered


Global temperatures plunged .74°F since Gore released An Inconvenient Truth'

Mayan Crop Circle Appears at Silbury Hill

Smoking Gun Evidence Against Swine Flu

New Medical Research Shows Rife Frequencies Kill Cancer

World's Biggest Oil Reserves in S. Dakota, E. Montana

Thinking Cap That Can Help Brain Learn

Hope for Blindness Cure with Laser Breakthrough

Was Michael Jackson Under Mind Control?

The Children Who Survive Plane Crashes

Cats Control Humans, Study Finds


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