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The Body Snatchers

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There is an old legend going way back to medieval times. They called them doppelgängers. It was usually attributed to some kind of paranormal phenomenon. It seems more like an archetype when you look at the bigger picture. Doppelgängers were typically viewed as harbingers of bad luck. When viewed in modern times, these body doubles are viewed by conspiracy theory researchers as being involved in nefarious deeds. Like that pesky Illuminati Cabal people keep talking about. Maybe that's all the bad luck people were talking about.

There are various people out there who are referred to as "clones", or sometimes "CIA Clones". It's just a slang term, and they're not actual clones from a laboratory or some kind of cloning facility. That's just a bunch of conspiracy theories from a cover-up taking place or people who are trying to figure out what's actually going on and don't have all the hard facts yet.

Political decoys go way back in history. Rumors of royalty using them for centuries was pretty much assumed. People would be trying to kill them. Probably constantly. There was all kinds of skirmishes and warfare back then. Someone might try something out of desperation and even be sneaky about it. They even had professional food tasters, after all, just to make sure it was not poisoned and safe to eat.

A true body double is an art form. In modern times, what they actually are is people who have a similar build, bone structure, or overall appearance to a celebrity or politician. They're easy to find as there are professional look-alikes who can be found at talent agencies who specialize in celebrity impersonators.

They can then get plastic surgery for a few touch-ups. The surgery is pretty extensive and by a skilled surgeon who is good at what they do. They can also get veneers done to try and match the celebrity or politician's teeth shape and size. This is typically one of the subtleties that most people wouldn't notice. However, if you were trying to match a body double with a snaggle-toothed celebrity, then they would need them. That one would be too obvious if they didn't have them since celebrities smile a lot for pictures.

Silicone injections are common. Usually used on the lips, or to raise another area of the face. Such as adding or removing chin clefts and dimples. Bone shaving and tissue removal are used to lower an area. This is generally not used, because it's considered a major surgery and because they already have a good base to work on.

They can use Micrograft Hair Transplants to change the shape of the eyebrows and hairlines. The body is also sometimes worked on. Breast augmentations are sometimes used. Especially if the woman they're impersonating already has them. In the past, liquid silicone has been injected straight into the breasts to keep a more natural look without the obvious breast implant look. Such as with Marilyn Monroe look-alikes.

They also sometimes inject Poly(methyl methacrylate), or PMMA, or some other substance such as liquid silicone to augment the buttocks. From that point, they are told to exercise specific areas of the body to help match the appearance of the person they are mimicking or to match their physique as much as possible. Like reduce or increase muscle mass and body fat.

At least that's how it's supposed to work if it's done right. This costs a lot of money. Probably close to a million dollars or more. Plus the time it takes to heal everything. Sometimes weight loss or gain is required. They weigh them. The body double has to play a part, such as a singer that's been up on stage running around busting guitar licks. That carries a different body type than someone who's had nothing but a sit-down job for most of their career.

This is not counting the time it takes to spend with the real person. Even this costs money. It is a job, after all, and they're good at it. If they're impersonating a singer, then they have to learn all the lyrics. This can be challenging if they're not already a fan. It makes them unmotivated. Even learning to play guitar if they don't already know how. Just in case an impromptu session comes up and they need to maintain cover.

They have to get all their mannerisms down. This can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months of spending time together and just hanging out, like having some tea or coffee. They even have to watch how you hold a mug. Maybe even something as simple as playing video games. If it's something you do, they have to take it up as a hobby. Not in everyday life, but professionally.

Some people are quicker than others and take it up without much effort like an actor would. You have to take your time until you make sure you're both comfortable that they've gotten it down pat. You are trusting them with your life, after all. That includes unintentional embarrassments and slip-ups that you have to pay for.

After surgery, they're tested by going out in public and or meeting known associates. They see if they can get the person's friends to recognize them. They see if they can get some paparazzi to start following them, or people coming up to them asking for autographs.

Some of the more famous celebrities use them just to get some peace and quiet. It takes a lot of effort, but for them, it's worth it. Some of them even invest in them such as the plastic surgery, and the body double is okay with it.

"It just makes me finer," one double was quoted as saying.

"And they ain't payin' for it. So why not? I can afford it," said the anonymous celebrity source.

They even have to learn their signatures and how to give autographs. The original person tells them to try to not sign too many of them. It muddies the waters because they're not authentic and they feel bad about it because it's not real. How would they feel if someone they looked up to was a celebrity and they found out about it? Then they'd have to go back and re-sign it just to make it up to them.

They usually just tell their double to say they're busy and have to keep a schedule. One told their double, "Don't worry about it. I'll take the blame for it. I don't always sign them, and I say the exact same thing."

Then there's the dark side of this. It looks like there are "infiltrators". Ones who know almost all celebrities and politicians are using body doubles and take advantage of this like it's a loophole. Like it's some kind of exploit as if it were a video game or a computer program. The territory where you start to question if everything was real like you were living in the Matrix.

Somebody out there is putting money into these Infiltrators too. Somebody with a lot of power. Something like the Walt Disney Company could do. They have made wax sculptures and recreations of people with animatronics in the past. They have access to people with enough artistic skill. Why couldn't they do it with Humans too? They would already have a body double to work with as a base, plus the money and connections to hire them from talent agencies.

They also have the motivation. Try to infiltrate the life of the celebrity and see if they can get the body double to sign over to their record companies in the Disney Music Group. One band that has suddenly found themselves in trouble is the Insane Clown Posse, who's fans have been labeled as a "gang" by the FBI. ICP used to be on a Disney Label. Their contract was purchased for $1 million by Disney subsidiary Hollywood Records in 1997, and were subsequently kicked off.

The Walt Disney company has displayed a pattern of trying to buy everything up that they can. Not only that, but by being sneaky about it. Back in the 1960s, Walt had something called Project X. They were looking to acquire lots of land cheaply. Unfortunately, if the owners selling the land knew who was buying it, they would hold out for extortionate prices. Walt Disney has money. Everybody knew that. He set up dozens of dummy corporations to buy up the property on his behalf. They all went by different names so nobody knew it was him who was snatching it up.

This has a familiar ring to it. Now, instead of buying up real estate property, it looks like they're trying to acquire intellectual property cheaply. There's more money in this in the long term. Maybe they can invest a million dollars in a look-alike dummy and sneak in there and have them sign something with witnesses instead of paying for a multi-million dollar contract to sign them to their label. Makes you suspicious about how they acquired Marvel now. In a surprise deal, no less. What happened to the men who sold it? Are the real ones even still alive?

The original owners of the music, the true original people, still hold all the rights and retain control. Even if the Infiltrator forged a signature in person with witnesses, it can be disputed because the courts know the original celebrity is using body doubles. Especially when it looks like a big move, like handing over major assets such as property or changing record labels suddenly.

It looks like when they fail with the body doubles, they just wreck them. Think Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Getting them to have public breakdowns, getting them twacked on molly, parading them around like whores and vandalizing them with tattoos. Like they're doing it in retaliation or a show of force. Rumor has it the actual celebrities don't have tattoos, or are at least minimal. Then they use this to hurt somebody, by utilizing a False Attachment on a Victim of Electronic Harassment.

Like they're trying to murder people by getting them to commit suicide because they think all hope is lost when they see this happen and that they'll never be with them. Or they try to create some kind of mass shooter, stalker, or a combination of the two to take out the body double so they can't talk about it later and keep it all covered up.

How many suicides happened quietly? How many were too ashamed to say they were tormented to death by hearing voices and being too ashamed to tell anyone about it? Let alone saying they heard and saw Britney Spears in their heads tormenting them too? That would sound crazy to anybody. That was bad enough. They probably didn't want to leave something behind like that in their suicide note to embarrass their family haunt them in the afterlife.

The body doubling recently is usually not done that well like they're cranking out a lot of them and they just use some basic surgery on the face with lip injections and contouring on a body double that's the approximate size and shape. Some of them are even led to believe they're working for the Central Intelligence Agency. However, for one, they're not getting any paychecks from there, and two, the CIA isn't supposed to operate on U.S. soil.

Some celebrities have reported about how suspicious it all was after realizing what was happening. they were approached first about having the body doubles. They never went to a talent agency looking for one.

There will typically be more than one of them working on the same Twitter or Instagram. Maybe one of them will be working the Twitter, while another is out touring. There will also be someone else writing the music, then another actually singing on the record.

In the case of an Infiltrator, they gain the passwords via the Remote Neural Monitoring on the celebrity. They're almost all victims of Electronic Harassment, including hearing voices, even though it's not being reported in the media. It's being covered up.

The Remote Neural Monitoring is what drives people crazy trying to figure it out and makes them paranoid they're being watched 24/7. While investigating the Britney Spears case, she was complaining of hearing voices. She was also paranoid that she was being watched. The reason behind her shaving her hair off during her public meltdown was not due to being crazy, per se, but because she thought there might have been an electronic spy bug in her hair and she was trying to find it.

The other thing is celebrities are used in the Soft Kill Program to lure people who are being Gangstalked and hit with V2K to do something crazy like stalk them or otherwise get themselves in trouble. Once the Soft Kill is completed, they're sometimes killed off themselves to keep them from talking.

One other thing they're more recently used for is to impersonate some kind of high ranking official in order for the original person to escape from custody from the mass arrests that are coming. It's also possibly part of an effort to not show weakness in front of other countries like China and Russia and to show there's not a power vacuum that they can take advantage of.

There seems to be a pattern of how the Infiltrators work. The most common answer between most of them is they prepare by learning the material. Listening to the music, watching the videos, interviews, and studying their target's social media profiles. Then they glean personal details from the Remote Neural Monitoring which is passed onto them. They have a file on the details of their target's lives to begin with, but they keep spying on them to stay more updated.

From that point, if the double is perceived to be adequate enough, they are ordered to "move in" and take over the life and entire identity of the person they're impersonating. This includes having a passport, driver's license, taking over properties, bank accounts, and everything else. They gain the driver's licenses, etc. by just saying they lost it and sending for a new one.

There's usually one "major one" making most of the public appearances, while a few others are "preparing" and testing themselves out using social media and getting paparazzi to follow them. This means some of the celebrities you see out there are not one person, but actually a group of look-alikes working together.

When one gets killed off, goes missing, or is otherwise unable to continue, another one takes their place. Some of them are even unaware there are other doubles out there working on the same project. They'll see someone else making posts on the social media and think it's just part of their work of having other people helping, or the real one just doing their job.

It's fairly easy to spot which public figure of one sort or another is using them. It's the subtle differences that give them away. For example, you may be able to use veneers to give them the same tooth shape, but you can't really alter the maxilla which is part of the bone structure and change how narrow or wide someone's bite is.

They can change their mannerisms to match the person they're mimicking, but if one of them were to smile and were getting kind of loose, they might smile in their original way before they started their job as a Body Snatcher. You also can't suddenly change their dental records. An X-Ray or quick picture inside their mouth to examine their fillings and the difference in configuration could theoretically be enough.

The other obvious giveaway is when one suddenly changes their hair or overall look. Think Katy Perry suddenly changing her hairstyle in a stark contrast between long and dark to short and blonde. Most people can agree that when someone grows a beard or takes off their eyeglasses they can look like a completely different person. This includes hairstyles and makeup. This is used as plausible deniability to the slightly different facial appearances between them.

The other thing they can't change is their hands. That includes features, and shapes, including fingernail shape. There's no feasible plastic surgery for changing hand appearance. Nobody really pays attention to feet either, and they're hardly ever seen anyway. Hairlines aren't always matching either, even on females.

Yet another sign is a difference in age. They try to get them all around the same age, but since finding so many people with the same body type and bone structure isn't that easy, it's not always congruent. Drugs and alcohol aren't helping either. You can usually see when one has wrinkles, or the neck begins to have that aged appearance.

Another giveaway is the pupils. Two of the most common drugs used among them are some kind of amphetamine or opiate. Amphetamine dilates the pupils and you can tell when they're high on it. Opiates actually constrict the pupils, so when they look like pinpoints, it's obvious they're using.

The amphetamine gives them an edge. They need it since they're infiltrating someone's life and have to stay sharp. It improves alertness and working memory. They need a good memory while working on on the field because they can't write a whole lot of details down while leaving evidence they're doing something wrong.

You can't change pupillary distance. This is a subtle detail that can't be altered and is measured by an optometrist. Then there are the obvious ones. The fingerprints and the DNA. Even if they were some kind of conspiracy theory clone, there are still changes in the DNA. It should theoretically come out as a sibling or a cousin at best.

Lastly, the ear features can't really be altered. Neither can the gait as you walk. These are two identifiers that have been used in recent years by law enforcement trying to identify suspects and terrorists by pictures and video, even if they're wearing a mask.

In more recent years, it looks more like they're not going the extra mile anymore to build these body doubles. That's why they keep getting noticed and they end up on conspiracy theory websites. Like they keep going missing. Like they're getting arrested for identity theft and who knows what else. So their builders are having to scrape the bottom of the barrel. There are only so many look-alikes in the world. Only so many who even share a body type and bone structure.

It looks like they're only doing the face, and with lower quality plastic surgery by a less artistic surgeon. It looks more like they're down to a few lip fillers and maybe a brow lift on a general body type, then trying to pass them off by just saying they're getting a little older and keeping up their appearance by getting plastic surgery. That's basically an expected stereotype for someone who's famous and nobody bats an eye. They're expecting this change like it's been conditioned into society.

Just take a look at Lady Gaga in 2018 and compare her to the one from 2008. That's not the same person. The cheeks are all wrong. They're higher, like a Native American. I thought she was supposed to be Italian. The real one was slightly baby faced. The present-day one has obvious lip fillers. She has a 'trout pout' thing going on and holds her mouth in pictures like someone who's still getting used to the shape of her new lips. The body is wrong. Not the mark of an entertainer that keeps fit by dancing, like in her videos.

That's clearly not the same person. The real Lady Gaga is slightly "baby faced".

If you look closely, you can see what looks like veneers on the two front teeth. They look a little whiter and slightly unnatural than the rest. They don't blend in.

Who the hell is this? She has a gap in her front teeth all of a sudden. This is not something that forms naturally or without sudden physical trauma. Not the same person. How are they getting away with this? How are people not calling this out? Is it to not be rude due to Social Justice Warrior culture? It's like it's being weaponized.

Who the hell is this? This is not Lady Gaga. Whoever this is looks like a freakin' Kardashian wannabe. I'm not even a fan and I can see this for what it is.

This is the real Lady Gaga from the Just Dance music video. Not the impostors shown above. A stark contrast to the fakes.

There was even an interesting entry on Urban Dictionary with Lady Gaga. This is the first entry when searching her name.

Another example. Not the same person. There's a difference in face shape. One's face is wider. The eyebrows are different. The lips are different. The jawline is different and one's chin is slightly narrower.

This is the real one. Proportionate and symmetrical without surgical assistance. The real Taylor Swift is not squinty. It seems to be something the media and body doubles have run with and suddenly it became a part of "her". Like they're trying to look more like the person the media is portraying instead of the real person.

All you have to do is compare two pictures and it becomes blatantly obvious. It's not a conspiracy theory, yet when you point this out, there's always someone there to call you paranoid. Like there's another element to this: Someone helps keep it all covered up with sock puppets and astroturfing. Then when you call them out on it, it's just more of your tin foil hat paranoia talking.

These body doubles have also been taking action to destabilize society by engaging in debaucherous behavior. I'm definitely no stick-up-the ass conservative, but it is clear most of them are pushing an agenda. The people behind it are acting like they are above the law and playing by their own rules like a rogue nation within a nation. It's like they're waging war on the masses and this equates to committing genocide. That makes this a war crime.

Rumor has it, some celebrities are actually in witness protection after contacting the FBI. It was due to symptoms of being a Targeted Individual. Supposedly a few of them were complaining about being targeted and not knowing the reason behind it. They also mentioned their houses possibly being bugged and otherwise being followed and spied upon. Some even mentioned Voice-to-Skull and Electronic Harassment.

After being thrown in witness protection, they continued to write music while living a normal life and working a regular 9 to 5 job. They were unable to spend their money or really enjoy any of their perks in life because they had to maintain their cover. Meanwhile, these body doubles were out taking over their lives while the real ones feel like prisoners. Penning and singing platinum selling music while not being able to truly enjoy the life that comes with it. This is equates to modern slavery.

It almost looks like the FBI itself was in on it. They have a modern-day COINTELPRO program. Rumors persist of them being behind Electronic Harassment itself while calling it "non-lethal weapons" and "surveillance devices". It looks like they could be working in tandem with the Walt Disney Company to make these celebrities so paranoid with the Electronic Harassment that they stay in custody of witness protection, while somebody else reaps the rewards of their efforts.

We've established the means, motive, and opportunity in this criminal investigation. Someone has the means to put money and work into these celebrity dummy impersonators. This gets into the wild Illuminati type conspiracy theories. This scheme is coming from someone who has the money and the power to pay people off.

There is a possible pattern here. Walt Disney acquired the acres of land decades before. Do we expect us all to believe this would suddenly stop just because the company has changed hands? No. It just means they could have gotten better at it over the years while using this method to pursue different avenues. It has been decades, after all.

Rumor has it Michael Eisner is allegedly behind it, or someone close to him is. Sometimes that's all you have to go on in an investigation. Rumors. Sometimes they lead somewhere and it cracks cases wide open like fissures in the Antarctic. Massive fissures that go so deep they're nearly ready to swallow the world whole. And then things get so crazy you find there was some UFO hiding down there the whole time.

The opportunity is whenever they feel like. It's by the spying on the celebrities with the Remote Neural Monitoring. "Illegal Spying", as the FBI puts it. Now we have an accomplice: the FBI. Funny how rumor has it the real celebrities are all actually in witness protection. Writing music like slaves while they work a 9 to 5 cover job to stay hidden and not being able to enjoy their money or freedom.

This is not a new theory, as rumors have it that Elvis Presley is not only still alive, but went into witness protection and is connected to the FBI. Supposedly his life was in danger so he faked his death. A group called "The Fraternity" (sounds like 'the Cabal') was out to get him. What this sounds like is whomever has been doing this is not new to the whole deal and had practice with Elvis, and possibly even Tupac Shakur in more recent times.

Don't just take my word for it. I'm not the only one who's been noticing this pattern. There are conspiracy theories abound, and maybe there's some truth to them. Either way you look at it, a crime is taking place. They are trying to cover it up by leaving no fingerprints on it, but not having any fingerprints is the fingerprint. By this point, they've either gotten arrogant, lazy, or they're trying to get caught.

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