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21st Century Soldiers

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A former Navy SEAL allegedly by the name of Joseph Mendoles from Baltimore was Interrogated with Remote Neural Monitoring. He had been caught attacking people with V2K. This is an example of why Synthetic Telepathy (SynTel) is a danger to national security. It's unsecured and can be intercepted. You can get information like the following leaked to the public:

Part of the following was from the Force XXI Project for the Navy. Force XXI was about the modernization of the U.S. Military for the 21st century. It involves training in Virtual Reality among other things.

Navy SEALs are using Synthetic Telepathy implants to communicate with each other within their SEAL Team and back to base. This has supposedly been done since the 80's.

They get LASIK on their eyes for better than 20/20 vision to 20/15 or higher.

They train in VR.

While out on the field, there is a camera on the rifle in place of the scope. This is for shooting around corners. Plus they have a regular backup scope on the side.

They prepare for interrogation by getting waterboarded and tortured a lot.

They keep a SERE escape capsule in the anus.

Good luck charms are encouraged. They encouraged prayer and metaphysical stuff if you believed in it.

They put them all on anabolic steroids full time. They were also using HGH and EPO performance enhancers. Along with this, they set aside some of their own blood to be infused later. They were also given cortisone to act like a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory to help them go longer and harder with a reduced sense of effort. They had them basically on everything Lance Armstrong was on.

They also put them on nootropic cognitive enhancers. Nootropics are also full time since some of them must build up in the system and have a maintenance dose in order to have the full effect. They are put on Dextroamphetamine during missions.

They supposedly use traumatization and Manchurian Candidate type methods to erase memory on missions that are highly classified. All SEALs are drowned as part of their training. They act like it's part of their initiation as if it were a cult. This is so that they wouldn't be able to talk even if they were captured and tortured due to the amnesia.

For example, on the mission SEAL Team 6 went on to kill Bin Laden, rumor had it their memories were supposedly wiped afterward. This was thought because every one of them KNEW the bin Laden death was faked. It was obvious. The picture showed to the media was a bad photoshop, but nobody talked about it. They thought it was all part of a PSYOP to demoralize the enemy.

They use V2K to communicate while out on the field. This is so their radio communications can't be intercepted. The radio communications are encrypted, however, if they use the V2K it's quieter since there is no radio chatter being seen at all. The V2K is still a broadcast, but the enemy isn't looking for these types of broadcasts as communication. The problem with using V2K, however, is that this type of communication is not encrypted. At least for people experiencing Electronic Harassment.

They were seeing a psychiatrist. This psychiatrist would use psychology for ego inflation. The ego inflation was an effort to help them out in the sense of "you can do it" attitude and to make sure they were at their best mentally.

They were going around committing crimes like murder and rape. They were told that they could basically go around free like this because the military would cover it all up. They were told that it was because all of their training was valuable and expensive.

They were basically let loose in society like this and one said it wasn't like just walking around shooting someone in the street, but they could get away with a lot. One mentioned even then, he could probably get away with it once or twice, but if he kept doing it they would have to make him face charges since it would be too expensive to keep covering it up after a while.

He said some of them got plastic surgery to make them better looking. The idea was to scare the enemy if anyone ever saw them, and to get people talking about them and spreading rumors even around other military, like it was part of a PSYOP. It was to make them think that the SEAL might have been genetically engineered because they were too perfect looking. Brains, body, and good looks.

They get an injection and are told it's an "HIV Vaccine." They were told they had a lot of money put into them and weren't just going to let them die of AIDS from catching it while on shore leave. They were given another one. They called it a "DNA Upgrade" to improve their performance. They are told it's a retrovirus that is part of a gene therapy procedure and that they will feel like they're coming down with a cold afterward, but the virus is overwriting their DNA.

They are then told to go impregnate as many women as possible by any means necessary. That includes sexual assault. So not only was the U.S. Government encouraging the rape of its own citizens in the country that these servicemen had sworn an oath to protect, but they were tampering with genetics.

They could have been upsetting the balance of the ecosystem by introducing new DNA into the biosphere with unknown consequences. Much like when mosquitoes were genetically modified to prevent malaria or keep their population down. There are unknown long term repercussions to this. The scientists mean well, but they are playing god.

They were told to keep tabs on the women they were sleeping with and raping and report back on who it was so they could be watched and possibly recruited into the military or government. They were instructed to check IDs, passports, and whatever they could to verify identity. They were also told they had good genes since they made it all the way to the Navy SEALs so they should have as many children as possible.

This was allegedly happening WHILE he was ACTIVE in the military. This is the kind of bullshit that has been going on in the United States Military. This is what your tax dollars have been spent on. Here are your soldiers for the modern and so-called civilized era of the 21st century. Acting like a bunch of savages and thinking they were so smart, high tech, and superior.

This former SEAL supposedly went around framing and murdering Targeted Individuals who were unable to be killed by the Soft Kill Program. They were giving him instructions over the Voice-to-Skull while paying him. He allegedly didn't know it was called the "Soft Kill Program". He was just told, "go after this guy, go after this guy, go there and here to get paid".

When someone is in the Soft Kill Program and the V2K, gaslighting, and gangstalking doesn't work on them, they are basically set up as a patsy and forced into being Soft Killed. Someone else will go and do some kind of mass shooting, then leave an incapacitated Soft Kill target near the crime scene or otherwise plant evidence to implicate them for the crime. The target was usually knocked out with roofies.

Quite a few murders that weren't mass shootings were actually former Navy SEALs and other military like Marines. When questioned, he offered the following details. Interrogator: "What was the reason for going around killing people?"

Mendoles: "We didn't have one. Just being a hitman."

Interrogator: "Didn't you see yourself as a hitman?"

Mendoles: "No. I was expecting spies and that kind of nonsense."

Interrogator 2: "How much money did you pick up?"

Mendoles: "Like about...three or four grand. Thousand. Sometimes thirty-five hundred."

Interrogator 2: "Which was it? Three or four? Grand?"

Mendoles: "Usually. Three or four hundred. Excuse me, grand."

Interrogator 2: "Wait. So. That means. Let me see here. Some people out there make that much money in a month. So how many? Like. How many people did you kill? What, one a month?"

Mendoles: "No."

Interrogator 2: "So how many then? Specifically."

Mendoles: "Three or four. Four or five. Excuse me. I had a job. So maybe one a month. At most. Usually."

Interrogator 2: "Oh really. So it was like a side job. To you. Murdering. Get a load of this guy. Murdering people is, was like a side job to him."

Really? The guy was hearing voices in his head telling him to kill people and going to random places to meet someone to pick up his money in a brown paper bag? And he calls spies 'that kind of nonsense'. What else is it? It's like when a terrorist doesn't know they're a terrorist and just thinks they're a people defending their homeland.

He knows about several others like him. They are all ex-military with SynTel implants who basically go around "finishing off" Targeted Individuals. The U.S. Military should have removed this classified technology from their heads after they were discharged. This makes the government liable for all the sexual assaults and death that has taken place.

He looked in the news and when he saw things like the 2017 Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay and seeing it done by a 64-year-old man, he thought:

Mendoles: "When I looked on the news and saw that? I thought no way. That HAS to be one of us. And the guns? HAS to be a Navy SEALs."

When he saw the Aurora Theater shooting involving James Holmes:

Interrogator: "What about these rumors going around about there being two shooters in Aurora Colorado? With James Holmes."

Mendoles: "I thought obvious patsy. Those two shooters? HAD to be SEALs."

He says he had been to a military base in Antarctica while he was active. He thinks this is why he was chosen for this criminal activity, because he could keep a secret. He said he was told he was tasked with obtaining some specimens there and bringing them back to the mainland. He wasn't told what the specimens were or the name of the base.

The boxes that were brought back were coffin-sized and there was five of them. They were stacked on top of each other and secured with straps and bungee cords in the helicopter.

This guy and a few other former military were sent to use V2K equipment. They were told to get themselves noticed by the Men in Black because they were told the MIB were using SynTel. These former military have SynTel implants as well, so whoever sent them could see and hear everything that was going on so they could gather some kind of intelligence on them. They were sent in because they were told about the advanced technology being used by the MIB.

Mendoles: "We wanted to get a hold of it. We were told about Time Travel. I didn't believe it. But I was getting paid. And that was it." Interrogator: "How much were you getting paid?"

Mendoles: "Four hundred thousand. Dollars."

Interrogator: "Getting paid to do what, specifically?"

Mendoles: "Get noticed by them."

Interrogator: "And what did that entail? Specifically?"

Mendolas: "Stalking, hacking, Illegal Spying. Watching. Whatever I could."

They were enticed with possibilities of fortune, fame, and sex slaves if they were successful with the mission. Mendoles actually told a few reasons for attacking his target and was given a file on him. One was that he had been working for the CIA Special Activities Division and that he had amnesia barriers in his mind.

They got lost in their own conspiracy theories and while talking with their buddies thought the CIA wanted to kill him before he started to remember because they owed him a bunch of back pay and didn't want to actually have to pay him. They thought he might have been some kind of foreign agent that had been infiltrating the CIA so that payment was forfeit anyway. They thought Petraeus might have wanted him dead for his role in bringing about the scandal against him which happened because their target had to show Petraeus that he was not untouchable.

Basically what's happening here is we have a bunch of ex-Military men and women who have Synthetic Telepathy implants who are receiving instructions from other accomplices. The instructions they are given is to go around stalking people physically and trying to get Targeted Individuals to go berserk in one way or another. What they are doing is coordinating terrorist attacks like mass shootings.

A Targeted Individual will get spied upon with the Remote Neural Monitoring to find some personal and specific information on them. This information is then passed on to the stalker who then does something with it. It could be just making sure the target overhears a conversation, or something major like where the victim is going to be at a specific place and time.

This Synthetic Telepathy they're using is almost like a superpower. Whomever is giving them instructions is able to do things such as Google details from a computer and tell them who to go after and where to get a gun if they need one. As well as where to pick up the money after the job is completed.

It allows them to sneak around and fly under the radar invisibly since they have a group of people to help them. It keeps fingerprints off of the crimes they're committing. It keeps the police, FBI, and NSA from seeing a digital trail through phone calls, text messages, emails, and other electronic communications since this communications system is not part of the spying apparatus in the Five Eyes countries and a StingRay cell phone surveillance device would be useless.

Should they get caught, they take the blame for everything. It creates a buffer between them and those who are backing them. After all, they were just some weirdo stalkers that were hearing voices in their heads. Who is going to believe them?

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