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Electronic Harassment and Black Projects

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I can't help but ponder possibilities of how Electronic Harassment gets started for some people. It's usually said that someone gets targeted for some kind of whistleblowing and whatnot, but what if it's something else?

I wonder if someone stumbled upon a bunch of signals coming off of people with Synthetic Telepathy implants. Due to the compartmentalization, they couldn't find out who it belonged to when they made inquiries.

Maybe someone took it as foreign agents on U.S. soil so they targeted them for termination by interfering with their signals. After all, V2K has been going on since the Cold War and people have been reporting it for decades. Maybe someone took it as an old Russian sleeper cell distributed all over the country and saw it as a threat.

Or maybe all those conspiracy theories of contactees getting Alien implants spooked someone. Maybe some old guy ran into a list of names of people that had implants with capabilities that were beyond what they thought currently available technology should have.

I was thinking about this because I was reading about how V2K abuse is like a denial-of-service attack, only on a Human brain. What if these people are basically a bunch of Cyborgs running around and being completely unaware of it? How else would you attack a computer system than with a DoS attack?

Technically speaking, if someone has a brain implant with two-way EEG capability, that makes them a Cyborg by definition. Everyone is expecting obvious robotic limbs, but what if the truth is more subtle than that?

The other thing is Sytnthetic Telepathy (SynTel) is a covert and classified communications system. What if it's not all that undetectable for one, and two, someone was specifically looking out for it being used? Maybe when they found there was traffic on the signal, they didn't want the person talking and it became the reason why they were put on a list to be targeted?

This kind of communications system is not something the average Joe would be using. It's not like some police radio you can just pick up on eBay. This is something only government field agents would be using in enemy territory. It's a hidden system, something where you wouldn't be found with any equipment if captured. It's for serious covert operations only. It's not something you'd be using for casual chit chat like a CB radio, let alone hurling insults and abuse at someone 24/7.

A question arises: Why would U.S. citizens be using a covert communications system that's meant to be used in enemy territory on United States soil? Is there a domestic enemy we're fighting? The so-called "Cabal" of evil-doers running amok ruining everything for the rest of us?

The reason I wonder about them thinking it was foreign agents on U.S. soil is that the Secret Space Program could be considered by some to be a breakaway civilization. I mention the SSP specifically because one, they had advanced technology and it's likely they would have been using high tech communications like SynTel, and two, we have a sudden influx of people "recovering memories" all with the same story corroborating details with each other.

Some of these people have been complaining of Electronic Harassment and V2K abuse. What if these "memories" are actually video and pictures being played back? It would be possible to "implant" an artificial memory with SynTel using this method, since it can not only transmit audio, but also pictures and video via electromagnetic brain stimulation. It can be used exactly like making a video call on Skype.

You play the video or show the picture over and over while the person is "recalling" it, and eventually they remember the information on their own and it becomes integrated into their own actual memory for natural recall. If a person was untrained in the use of SynTel and was unaware it was happening, they might not realize it was artificially implanted.

The images appear in the "mind's eye", just as you see when visualizing and remembering something, and the audio comes in the same manner that your inner subvocalization does, such as when reading a book to yourself. If you didn't know you had SynTel, you might accept it as natural recall and typical brain function. That doesn't mean that the information contained within is false, just that it's an artificial memory.

Then whoever was doing it was implementing it on several unrelated people. The fact that they had no ties to each other might add some credence to the story. It was once said that it would "take an act of God" to get the information out about these Special Access Programs into public light. How else are you going to do it short of that?

What if someone was out there using this as a means of disclosure? Send a bunch of information to several different people at once all giving the same testimony? The reason they are keeping this stuff under wraps is that the funding and other details of these SAPs were actually illegal, not to mention the security oaths they signed. People would be going to jail.

It could be that someone is using this as a means to get it out there without putting themselves at risk. Pick a few people who never signed any security oaths and disclose a bunch of classified information to them over a covert communications system. Nobody would be seen meeting with anyone else. There would be no NSA traffic to intercept. No way to trace who was leaking it, and no way to prosecute who was talking about the information they were given.

Or could this all be a remnant of the Cold War? Some propaganda that's been sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere finally being activated? Someone may have wanted to allude to other countries that the USA had vast advances in technology by "leaking" it to the enemy in this convoluted manner. Psychic assassins, faster than light travel, and medical technology that could raise the dead. All being kept under such tight security that the personnel running it was getting mind wiped of it all to keep it locked down.

Then, after a person suddenly "recalls" all these "recovered memories", they begin hitting them with Electronic Harassment. By persecuting them, a person would be led to believe that someone doesn't want this information to come to light and would get them to believe it more and stick to their story. When you feel your life is in danger over something you know, you tend to think it's for a damn good reason.

Doing it like this would enable them to tell a big lie and easily deny and discredit the whistleblowers should things backfire. However, if it panned out, the enemy would be shaking in their boots and left scrambling to catch up. From that point, they could do all the hard labor while their projects were infiltrated and had the work stolen via espionage. You could reap the rewards without pouring billions of dollars and decades into building it yourself.

This would certainly explain a lot of the claims being made by some of them. They often talk about having vast and lethal psychic powers, taking part in epic battles, and suffering mortal injuries. Yet when they have returned from duty, none of them have demonstrated even the smallest amount of telekinesis in a YouTube video. The explanation for them still being alive are clone bodies, regeneration tanks, and advanced technologies involving having their soul taken out of their body and transferred into some kind of synthetic avatar or Cyborg body somewhere else.

EL KA, who has her own page Messages from a Star Traveler, is someone I consider to be an expert in this field. She has been smack dab in ground zero of the SSP phenomenon for years. She had this to say:

"From my own memory recalls and even hypnosis sessions it's possible to alter people's time lines with quantum leap time dilation technology so it seems that only ten days passed on Earth but a person was gone about five years of planet for what people are calling the 20 and back."

"While I was in the cybernetic labs I witnessed the soul catcher technology where a person's soul energy is literally taken out of their body while they sleep at night and is put into another body like a cyborg or clone. There is an electromagnetic energy container that keeps the soul contained before the soul is put into whatever other body for SSP mission parameters."

"Then the SSP Asset ends up with recall of what they did for ten years as if it happened just recently to them but they cannot explain the correlation of how they were gone so long yet they know this happens to them at night."

"While it is possible to have false implanted memories with mind alteration or even memory wipes to cover up secrets there is the aspects to consider that soul swapping is something that is going on and that the SSP Assets have been constantly abducted and their souls or even physical bodies have been transferred off planet for classified special access projects then they are left with having real world experiences that they never wanted or expected to even deal with."

"This is all highly classified and hidden that is why the SSP is called Secret Space Program since its not acknowledged and whoever comes forward telling their stories of having been off world their experiences are marginalized and ignored because how can any of this be real it sounds like a science fiction space drama. Yet there is the possibility of it being real but it sounds way too far out there for some people to consider so to most it looks like far fetched stories or mind control agendas."

If this is all true, then this is some serious technology at play here. The exact kind of technology someone would want to use memory compartmentalization on. The kind you'd want to keep out of the wrong hands. Some in the Secret Space Program say that the technology is already in the wrong hands and this is the result of it.

There is the possibility of actual memories being recovered here. It has been demonstrated that trauma can create amnesia in a victim. This was investigated in the United States Government's activities in MKUltra. If someone out there were up to nefarious activities, this would be a method of covering it all up. They can't talk if they don't know what to talk about. These memories can often come back to someone later in life when the brain is more ready to handle it.

I'm by no means saying any of this is impossible. In fact, I think it's probable to happen somehow, somewhere, and some time. However, I think what may be happening here is tampering of the communications system by an outside force, possibly distorting the facts and stretching the truth. Something isn't adding up.

That would, in fact, make the whole operation a black project in and of itself. A classified communications technology being used on unwitting participants as a propaganda delivery system. While the National Defense Authorization Act legalized domestic propaganda in 2013, the legality of it as a whole is dubious.

Or perhaps there is an element of truth to it and someone out there really doesn't want people talking about this stuff and they intentionally insert an exaggerated narrative in an attempt to discredit their testimonies. Meanwhile, they're hitting them with Electronic Harassment in the chance they might kill two birds with one stone by murdering them with an untraceable weapon.

There is the issue of people in conspiracy circles dying under mysterious circumstances. There was William Whitecrow and Max Spiers. There was Phil Schneider. He was found dead with a rubber hose wrapped three times around his neck. His cause of death was officially ruled as a suicide. His papers and effects went missing after he died. Bill Cooper, author of Behold a Pale Horse, was shot dead by police at this home trying to execute a search warrant.

This is the exact kind of thing you'd expect when someone is talking about classified material and they want to keep it covered up. It adds weight to their stories. At the same time, it seems like the powers that be have caught onto this. In years past, people used to say "don't be surprised if you get killed for this." Now when asked why they aren't dead yet, it's "because everyone would know I'm right."

Whatever the case, these black projects can at times get convoluted with so many twists and turns one might wonder if they'll ever get figured out. Tempus omnia revelat, I always say.

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