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Soft Kill Program Part 4

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The individuals behind the Soft Kill Program use private investigators to follow the Targeted Individual around. This is usually in cases where it's millionaires and billionaires who are killing for sport and doing it as a hobby because they feel the people they're killing are lower life forms. In the cases when it's the government behind it, they're using FBI and detectives from dirty police departments.

Sometimes the victim is followed 24/7, but not always. They use the PIs, etc., to find out their routine, where they work, what clothes they wear, what car they drive, where they go, and what they eat if they can find out. When you have someone actually following you around like that, the victim tends to think they're being stalked physically. Everyone knows when they're being watched and it sows the seeds of paranoia.

This is where the so-called gangstalking comes into play. After they have gathered enough information, they can hire other people to get near the victim. This can sometimes be the PI themselves using disguises and someone else they know, or they can literally just hire a homeless guy by giving him a sandwich or twenty bucks to walk by the victim and say something specific around the target within earshot.

One common tactic is getting two or more people to stand nearby where the victim can hear them. They then have a conversation while they insert words and subjects into what they're talking about that are specific to the victim. Doing this a few times will get the Targeted Individual to start thinking everyone is following them wherever they go and the victim begins listening to everyone talking around them.

This overloads the brain and gets them into a state of confusion. They start thinking everyone around them is talking about them. The perpetrators keep the conversation vague while inserting just enough information so that there is no misunderstanding that the conversation is about the target, yet they keep the conversation as plausibly deniable as possible.

The combination of being specific and vague at the same time causes the victim to also think there is a deeper hidden meaning in every conversation happening around them. It makes them overthink things constantly. This overloading of the brain makes the victim more pliable and open to suggestion.

If the victim were to suddenly lose their composure on the perpetrators doing this out in public, the stalkers would have an easy way out and the victim would look insane. If the victim were to react, this can sometimes get the police called which would make the victim start having a record of arrests and contact with the police. This makes them look like they could be dangerous or unstable. This is sought after since the perpetrators want to make the case against the victim as airtight as possible once the Soft Kill is completed.

Sometimes they break into homes with the PI or using dirty cops. They'll rifle through belongings to find out more information that nobody else could possibly know. They usually just move things around a bit to make you know someone's been inside. They usually don't steal a whole lot like a burglary, but might take one or two things so you know they've gone missing, then bring them back later.

Another tactic they employ is actual burglary. This is sometimes done using the information obtained from the private investigator which is then given to the dirty cops, who then give the information to known criminals that already have a history of burglary. Usually, someone, they've arrested repeatedly.

They give them the chance to complete the burglaries with impunity as long as they don't talk about it afterward. If they do, they will know exactly who did it and arrest them all over again. This time on trumped-up charges which can include planted child pornography, as well as connecting them to all previous burglaries in the area that went unsolved.

The stalkers watch all social media accounts if applicable. The more followers they have the better, so they can add themselves to friend lists without being detected while using accounts that already have lots of followers or friends so it looks like it's just someone that adds lots of random people. They look at all information available if the profile is not kept private including pictures and video and add it to the information they have on file.

This file gets passed around to lots of people who are involved in carrying out the Soft Kill Program. When a person is targeted, it's usually multiple people attacking one target. They tend to talk to each other and compare notes to see if they can come up with ways to get their victim to do something and ideas on what to get them to do. In their eyes, the more heinous the act, the better. The more normal their target, the better. They get off on the notion of turning someone as good as possible into as big of a monster as possible.

They use Trojans and spyware to get into the victim's computers to see what they have been looking at and reading. Something that nobody else would know. The victim tends to think it has to be god, aliens, or the government spying on them. Some of the exact tools being used are what was found in WikiLeaks' Vault 7 CIA Hacking Tools.

This spyware is also used to get into the phones of the victims. In cases where the FBI, police departments, and government agencies are complicit in the Soft Kill Program, they use Stingray devices to intercept phone calls, texts, and incoming and outgoing data. This is supplemented with prepaid burner phones to occasionally send random texts and phone calls to the victim's phone.

Once all information is gathered, the V2K begins and the perpetrators start talking to the victim using the Voice to Skull technology to start giving them suggestions. It starts as simple ones at first. You can't go too far with them at the beginning. The reason is that if the end situation you're trying to get the target to get themselves into is so far outside their normal moral compass like murder, it won't work. You can't turn a soccer mom into a mass shooter overnight.

Reasons given for targeting people include those talking about the Men in Black, Secret Space Program, Time Travel, Mind Control, people who have escaped or are trying to escape from cults, and those who are into conspiracy theory type material. Conspiracy theorists are usually targeted because they've gotten too close to the truth and because the perpetrators behind the Soft Kill Program are trying to keep everything covered up.

Sometimes it's just the mentally ill because they tend to be on disability and don't pay taxes. Since there's already a verifiable record of being mentally disturbed, it adds to the deniability of what's happening to them since they would be written off as someone who was deranged to begin with.

In the cases of the mentally ill and disabled, they also get targeted because the perpetrators see it as purging the weak to improve the gene pool. This is ironic since many of the criminals using V2K against others are actually cultists who have been practicing inbreeding for countless generations.

Even though the V2K technology is used to drive people to suicide, using it is still considered an attempted murder charge. Even if you only talk to someone once. It doesn't matter if what you said over the V2K was innocuous, friendly, or even if you were trying to give them helpful advice. The reason is that one of the tactics used in this type of electronic harassment is just making noise over it.

The other reason is that V2K is what's called a Directed Energy Weapon. Weapon being the keyword, as in a tool used for warfare. It's like using a gun. You can shoot someone with a firearm, and it may not kill them with the first shot, but it's still an attempt at killing someone. The people using it know perfectly well what V2K is used for.

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