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Soft Kill Program Part 3

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Within the group of people who are behind the electronic harassment, it's referred to as just "V2K", "V2K Bullshit", "V2K Soft Kill", and "SKP". The microwave hearing effect first started being tested in the 60's and 70's. It was further tested and perfected until nearly the year 2000 which was the goal date to get the program ready to go.

That's why it's called V2K, 2K for the year 2000, instead of V2S for Voice to Skull. The first successful Soft Kill completion was April 20th, 1999, the Columbine shooting. It took approximately 40 years for them to get all the infrastructure in place to do it at will on a mass scale.

Some of the people behind the use of the equipment are FBI as part of their COINTELPRO 2.0 program. All the major names involved. When you look at things like mass shootings and particularly heinous crimes, you can see that the FBI is always around it and has their fingerprints all over it. It's also used by the CIA who then approach people in the military or the general public who are down on their luck to offer a murder-for-hire deal.

When dealing with things like corruption, money laundering, and extortion which leads to political figures like presidents, senators, and people in other positions of power, the FBI is always involved in the investigations of these crimes. They wanted a way to cover it all up without it leaving any evidence leading back to them or the perpetrators of the crimes.

Assassinating someone the old fashioned way leaves a crime scene, and you need a hitman to do it. There's a body to get rid of, a murder weapon, and an assassin that needs to be kept quiet. This can sometimes lead to having to kill the hitman too which just creates another scenario to clean up all over again.

They figured if they can get someone to commit suicide or get themselves thrown in prison, it would look like the victim has done it by their own hand instead of having it look like the government was behind it.

They've also been going around perpetuating the notion that things like government satellites, voices in your head, people following them, listening to phone calls, and microchips in the brain are conspiracy theories so that when people talk about it they sound textbook insane.

With the V2K, they've been using these pseudo-schizophrenic voices to also tell the victim misinformation and wild tales to make them sound even more mentally ill. Doing this over a long period of time can eventually condition them to go on crazy sounding ramblings so that if the victim actually talks, they are disregarded as a lunatic.

Using these tactics, they've been trying to create the illusion of a mental illness epidemic. Statistics say about 1.2% of Americans are diagnosed with schizophrenia which is about 3.2 million. Actual schizophrenia from natural causes is about half that. Their eventual plan was forced sterilization of everyone who reported hearing voices.

It's estimated about 1 million people in the United States are being targeted with V2K weapons. Their idea is to get people softened up first so that they're primed and ready at a moment's notice if they want them to go attack someone or go on a mass shooting as soon as they give the Soft Kill Order. In the case of shooting deaths, they use this opportunity to push the gun control agenda to get the public disarmed and more controllable.

The incentives for the perpetrators to keep going varied wildly. Some were told that the people they were targeting were "bad guys" and that they were the good guys murdering them. Others were told they would be given money when it was over. The usual story was $100,000 when the job was done. Some were told they would get to keep the victim or someone else like a celebrity as a sex slave when they were done.

Others were told they would be able to just stop what they were doing. Some were told that if they didn't keep doing it, then the V2K Soft Kill Program would then be implemented on them as well. In this last case, they were taught exactly how it works then shown examples of how deranged a person could become when it's being done to them.

It was usually the picture of the shooter Jared Lee Loughner with his head and eyebrows shaved and a psychotic look in his eyes with a demented smile on his face in his mug shot. The other common one shown was the James Holmes mugshot with a wild look in his eyes and the one with dyed hair. They also show the video clip where he appears in court looking dazed and making odd facial expressions.

They get told that they can be made to do whatever they want, including shave your eyebrows off and dig an eye out to make you look like a complete idiot before they kill you. The kind of people who have been using V2K to kill for sport has been going for complete and total humiliation before the removal of their target. When the target has made it into the news they refer to him by first, middle, and last name like Lee Harvey Oswald. It's meant as a message that this was a Soft Kill target to keep everyone else who knows about it in line.

Several cases in the military were documented how they were recruited into the Soft Kill Program. Before they actually started, they were given a few months for the recruiters to demonstrate how the physical gangstalking works. This typically involves the recruits getting a sense that they had someone following them wherever they went.

After the demonstration, they were basically forced to keep going because they were then told the Soft Kill would start on them if they didn't. They were then told that they now knew too much so they would have to be killed off from that point. Their deaths would be used to further some kind of political agenda.

Some started getting the Voice to Skull used on them. This was used as a reminder that they were being watched and to keep going or it wouldn't stop. It was also used as an incentive and were told that it would stop once their target was murdered.

The perpetrators on the military side were also told wildly varying reasons for why they were going after their target. Many of them believed they were going after terrorists and saw nothing wrong with it because they were just doing their jobs as soldiers. Others were blackmailed into completing the job. During the recruiting process, many of them were watched and information was gathered on the perpetrators.

Users of the V2K system are told to disregard all orders and commands to cease and desist, even from the person who told them to start to begin with because they may have been compromised. If one of them gets caught or begins to cooperate with authorities, the rest of them are told to start turning on the person who was caught.

Once you're on the Soft Kill list, there's no way to get off unless it's done by force, as in physical removal from the equipment. When the target has made it into the news and they refer to him by first, middle, and last name like Lee Harvey Oswald. It's meant as a message that this was a Soft Kill target to keep the others who know about it in line.

Some of the tactics they employ are talking into mason jars over a microphone. This distorts what's being said so that you don't completely understand them and draw your own conclusions with your mind as to what was spoken. This also makes the voice sound scarier and they try to make you think it's demons or aliens talking to you.

There are a lot of people who are doing it using slave labor and there is nearly zero budget to complete it. They use cracked pirated software to change voices, create crude photoshopped images and video and have old used computers to access the feeds and send the microphone signal elsewhere. Because of limited resources, there are only so many strategies they can employ and have to work with what they got.

A few of them actually sprang for helium and sulfur hexafluoride to change their voices. In a lot of cases, the V2K simply doesn't work on a target, so they start trying everything they can in case they get lucky.

The SynTel feeds can be accessed over Project Looking Glass. It looks into the future and enables you to see what a person is about to do. They then make a note of this information, then start talking over the V2K in your mind to make you think you're being controlled like a robot and get you to do whatever they want. They also talk over your subvocalization or "inner voice" to make you think they've taken over your mind.

There are also software tools that can be used to mimic voices. An early one is called DubMaster made by Voice Imitation & Recognition Ltd. and came out around 2004. Using this software, or one like it, they imitate the sound of your subvocalization, then use the V2K to play it back to you to make you think whatever they're doing to you is your own thoughts.

If you're someone who's unaware of this technology or what's happening, it can frighten you or drive you crazy. People who are religious, superstitious, aren't familiar with psychology, and are not technically savvy are particularly vulnerable to this Soft Kill Program.

The reasons behind why the individuals were targeted vary. From what was gathered from the big names at the top, it was because they were trying to kill off the Men in Black. The so-called "powers that be" wanted to get ahold of the Time Travel technology so they could quote "take over the world". Sounds cartoony, but that's exactly what they said word for word. When asked if it didn't seem like they already had enough power, we were told: "you can never be too rich or too powerful".

The other reason was that they were trying to kill everyone who was talking about the Secret Space Program. Specifically Solar Warden, so they could keep everything covered up. The perpetrators who were in the military and doing this mentioned it was because those people were divulging highly classified information and needed to be kept quiet.

A more audacious reason that was given was that they started getting arrested. Perpetrators were being told they were being exterminated and that they were the ones being attacked. They actually had the impudence to say they were being attacked when they were committing a crime. All they had to do was shut up and nobody would be coming after them.

Mass arrests coming soon to a news outlet near you.

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