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The Men in Black

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The MIB started out around the same time as the other 3 letter agencies, like CIA, NSA, etc, which took place shortly after the Roswell crash in 1947. The NSA, for example, wasn't officially acknowledged until 1957. The MIB has been kept classified even longer than that. It's run like a Special Access Program.

Working in the Men in Black was like a police role. It's run like Federal Law Enforcement and the military combined. We had special provisions in place, and we couldn't be sued. We also had our own law book. It detailed all the crimes we dealt with and the penalties involved. All of them are felonies. If we actually took you into custody, Guantanamo Bay or a CIA Black Site was a real possibility.

In the past, the MIB may have involved perpetuating coverups at one time. It also involved confiscating technology that was considered too dangerous. This was before my time, but from my understanding, these cover-ups were more about preserving the Timeline than covering up the existence of Aliens.

My particular experience was more like Timecop. We'd do work involving the Timeline preservation. A great deal of my work also involved scouting Timelines and escorting others while Time Travelling. My experience with Extraterrestrials, in particular, was limited.

MIB are recruited through traced ancestry. They look for people coming from certain bloodlines. Some of the bloodlines that were traced included historical figures and those who had a proven track record of conflict in their history. A few examples would be the Spartans, Vikings, and some Scottish Clans.

What the government was after when tracing these bloodlines was also the genetic memory. It was theorized that when a people have a history of war, there is a genetic memory that is passed down. This genetic memory would enhance the survival instinct.

In addition to this, they were looking for people of high intelligence and overall physical performance. Such as good eyesight, hearing, and athletic ability. They were also searching for people who were hypnotizable, somnambulistic, and dissociated easily. This would be for the memory compartmentalization that was required for the extremely sensitive above Top Secret work involved.

This means the recruitment process began before you were even born. From that point, the training began before you could even walk. For example, the way the process started for me was your colleagues would come by and we would play simple board games with you. Something like Connect Four. These games were typically reserved for children above your age range.

The idea was to start engaging the brain with more advanced concepts. It was also to help set the foundation for advanced strategizing later in life. They would observe you the entire time. Taking note of how well you followed the rules, tried to cheat or bend the rules, experiment, or even improvise to gain an advantage.

Weapons training and unarmed combat started as soon as you could walk. Age, weight, and gender didn't matter. They wanted you to be able to defend yourself from anyone at any time. Anyone could be trying to kill you. Even an innocent looking woman could want you dead, and they wanted you ready for them.

We also took advanced classes. We would attend two schools and had two separate identities. In these classes, we were taught mathematics, history, art, music, and chess. They wanted us as well rounded as possible. They were also taught in a simplified manner so it was easier to understand. You could have the near equivalent knowledge of a doctor or engineer at a young age.

They also prepared us for capture and to resist interrogation. We had to follow along with an instructor as he led some exercises on what would go on in a place like Guantanamo Bay. We were worn down psychologically and put in stress positions.

They also had us build up resistance to hot and cold temperatures. We'd be submerged in cold water, then they'd add ice to it. You'd be left in there for longer and longer periods. Then they'd up the ante and freeze the water around you solid and leave you there until you had to be chipped out of the ice later.

Following this was the heat resistance. They'd have us doing strenuous exercise in hot rooms and saunas. They'd have you hold hot rocks and heated pieces of rebar for as long as you could, trying to hold it longer each time. They'd have us strike hot gravel and walk across coals. This progressed to just holding our hands in fire.

They would desensitize you to pain as much as possible. Eventually, they hooked you up to a machine that would stimulate the pain receptors all over the body at once. They were careful not to turn it up too high so you'd black out. The idea here was they wanted to remove the involuntary recoil from having a pressure point struck, or being stabbed or shot so that you'd keep going no matter what. They tested this later by poking you with needles all over your body, including in the eyes, to see if you flinch.

They wanted to desensitize you to fear as well. One was the fear of drowning. You'd be locked in a tank of water with no air pocket. You'd be drowned resuscitated repeatedly. Sometimes they'd have someone in there with SCUBA gear on and you'd be encouraged to fight them while underwater until you drowned.

They wanted to remove the fear of heights. They'd have you walk across boards of tall buildings from rooftop to rooftop. The boards would get narrower each time. They had you jump from a plane without a parachute, then have someone follow you. This progressed to hanging onto the outside of the plane from takeoff until you reached altitude for the jump.

They'd have us handle snakes, spiders, and other insects. They'd have us eating cow and pig guts too. We'd be rewarded with soda and sweets afterward. They wanted to desensitize our squeamishness. It was to prepare us in the case of being in a survival situation so we'd be able to eat anything and not vomit.

You would also follow around animals in the jungle and forest to observe them. They wanted you to report back on what you learned. The idea was to be more efficient like an animal in the wild. If an animal in the wild acts inefficiently, they die.

There were also simulated survival situations. Some of it was in the woods, some of it was a simulated nuclear apocalypse. The training was hard, and they wanted you to be prepared in case you got stranded somewhere in time.

During all of this, we had extensive training in Virtual Reality. Much of it was the same equipment the U.S. Army had been using for their Force XXI Project. It involved simulated combat scenarios, both alone and working with others on your team. The graphics were poor and reminded me of the old Goldeneye game on Nintendo 64. There were also countless hours on flight simulators.

You're also exposed to as many experiences as possible. They wanted us to approach new experiences with a sense of curiosity instead of fear, or at the very least unimpressed by the situation. They wanted people who could be prepared for any situation, Threats known and unknown. This includes Alien invasions or even invasions other dimensions or Timelines. They also wanted us prepared for any situation we'd come across while we were out traveling through time.

This was all done as a child. The idea was that if you start young, you can have a surprisingly high level of competence for your age. By the time you're older, you should have a higher capability than someone who had joined the military at 18 and only had a couple years of training.

Before we left on a Time Sortie, they would have us spend time in a room. About an hour or so. Then you would leave on whatever mission you were assigned to, then return to the same room. They had a machine there with electrodes that had ECG pads on them. They would stick the electrodes on your body, then the machine would shock you. The shock would compartmentalize the last 24 hours of memory.

It would seem as if you had never even left the room, and you wouldn't even remember the shock. They would then ask you questions to see if you remember anything. The questions would seem ridiculous since I had felt like I never even left. Then they'd ask how long you thought you had been there. It only felt like 10 to 15 minutes had passed. After that, you were free to leave.

This has gone on most of my life. I've had years taken out of my life because they'd have you work, then by using Time Travel, put you back at the moment of departure to make it seem as if you've never left so you can pick up where you left off without skipping a beat.

They were breaking all kinds of child labor laws while doing this. The funding was also acquired through unethical means. I was told I would be paid and they were holding onto my money for me, but I haven't seen a dime for my work.

I don't recall signing any security oath. It wouldn't have been valid since I was a minor. If I signed one later in life, it couldn't be upheld since they were wiping our memories. How can you not talk about something if you don't remember to not talk about it? This stuff was all illegal to begin with anyway.

The people behind this are trying to stay out of jail, and the coverup of the three letter agency known as the MIB has gone on to this day. Quite a few people were involved in this, so if anything jogs your memory, feel free to contact me.

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