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Special Forces Psychic Warfare

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Whether you believe in psychics or not, the United States of America does and poured a lot of your tax dollars into research on it over the years. Many of the known programs that were publicly "declassified" and "shut down" were actually re-classified and continued on.

When dealing with "psychic" abilities, a calm mind is required. Feelings of anxiety and anger can cloud them. Noradrenaline spikes and sudden changes in brain chemistry can break a connection between two or more people. There are other aspects to it.

Keeping good nutrition and staying hydrated is a big part of it, but that's applicable to pretty much everything. They actually had food specially prepared for them in these programs to maintain peak nutrition, along with extra supplementation. There's an iron and potassium connection to it, and it's good to not be deficient in it.

This would make sense since iron is conductive and potassium is radioactive. By themselves they don't do much, but when interacting with the Human body as a whole it increases magnetic fields. At least that's what's written in the Field Manuals. Yes, there are Field Manuals on all this.

The pathway of least resistance is through the eyes because they're directly connected to the brain. There was experimentation on trying to create glasses or goggles to enhance the effect with little to no success. They didn't have much of a budget or time to work with.

They experimented with countermeasures and the best and cheapest way to block incoming signals was with mirrored Aviator sunglasses. They don't wrap around, but they cover the entire field of view from the front. It prevents psychic influence from coming in while allowing it to go out, only not as efficiently.

If you also open the mouth it adds a little more sensitivity because it clears the way to the brain stem a little better. The emissions are Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), and also involved the body's biolelectric energy.

It was learned in Special Forces and is a way to help read the intent of people on initial approach. You can tell if they're on drugs or experiencing extreme emotion like anger that could present a danger and gives you the advantage of a "head's up" that regular folks don't have.

The way it works is that it's also close to the "reptilian brain" which deals in "fight or flight" and bypasses the logic center of the brain for faster reaction. It's highly classified because it's a proven technique for one, and two, if people found out about you could tell who was Special Forces by observing them doing it and basically blowing their cover.

They're taught to not just walk up with their mouth gaping open, but you can just look at them with a slack jawed appearance as if you were an idiot and it works. The wider the mouth is open, the better, but it draws more attention and there is an emphasis on Grey Man strategies. Plus if you make yourself look stupid it has them subconsciously underestimate you.

Another thing found out was that staying awake for 3 or more days also increases sensitivity to psychic phenomena. Dextroamphetamine was used. The drawbacks are that it makes these perceptions go haywire for one, and two, sleep deprivation can be a danger to others while out on the field. So instead of having one of the guys on their team sleep deprived, they could bring someone in that had already been awake for a while and do some "readings" then take them back home.

Another thing about the brain stem is you can put your fingers on the back of someone's neck and it "syncs" brainwaves and also seems to have the effect of adding more "processing power" to the person's brain. It's like pooling resources. There's less bone in the way of the brain stem since there's more soft tissue for the "psychic energy" to go through as opposed to a closed skull.

Another thing they would do would be to hold hands in a semi circle from a vantage point with their mouths open. They could slowly rotate as a group and "scan" an area from a distance almost like a radar. The "readings" they would get would be pretty vague, but they would be able to tell if the area they were about to proceed to was an ambush.

This was the 80's and some of them were pretty homophobic about a bunch of guys alone out in the boonies holding hands, but they were there to do a job. They also wanted every advantage they could get if it meant it would keep them from dying.

"Mind reading", "empath" and other "psychic" type things can be blocked by putting an electric current through ceramic. It doesn't take much, but you can amplify the power put to it for more effect. The ceramic has a conductive wire mesh embedded in it with leads that come out and you can connect it to a power source. Some military had them in their helmets.

The ceramic and mesh can be implanted inside the skull bone. The body's electric field is strong enough to block things under normal circumstances, but if you were to have someone with more training target them you might want to add more power to it.

There's something referred to as "psychometrics". That has a different meaning, but there is another meaning when dealing with psychic stuff. Clothing and objects that you wear can become more "in tune" with the energies of your body the more you wear them. That's why when you get a new pair of shoes or something sometimes people zero in on them because they're not as in tune with the rest of your body.

In some Special Forces groups, they were trained to keep "last ditch" weapons and concealed carry firearms on their person for weeks on end. Even sleep with them and carry them around off the job. It helps them not be noticed as much, even to people who aren't psychically sensitive.

Before missions, they would also have them handle their weapons more and sleep with them in their beds for at least a few days before departure, or at least overnight if there was a sudden deployment. This is still done among some non-Special Forces military almost as a superstition or tradition without knowing the meaning behind it supposedly.

Another thing was about the military recruiting Native Americans for their scouts during the Vietnam War. This story was supposedly debunked as false, but that's a cover up because it's considered top secret information and some people had been talking about it.

The story goes the Native Americans were verified as being expert trackers. However, after being recruited, their hair was cut off and they basically lost their ability to track as well. They could still use visual cues, but their instincts were basically neutered and it was like they were crippled because that was how it always was for them. After that point, they were basically not much better than anyone else.

Hair is like antennas and part of your nervous system. It picks up subtle changes in positive and negative charges around you, including changes in the weather. It also picks up faint sensations in the air like wind and breeze, so you can tell when an animal or person is trying to sneak around you. It picks up and transmits psychic phenomena and makes it easier overall. After finding all this out, Special Forces were encouraged to let their hair and beard grow while out on the field, but not while back on base.

They also came up with there being a different way some people access memory. For people who might be considered to have an "eidetic memory", what's actually happening is not a really clear and detailed memorization of something that's stored in the brain. What's actually happening is a tunnel through time has opened in their mind and they're accessing their "self" from the past and looking through their eyes again and seeing it directly.

It can make things more efficient, because all they have to do is remember the subject of something which opens the doorway, then the fine detail is stored elsewhere, in the physical world. This is obviously not a normal brain, but a brain like this would be able to remember a lot more stuff and have what appears to be a much larger capacity. There is also possibility of actually making changes in the past doing this, but most people who have memory in this way are unaware and don't bother trying and just "revisit" the memory as is.

Another thing is that there are people who are "psychic", but don't know they're psychic and it actually drives them literally insane because they don't know what's going on. Luckily most of them aren't lethal, but they're basically tapping into people's thoughts and whatnot and in some cases "hearing voices" is actually picking up on people's thoughts and it's misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. Sometimes it's telepathic communication between others who are unaware of what's happening. Even other insane people and it messes with their thoughts.

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