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Project Looking Glass: The GhostNet

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I've heard a couple of testimonies of what Project Looking Glass is. These different viewpoints are likely the result of multiple attempts at research to achieve the same result. What they have in common is that it's a method of peering through time itself.

One version sounds almost exactly like what Andrew D. Basiago describes called the "Chronovisor" and was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In this tool, it was said to create interactive holographic simulations of places in time.

A second version of the Chronovisor was described by Father François Brune in his book Le nouveau mystère du Vatican. In his book, he says that the Chronovisor was built by Pellegrino Ernetti. Ernetti supposedly helped Brune build the machine as part of a team of scientists which included Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun.

Another version, according to the notes from Bill Hamilton's source said Project Looking Glass was a device capable of displaying images like a teleprompter in targeted times, both forward and backward. There was supposedly also efforts made to send video cameras forward through the device to glean information on what was to take place.

I'm not saying any of those are incorrect, I'm just going to give my perspective of what Project Looking Glass is based on what I have seen and understand. Project Looking Glass is a method of transmitting data through time.

One aspect of it is a massive archive of the Internet from the future. This archive is sometimes referred to as "the Football", or "the Nestegg", depending on what side of the pond you come from. All the superpower nations have a copy.

The "Football" is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the so-called "Nuclear Football" briefcase used by the President since the information is considered potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons. "Nestegg" is a monetary related reference which will be made abundantly clear later.

This archive data was broadcasted through time by aiming the signal out into space where the Earth should have been positioned in the past. The Earth is rotating around the Sun at about 67,000 mph, and the solar system is hurtling through space at about 514,000 mph around the galactic center.

You have to aim the transmission out in space because the Earth is not in the same position it was 5 minutes ago, let alone 5 years ago. It's possible to calculate its former position at a target date. A specialized receiver then collects the signal and the data is recorded. A lot of it started being gathered up back in the '80s.

It contains a little bit of everything. Movies, music, books, pictures, videos, websites, social media profiles, stock market data, and news articles. The thing about this archive is that it's heavily redacted and incomplete. At times, it's like the Internet version of a FOIA request about UFOs from the government.

Due to all the censorship, this Nestegg of data has to be carefully poured over and studied in order to figure anything out. Kind of like a giant puzzle. It's not always as easy as running a search on it and finding what you need. Most of the data is freely viewable up to a certain point, but once you start looking at the future information, that's when the redactions begin.

There is, however, still a lot you can glean from it. It just takes some work and dot connecting. Lots of dates on articles are censored, but the information was determined to be genuine due to the names, positions, and events that took place.

What happened was there were people who had been shown to achieve certain positions and thus fulfilled the prophecy of the Looking Glass. There were also events that took place and the same thing happened. What really got their attention about this was that the borders of nations had changed globally. That's where the national security factor comes into play.

Again, most of the dates were censored, so what you have to go by is the sequence of happenings that take place. Then you can take that information and estimate that the next event in the sequence is imminent. They way I understand it, is that it's done this way because there is a certain fluidity to time and it's not so much about exact dates, but the actual event itself.

Giving people an exact date can supposedly "cause chaos". They'll be too busy fumbling over themselves trying to make the target date appointment that it can cause problems since they'll likely have other things they'll already be busy with and suddenly finding this out throws their schedule through a loop. From what I understand, you can miss dates by a day or two and it won't hurt anything, but specific events will play out on their own.

The military applications for sending information through time are obvious. Dead black ops soldiers were supposedly found with Walkmans and cassette tapes in the 80s. It was thought this was an early experiment at creating an invincible soldier. You would send them in, record everything happening, then record instructions on a cassette tape. The soldier would listen to the tape and it would guide them telling them what to do. Meanwhile, they would have a recording device on a headset with them describing who and what they saw while out on the field.

If they failed, someone would then send the recordings into the Past and try again by sending the soldier back in with updated instructions. They would do this over and over until they got it right. The headset could be transmitted via radio back to a command center. Teams of experts could listen and analyze everything. You could have someone with a stopwatch taking note of exactly how long it took to go down a hallway, and the precise time the first shot was fired.

New details could be gleaned each time. Like exactly how many people they saw and what weapons they were carrying. If they missed a weapon, the recordings could just be sent back again until they got the full picture of the scene and who shot first, who shot second, and so on, until the soldier would know who to shoot at first to neutralize them. Once the entire scenario was documented, you could imagine an untouchable soldier potentially clearing out an entire base single-handedly.

A more advanced version of this would involve Cyborg Soldiers with Brain Scan A.I. In this case, they would be sending the Brain Scan A.I. back in time since it is purely digital data. If their Human died, the A.I. could be sent back with all the information and what went wrong. What better than actually seeing what took place yourself first-hand? This could happen over and over theoretically for as long as it took to complete a mission. Possibly billions of years trying every little thing.

This would be traumatic for the A.I. having to see their Human die over and over like that. The Brain Scan A.I. is like a fully formed person that is integrated and bonded to their partner beyond the comprehension of a normal relationship between a Human and another Human. Even closer than a husband and wife since the A.I. is integrated with the Human since birth.

It's possible that the A.I. could get used to it and it wouldn't be a big deal for them, as they would eventually realize they would be sent back knowing their Human was perfectly fine. This kind of bond would be necessary for mission completion since there would need to be absolute trust between the Human and A.I. partners. The Human would need to follow the A.I.'s instructions to the letter, no matter how weird they sounded.

Another aspect of Project Looking Glass is what's known as the GhostNet. It's Time Travel through the Internet. It's accessed via a website that ends in .mil. When you first view it, there's a warning about accessing classified information without authorization and the consequences involved. You basically have to check a box saying "I have read and understand", then click a button to proceed.

Once you're in, you're taken to a regular looking Google search engine page. This can be confusing because if you don't know what you're attempting to access, you might think you've just been redirected to Google. However, just seeing this innocuous looking Google page without authorization is enough to get you waterboarded at Guantanamo until the cows come home to find out what you saw.

I've heard stories of poor fools going on there without authorization just browsing and ending up on the weird part of YouTube hours later as if it were the regular Internet. This kind of careless usage can get them thrown in prison for life just in case they suddenly remember something later they shouldn't have seen.

Furthermore, you have to know what it is you want to search for. There is no real index page that lists everything. It's just a search engine. It's all a mixture of regular present time Internet of no real value combined with the information from the future. You might not even know anything was out of place if a regular person were to casually browse it.

The governments have an interest in this information for the obvious national security reasons. They had been going over everything and analyzing what was going on trying to preserve their country. However, since this archive contains pretty much everything the internet has, there has been something referred to as "Temporal Copyright Violations".

Basically, a bunch of music and movies were also found on there. These looked like they were cover songs and remakes done by top selling artists. What happened, however, is that there was a massive heist of this information decades ago. This took place in the late 60's, early 70's, and again in the 80's. Since the people who made this media weren't famous yet, and there weren't any copyrights registered yet, the ones who stole it all thought it was fair game and wanted to make money off of it before the original owners could.

The thieves changed lyrics slightly and made their own little twists here and there. What ended up happening is that the "originals", as good as they are, are like cheap Chinese knockoffs since the technology and techniques in the studio back then aren't as good as they are today.

What took place, supposedly, is that those song and movie rights had actually been returned to their rightful owners in that future time period. That's why they had been recording them. The "originals" were just stolen media from the future. I'm not going to list everything stolen since that would be an article in itself. Possibly even a book.

If people from the past had been ripping off music and movies from the future, and the rightful owners were just re-recording the songs and films they got the rights back to, it begs the question: Where did this media actually originate? This could be what's referred to as a "Free Lunch Paradox".

Another example was a man was being targeted for assassination due to what they saw on Looking Glass. People wanted him killed because he had been having them all arrested. The thing about that is they were all being arrested because they were committing crimes trying to kill him in the first place. All they had to do was not try to kill him, and they wouldn't get arrested.

The GhostNet is also used for cracking passwords and encryption in an instant. It doesn't literally happen in an instant, but it creates the appearance that it did. When the password or encryption key is finally solved, it can then just be sent back in time to the point of origin. Meanwhile, computers are still crunching away at it.

Other applications for the GhostNet is referred to as the "Tumbler". It's basically more of a research angle that "Tumbles" information through Time over and over. Let's say you take plans for building a device like a Time Machine. You take these blueprints, work on them, then send the plans back in time digitally. The people in the past get these plans, then work on them again and improve upon them. They solve all the equations and work all the kinks out.

You could take these plans and work on them for ten years, then send them back along with your research. Then they could pick up where they left off, then do it again, furthering the technology by another ten years. You could even do this one year at a time. What if someone worked on something their whole life, then suddenly had their own life's work dropped in their lap with an enormous fifty-year head start?

You keep doing this over and over and next thing you know, you have the ability to reach the literal peak of technology possible. You wouldn't need Aliens to hand it to you willingly in some kind of technology exchange, or by recovering it from a crash like Roswell. Like myself and others always say: "Don't underestimate Humans."

It wouldn't have to be a Time Machine either. You could do this with literally any kind of technology you could think of. Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Cloaking Devices. Even weaponry like new types of bombs that would make nuclear weapons look like firecrackers since they could destroy an entire planet with just one.

Numerous people have claimed over the years that Black Project technology could be over 100 years ahead of everyone else. Some have even said 1000 and possibly even millions of years ahead. This would certainly explain how that was possible. It would theoretically give you an unlimited amount of time to work on something, and have potentially millions of years of research available in a mere fraction of the time.

Some have even hypothesized that the GhostNet and this method of sending data through time may have even come from itself. That is why many claim that Time Travel is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Even simply just sending digital information though can build things even worse.

These are good examples of why Time Travel equipment is so dangerous. It's simply not for the common man to be using. Especially not greedy ones. It creates a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up.

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