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GhostNet Quantum Internet

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Certain people have experienced strange occurrences while talking with people over the internet. Specifically, getting information about events yet to come.

What usually happens is you meet and start talking with a very friendly and cool new person. Then after a while of building rapport, they start babbling about a bunch of completely bizarre stuff that sounds absolutely insane. After some time, they say something to either get you to drop communication with them, or they just stop logging in.

Then time goes by, 10, maybe 20 years or more. You still think about that person from time to time, but you have mostly forgotten a lot of the details of what they said. Until you start seeing the events happening and you begin to remember.

Sometimes they shared some pictures with you that didn't make much sense at the time, and you didn't understand why it was so funny to them, and even their explanation of it made little to no sense. But then the images started popping up again later and making sense as the proliferation of memes has increased and the context was learned. Yes, proliferation, as in a term used for weaponry. Meme warfare is real.

Sometimes they would tell you things, like about a pet or object you would own. At the time, it sounded insane because you had no such pet or any interest or knowledge of that specific item yet, so they get written off as a lunatic. That helps with the cover, because sometimes the best cover is being something so bizarre that you don't pay much attention to it, or sounds so crazy that nobody would ever believe it.

Why was cover needed? Because it's part of the legendary GhostNet, the global espionage network. Yes, it's real, and it's not solely owned by China, it's a collaborative network used by all nations. The Internet is a type of communication like a phone. Now the thing about having a quantum phone is that if you were to ask a question through it, the answer would have come before the question was asked.

Since landlines have ran through the network, broadband speeds were able to be fed through 56k and lower connections using proprietary compression, and large file size videos were able to be streamed and watched on systems that shouldn't have been able to. Vast swaths of text were also memorized eidetically, then the memories were stored and compartmentalized using a rapid hypnotic induction command to induce amnesia until it was to be recalled at a later date.

If you've ever seen that infographic with the iceberg about the levels of the internet and the so called deep web, using weird terminology like Polymeric Falcighol Derivation and Mariana's Web, that's all real. Nobody believes it because it sounds like complete B.S. which maintains its cover. The reason that Polymeric Falcighol Derivation is considered fictional with no actual documentation on it is because it simply doesn't exist in this time period yet.

Not only have you been accessing websites most people in the world don't have access to, but you've been accessing them through time itself. One giveaway is when you're reading an article and it's missing the date, and sometimes the author too. Sometimes it looks low tech, in an odd combination as if it could have been expensive and top of the line 10-15 years ago, but looks dated now, while still referring to current subjects. The pages tend to be sparse and utilitarian, while still being plausible with advertisements, comments, and everything.

Another layer of cover is the article is coded, so even if in the very unlikely event that someone managed to get into the network and was watching, it would look completely mundane. If you read it carefully you can derive information from it. Don't break your brain trying to figure it out. If it's meant for you, you'll understand it. Or something will stick in your memory, and you'll be given the encryption key at a later time and it will make sense.

Yet another layer of cover still is that the weirdos you've been talking to have actually been compartmentalized alter personalities of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder, many of them from people you may already know, know of, or possibly have yet to meet. The amnesia prevents the dissemination of information under interrogation and the most extreme of torture.

Attempts at black bagging and flying agents to overseas black sites for interrogation would result in a 100% failure rate at obtaining any information whatsoever. They simply wouldn't know what you were talking about and would be telling the truth.

One big reason that some people were unaware of accessing the GhostNet all this time is because there's no fancy equiment used on your end, no secret facility to be in, and no terminal and password required to log into it. It's monitored by an A.I. that tracks you and automatically knows when to jack you into the feed, while keeping others who have no business in it out.

You put all this together and you have an unbreakable and unstoppable tradecraft network for world domination. Luckily for you, we're the good guys.

Now you know.

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