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The Shapeshifters

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Yep. They're out there. You've probably noticed them, subtly screwing with you to just to let you know they're there. Watching.

I'm not talking about shape shifting reptilians either. Here I'm mostly talking about just plain shapeshifters, not necessarily of the reptile variety. There's actually a few different varieties of them out there.

Some of them are basically robots, a collective of nanomachines that can reconfigure themselves. They're a lot like the T-1000. Highly advanced, sentient, and exactly as cool as they sound.

There are other ones that can do the exact same thing as the machines, only they're organic. A type of highly intelligent living tissue that can mold themselves into anything or anyone they want, even down to the genetic level.

There's also a type of octopuses that can survive for extended periods on land. They're far more intelligent than the ones most people know about. They have full control of their bodies and can change their color, contort their bodies, and mimic human speech. They're a little more limited than the machine and organic shapeshifters though, and can't just slide through cracks and under doors like they can.

Yep, there's also a type of highly intelligent reptile like beings that alter their appearances just like chameleons, only on a far more advanced level. Some don't physically change their appearance, but change your perception of them from inside your mind.

Some are aliens. Almost exactly like the Mystique character from the X-Men movies. They have a default appearance, but change to look like anyone they want. They came from a world where they had to escape from predators, and a race that tried to enslave them, and required a high level of camouflage to hide themselves. Other aliens just use a holographic device that projects an image over their bodies.

And then there's the human ones, MKUltra Monarchs, the most insidious of all. A type of organic military android, the switching of personalities also alters their physical appearance, and the amnesic barriers make them ideal for espionage and resisting interrogation. Can't catch someone that doesn't match the description, and can't answer questions about what you don't know.

For the agents whom lack the ability to shapeshift, there's quantum camouflage. It's a technological suit that you wear which has the ability to alter the perception of height, weight, and gender. It takes templates of features such as eyes, noses, mouths, etc., records them into a database, and shuffles them into new configurations.

The suits also have the ability to make the wearer look invisible in real time, perfectly so, not with a ripple effect like the Predator movies. They are equipped with sound dampening, so footsteps and other sounds are completely negated.

So if you ever get the feeling you're being watched, but don't see anyone there, you're probably right.

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