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How to Hack an MKUltra Monarch

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First and foremost, there is no guarantee of success with attempting to hack a Monarch. It's not an exact science, and the thing about them, is even if you manage to get past their security, they're still sentient, and if they just don't want you in, they won't let you in. They'll basically just ignore you. They're also smarter than you, so if you don't know what you're doing, they can tell and will laugh at you.

Imagine a computer system that you also have to use social engineering on at the same time. That's what hacking a Monarch is like. We're talking about an extremely complex system that can potentially take years of cracking. It might even take teams to do it, with others going in to prime them and soften them up before bringing in the expert to finish them off.

If you don't have clearance and their codebooks or laptop files with all their triggers, then you have to bypass their systems, basically. There's multiple layers of extremely sophisticated security and firewalls, and once you start getting through them, it becomes very clear exactly how terrifying and dangerous Monarchs really are, which I'll expand on later.

The first thing you need to do, is identify their needs or wants. That can get difficult if one of them happens to be some big shot stockbroker or a rock star with all the money, women, and drugs they could ever want already, but it's not impossible.

If you can't offer them something like money or power, there are other things you can give them. They tend to be extremely intelligent, so if you can stimulate their mind and imagination, that sometimes works. The best thing to do is attack their systems from multiple angles so you can have a few different things to offer.

The challenge is to find out what you can offer them, and it has to be something they can't get anywhere else. It could even be love or companionship, but something like that can't be faked, because they're hyper observant, and if they notice even the tiniest slip up, then you could be back to square one. It also has to be something they actually want, because with their infiltration and computer skills, they can neutralize attempts to blackmail them.

You have to just watch them for a while. Something will come up. Their alters leak information that the front partitions are amnesic about leaking, even during something like normal conversation, and you have to be observant when you pick up on it because the information is not always obvious.

These leaks are usually diagnostic data so handlers can maintain control over them, and they can be eavesdropped on kind of like packet sniffing. Sometimes these information leaks are intentional because once you start getting past some of their security and the Monarchs actually want you in, their systems actually help you.

The other thing is, you have to get past their firewalls. The way you do this is by accessing the R-Complex or the "reptilian brain". This part of the brain overrides the rest of the system because it has the most powerful drive over the brain since it deals with the most base instincts, which include survival and reproduction.

A simple example of bypassing a Monarch firewall would be by using sexual suggestion or imagery which would open up the R-Complex, and then following that with the information packet that you want to get through into the system. This is a very powerful trick and a big reason it's used in corporate advertising.

Some of the security deals with basic stuff, comparatively speaking, like biometric data. Facial recognition and voice prints combined with passwords.

Due to the biometric security, even if you had their passwords and triggers, they won't work. The other thing is, Monarchs originated on the Mars colonies, and on Mars they used a combination of a type of hieroglyphics and text to communicate, much like the image macros and memes we have today. Yeah, guess who invented things like Lolcats on Earth. So just walking up and talking to them even with their keys in hand wouldn't work, but you can bypass that by communicating using symbols and imagery.

After you've gotten a sufficient amount of information packets in, they become primed in a way that you can now get past firewalls and biometrics by talking to them indirectly.

When you finally bypass everything and the security systems detect a big threat, this is where it gets really terrifying and it becomes clear what exactly it is you're dealing with. They start gathering intel on you if the security thinks it might need to remove that threat.

Using the GhostNet, they actually start probing for information about you over computer networks through time itself. The purpose of going into the past is to gather information about you and to interact with you in an objective manner to find out who you really are before the hacking was attempted, and before you became aware of who and what the Monarchs are, so you can't have your own preparations in place for controlling the information you give them.

If you have a prominent online footprint, it's pretty easy for them, but even if you don't, they will still find you. If they can't get online data from you, then they'll start accessing phone lines, and you'll get calls. Usually short ones, or wrong numbers, but they might even do a little more long term recon. They'll record a voice print and run it through databases.

If for some odd reason they're unable to do any of that, then they find you in person. Sometimes they do all of them together just to be thorough if they detect a particularly large threat, or if you're successful in the present time and their system wishes to help.

Once their systems have been primed and they're ready to be finished off, they start sending out covert distress signals. The signals are more diagnostic information for handlers and vary depending on the Monarch, but one of the most common visual ones are dying the hair blonde.

The other thing they do is they become obsessive. For example, if they like a particular artist or a musician, then they start incorporating the visuals or music styles into their everyday lives or work. It's a lot easier for the hacker if they are familiar with and can identify the art that the Monarch has been incorporating.

What's happening here is due to the priming and hacking, their heuristics are overloaded and have started going haywire. Their systems have detected that something is wrong, but it can't quite figure out what it is. This can sometimes lead to erratic behavior with the Monarch also looking for outside guidance to help recenter themselves and get their bearings back.

From that point, the old methods of access and control have been shut down, and someone just needs to come in to guide them, usually by telling them what's happening, who they really are, and that everything will be ok.

After that they become more independent over time as they begin to regain control over themselves, and are responsible for their own actions, since they can't blame anyone else for controlling them anymore.

Since the systems are so complex and labor intensive to hack, sometimes the best tools for the job of hacking Monarchs are other Monarchs. They're all networked together and when one finds the solution to their system going haywire they tend to notify the others and begin to congregate with each other.

When they start to become themselves again, they have a strange combination of being frighteningly intelligent, while at the same time have an almost childlike innocence to them. If you're on their good side and they like you, they're the nicest people you could ever meet, but if you get on their bad side, they can quite literally wipe you out RETROACTIVELY.



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