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Off World Colonies

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There are a lot of off world colonies of humans all over the galaxy. Some are more genetically distant than others, but many of the people from there could walk around on Earth and nobody would notice. People from Sirius and Pleiades are good examples of this. Many of these colonies have been intentionally kept out of contact with Earth and other colonies as well.

What most people don't know is that many of these colonies are actually very close to what life is like on Earth. By that I mean they actually have Walmarts and Costcos and everything. No, I'm not joking. Even Mars used to have suburbs with lawns and freeways and street signs that would be indistinguishable from ones on Earth at one time. Some places had some small differences, like how they kept time. There was a couple that could actually have 6:66 and 7:77 on the clock.

The reason why the same types of stores and other things appeared in different areas without any contact is because there is a type of parasitic being that attaches itself to populations on these colonies. It's actually very weak, but it's learned to be quite sneaky and manipulative as a means of survival, and knows how to keep itself hidden. It has a sort of hive mind to it, that's why things like Walmarts can manifest in other areas that are light-years away from Earth yet have no contact with each other.

Over time, what happens is this entity starts steering the populations in certain ways. What ends up happening in the long run is a scenario like the people in Wall-E, or something like the movie Idiocracy. What people don't realize is this is actually a form of slavery. It's just that it's an insidious type of slavery where the slaves don't realize they're slaves.

The colonies lose contact with each other because the parasite will usually create these big apocalypse type scenarios that send the planet into a new stone age. The populations usually have to start over from scratch after this happens, and after spending so many years just trying to survive, they can forget they were even a colony to begin with, and become "lost" to the others.

Sometimes things get so bad a little intervention is needed. Putting people through that kind of situation is inhumane and a waste of vast potential. I mean, if you saw some poor abused animal or someone drowning, wouldn't you try to help? So this is where the MIB come in.

What usually happens is the area is quarantined off so nothing or no one can escape. Then MIB operatives are deployed. Depending on how bad things are, they can use time travel to alter the past and create an artificial timeline if needed. They begin correcting things, just subtle tweaks here and there. The idea is to get everyone back on their feet so they can fulfill their full potential.

Sometimes the genetics on the colonies get degraded over time. This usually needs a little help too. There are various reasons this can happen, most of them because of pollution and other environmental factors. Sometimes it's due to intervention from others. Anyway, the point is this is how stories like the Nephilim on Earth get started. It wasn't so much that the offspring were that extraordinary, it's more like the genetics on the colony had degraded so much that they just seemed as if they were more gifted compared to everyone else.

If the situation is particularly bad, then they start sending in what's referred to as the "Knights". These are the heavy hitters, and if you ever see one show up, you turn right around and start walking the other way. The thing about the Knights is they're expensive to run, and they're pretty war-weary from prolonged conflict so they can be fairly high maintenance. They're usually kept in a kind of "stasis" and only deployed if they're really needed.

If you've ever seen The Day the Earth Stood Still, they start out trying to play it easy, like Klaatu. The meeting with Eisenhower in 1954 was an example of this. It probably wasn't really aliens he was meeting with, the government had more than likely just assumed they were. It's also possible there was a mixture of both human and off worlder, since MIB works with many different races.

Then the population is given time to get themselves together, but if that doesn't work, you get the unstoppable robot like Gort. Most of the time it's not a literal robot like that, but they will, at the very least, send someone in with a particular skillset that's going to make sure they wreck things beyond repair. For the interlopers, that is.

Long ago, as the MIB had been moving from colony to colony fixing things, they used to be a lot more open about it. People would usually welcome them with open arms, and everything was fine and the process was usually easier.

Over time the entity that was enslaving these colonies started getting smarter about it, so the MIB had to get sneakier with it. They started having to use "sleeper agents", and even start having to change the languages themselves so that they would be able to encode everything. If you notice, that's why English on Earth has words that sound the same, but have entirely different meanings, or can have different spellings, like knight and night, for example.

One of the ways they would encode things is by mentioning the time of day, like morning, noon, evening, etc. This was referring to the rehabilitative operation and how far it was progressing. Typically, what would be happening is the population on the colonies would start to catch onto what was going on, and they would start to get on board with the process.

One way they did this was a lot of people who weren't necessarily MIB would start wearing black too, sort of like a show of solidarity. This also provided a tactical advantage, because it made it look like there was more MIB around than there actually was. It also "muddied the waters" so it would be hard for the adversary to identify who really was one. One of the favorite MIB sayings as the this was happening and the operation was coming to a head was "It's getting dark out." Basically, when the "morning" comes again, that means the operation was a success.

After this happens, if the situation had been a particularly bad one, and the colony needed to be ensured they were rehabilitated, one or more MIB would stay behind and life extension technology would be implemented on them indefinitely. Sometimes one or more representatives of the colony itself would be granted the life extension as well. Usually representatives from different regions on the planet.

The purpose of this wasn't to rule as overlords or anything like that, it was more of as consultants. The idea was they would act as something like a time capsule. They would have been familiar with how life was before the correction took place, and would have been there after rehabilitation. This would be so that they would be able to explain how things were supposed to be to the population in the future to make sure everything can keep progressing and not egress.

If you look at how people argue about the U.S. Constitution today trying to say that that's not what the founding fathers meant when they wrote it, this would be avoided if the so called founding fathers were still alive today. They would be able to explain exactly what it meant themselves, instead of other people trying to speak for them and interpret it using terminology that didn't exist back then. That would save us all a lot of headaches.

So any volunteers for official immortal time capsule status? Don't be hasty, the job is harder than it sounds. Really think about it. Reeeeeeeeeally think about it, and everything it entails.

Being around someone a lot could potentially make you sick of them as it is. Imagine possibly thousands of years of that. Imagine the friends and loved ones that will come and go. Imagine how much people can change just over a few short years, with the bad turning good and the good turning bad.

It's seriously not for everyone. Don't be hasty and really think about it.

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