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Mind Control as a Virus

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As it goes, someone came up with the idea to use trauma based mind control to "program" people to "program" other people who would then go on to do it to others. From that point it spreads like a virus, and you have a bunch of people out there that are amnesic and unaware they're even "infected". However, people don't really understand how dangerous it really is.

It's not like some Satanic cult that just takes Satanism literally and indulges in sexual deviance and sacrifices. That happens, but there is more to it. You see, some of the people who get infected with this mind control virus have alter personalities that live completely different lives. They go on and get educated at universities and also obtain knowledge in other ways that starts becoming a problem for many people as a whole.

Some of this education is of a very advanced nature, like engineering, physics, and psychology. Other things that can happen is going into industries that enable them to gather wealth on a large scale. Eventually, "cell" groups start to develop, then split off to create more groups, luring many other victims in using the psychology they learned.

When multiple people who are infected get together and collaborate, they can start building things in secret that can eventually get them off world. That virus can spread to colonies in other star systems that either contain humans, or other beings that are susceptible to this type of mind control.

Some, but not all, underground bases and entire laboratories have even been built by them, doing experimentation without regard for laws or ethics. Again, this is something that can get off-worlders very angry with Earthlings. This is a big reason for the Solar Warden quarantine.

This virus has existed on off world colonies before. If anyone doubts the seriousness of it, just know it has ravaged entire worlds. A lot, in fact. Start thinking on a galactic scale and the gravity of the situation becomes sobering.

Sometimes people have to be replaced. The reason for this is because "deprogramming" an individual is not only extremely time consuming, but sometimes they don't survive the process as there is also self destruct programming involved, or they can become suicidal due to the reintegration of the memory compartments and realize what they've done.

Sometimes time is also a factor here and they have to be neutralized quickly. The virus has infected some really smart people who improved on the methods by adding countdown programs that automatically activate after a specific amount of time has passed. There's also the so called "dead man's switch", where they get activated if certain codes stop being continuously received.

The virus also "mutates". The most common thing mentioned is probably the Satanic symbolism and imagery used. What a lot of people don't know is that it can take on a lot of other forms from different religions, including Christianity. Even other things have been used, like computer terminology. It can use a lot of different things, but it just needs a fairly complex subject matter to attach itself to, and this creates a big headache because it keeps it more hidden if everyone is only looking for Satanic type stuff.

Basically, the replacement process involves taking the "essence", or "consciousness field", or "soul", or whatever you want to call it, and transferring it into a "new" body, along with a physical brain scan of their memory and personality. The reason for this is because the "programmed" mind has been shattered into so many fragments that it could take their entire life to reintegrate and heal. Some really deep splits might not even heal at all.

Some of the experiences that people have described as "MILABS", or Military Abductions, may have in fact been MIB trying to break up these infected cell groups. It's faster and easier to just do it this way and give them a new start with a fully integrated mind. Attempting to "deprogram" is extremely time consuming because they have to be sat down over repeated sessions and their mind has to be worked on like you would do a "brute force" attack on a computer password. This can potentially take decades.

Sure, there are a few standard "keys" and "triggers" used, but there are also a lot of non-standard ones too. A lot of the time it's unknown what task a non-standard compartment has been programmed for, and it becomes extremely risky to just leave it there because it could be dangerous, like a mass shooter or even a serial killer.

There's also the humane factor. With the self destruct programming in place, you would basically have to strap them down into a chair or gurney so they won't hurt themselves. At times, some of it can get pretty bad. If they don't have the means to kill themselves, like if they were just locked naked in a room, they could start to claw their own eyes out, or even bite at their wrists trying to die.

If that doesn't work, they'd probably keep bashing their head on a wall. If they were unable to commit suicide, they could end up maiming themselves to the point that even if they survived the self destruct program, their quality of life could plummet to where they could get depressed and kill themselves over that later too.

The amount of time they would need to be strapped down or locked in a room is also indeterminate, because they can trick you into believing they're fine while just trying to get out so they can have access to something to commit suicide with.

So there you have it. Viruses can also infect minds too. That doesn't mean all the bad things in the world can be blamed on it though.

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