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The MKUltra Monarchs part 4

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Things have gotten pretty convoluted by this point of the background of Monarchs. Are they living military androids, Martians, or just humans that have been altered? The answer is all of them. It's a mixture.

The ones made from human stock on Earth are a type of pseudo-Monarch. Very close replications of the real thing. Practically indistinguishable to an untrained observer, and sometimes even to a trained one. The functionality is very similar. They're typically the result of careful selective breeding over multiple generations and are the best examples of genetic stock on Earth.

The living "android" versions are made from artificial DNA. They're basically human in every sense of the word, but they were created in a lab. Their minds are more like an A.I., but they can think and feel just like everyone else. Something like a Monarch 2.0.

The Martian aspect is basically a combination of genetic engineering and selective breeding that goes back eons due to a long history of conflict. They look and act human, but aren't linked with primate ancestry.

At one time the U.S. Government had created MKUltra and Project Monarch as a means to control Martians specifically. That went on for a while, but the MIB intervened in it. After the intervention, many of the Monarchs have been MIB infiltrators gathering information on people, as well as infiltrating some of these projects to observe from the inside. Not necessarily just the Monarch project, but could be anything, from a lower courier to the super soldier projects.

The Monarchs that are MIB are all volunteers. The difference between MIB and the U.S. Government is that the MIB gave full informed consent to the procedures and what their work could entail, and the participants agreed to it. With the U.S. Government's projects, it was more like slavery without informed consent, and some were even just sold into it against their will.

MIB procedures are what would be considered "clean" procedures. The conditioning process does begin at a young age, but it only involves genetic editing, rearrangement, and enhancement. Then there is hypnotic conditioning, along with VR. Following that is the training involving tradecraft, weapons, combat, and survival skills.

When you look at the projects the U.S. Government was involved in, that's where you start to hear about the sick abuse they used for trauma and the slavery taking place. Many of the people who speak out against that abuse are MIB infiltrators, possibly unbeknownst even to themselves. After all, the best spy is one that doesn't know they're a spy.

Much of the programming from the U.S. government's MKUltra projects have self destruct programming inserted. Most people just don't survive that, and it's meant to eliminate people before they can talk. However, if they already have the previous MIB conditioning before the infiltration takes place, the chances of survival are much greater.

If they fail to commit suicide, then they tend to be "thrown from the freedom train" as they say. Murdered, basically. So it helps that they have the MIB network watching out for them. I can tell you some of the individuals that want these kinds of people to stop talking are pretty vicious about it, and they would be dead way before any information or books could get out on the subject if they hadn't had a little help from the shadows.

A lot of victims of the government's projects tend to have a breakdown of their programming at around age 25. Doesn't have to be exactly at 25, just around this time. Sometimes it happens before or a little after depending on how well the individual integrates with it. Some don't have a programming breakdown until well into old age, and by that time people tend to just disregard them as being senile.

There's indicators for these system crashes. Typically erratic behavior. You might see a woman shave her head or something, or a dude flip out and do something so bafflingly stupid that it either gets themselves killed or imprisoned. Around this time is when either the self destruct programming kicks in, or someone kills them to keep them from talking.

Sometimes they get brought back in for "tune ups" by the nefarious groups and are able to be used for a while after that, but a lot of females don't make it past 30. So if they do, you know someone's watching out for them. If the "tune ups" don't take, well, there's what's known as the "27 Club" for a reason. I can tell you there should have been many more in that club at this time, but the tide is changing for the better.

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