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Clash of the Titans

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There's this one guy. He's a notorious supersoldier in the covert world. The real deal. People in my group and others around the world know damn well who he is. We'll call him Bob. That's an acronym for "Big ol' Bastard", since he's looking swole, brah.

The U.S. Government had been using Bob for some contract work here and there and some CIA stuff. The problem was, they kept wiping his memory of the whole thing and not actually paying him for it. Not cool. The biggest problem was they were also having him go around harming people for them, and even coming after some of us. That's even less cool.

The other thing was he's also kind of one of our guys too. It's complicated. There was a demonstration that was arranged. The purpose was to send a message. He met up with some people in an undisclosed location.

He said he came across a guy there with three women with him. There was another guy there too dressed in a suit. He's was professional looking, like he could be KGB or a diplomat or something. He said he looked like he was there to observe. All Bob knew was he was going there to have a meeting with what he thought was another supersoldier.

He thought that other "supersoldier" was Russian. He had been assuming that because a couple of the ladies he was with had accents that sounded Russian, but the guy he was meeting with didn't actually say anything. Two of the women were actually a Russian and a Ukrainian. He thought the other one might have been a Nazi or one of their genetic experiments because she was very Aryan looking, but that's a story for another day.

The Russian and Ukrainian ladies were actually covert operatives for their respective governments. The objective of this meeting was multi purpose. It was meant to send a message to all the governments they were working for at that time.

The "Russians" had two soldiers arrive in full gear and balaclavas. A darker haired lady said to Bob "You see them? They are Spetsnaz. The best. Attack them." So Bob closes the distance with lightning speed and knocks one out with a single punch before he could even draw his weapon. He was sent sprawled out on the ground.

Bob turned to look at the other one and he just set his weapon down and backed away slowly with his hands up. I was told later that the second guy said he knew exactly what Bob was and he moved so impossibly fast that he didn't want anything to do with it after seeing that. He felt like a coward for setting his weapon down, but it really was the smart choice.

He felt like it was a matter of survival. It was only supposed to be a demonstration and he wasn't trying to get killed over it. He knew Bob had something extra done to one of his arms too, so he seriously thought his friend had just died.

Bob turned and moved in to finish off the first guy, but the Aryan looking woman yelled "No! Please stop! That's enough, don't kill him!". He says her American accent got his attention and it made him pause and he put his foot back down.

The poor Spetsnaz guy still has a tooth missing after that, but he's tough, he can handle it. I found out later he wears it like a badge of honor or a war medal. He got hit by an American supersoldier and lived to tell the tale. His friend says he's lucky he even still has his head attached and he had to wear a neck brace for a while. He says it gets him lots of attention from girls. He's loyal to his wife though.

Then one of the other women, a redhead, pointed at the guy Bob thought was a supersoldier. "See him? He's better than the best. Try and hit him."

The ladies scurry out of the way and Bob starts after him, but he gets stopped dead in his tracks a few feet away. He couldn't even reach him. He had a hard time moving too. He couldn't turn to the sides or anything, but he could back up and move normally again. Whenever he tried to approach that guy, he just couldn't. It was like there was this invisible wall there in the way, but it wasn't a hard and tangible one. It was like nothing, but you couldn't pass it.

Then Bob said it started to actually draw him closer and he was thinking "Great, now's my chance!", but then it's like something suddenly changed and it sent him flying backwards several feet. He got up and tried to run back towards him, but that invisible "wall" was now even further out from where he originally was.

Well, I can tell you that it was a kind of amplified static electricity type device. It can attract or repel depending how you set it. You could call it something like an anti-personnel shield. If you don't know what it is you're seeing, it looks like Darth Vader is using the Force or something supernatural. It's just unexplainable.

It works good though. It's like fighting without fighting. You can't kill someone if you can't even get close enough to do it. You only get knocked on your ass if you insist on continuing. That was basically the end of the meeting and they parted ways.

The guy in the suit grabbed the redhead and pulled her towards him and she just kind of put her arms around him too because she was reflexively submissive like that, then they spoke quietly in Russian. He said something to the effect of "So, I heard you're a virgin." The Aryan looking woman said "Hey, you get your damn hands off her!" The redhead whispered "He might be president soon." The Aryan looking woman pointed at the "supersoldier" and said "HE'S going to have ALL the presidents in the WORLD in his back pocket soon."

She looked back at the guy in the suit and said "That's his girl now. You don't put your hands on his girls. He will scar your soul like the devil himself. Whether you believe in souls or not, there's technology out there and he'll do it. You know what you saw here. Besides, you're married." She spoke to both the dark haired girl and the redhead and said "Please tell him in Russian and Ukrainian so there's no misunderstanding."

After the Russian spoke to him, the suit guy quickly removed his hands from the lady then straightened his tie and cleared his throat. Then the Ukrainian girl started to talk and he said "Ok, ok, Russian is enough. I understand you clearly." He looked down ashamedly as he adjusted his wedding ring.

They were in a kind of industrial looking area and just before they left, the "supersoldier" casually punched the corner of a concrete pillar they were next to and took a chunk out of it. Bits and pieces crumbled off onto the ground. The guy in the suit just looked back and forth at him and the pillar and had that stunned silence look to him as they walked off.

Yeah, I was there and I saw the whole thing. I don't think they noticed me though. You could say I was sneaking around in the shadows. Heh heh.

So that brings us to the message it was meant to send to those governments. Not a whole lot was spoken, but a lot of meaning was delivered with what took place. For the United States, they had better start leaving Bob alone, because they're just not treating him well. That goes for others like him that they may be doing the same thing to.

The message to the Russians and Ukrainians was that there's someone out there that America's best supersoldier couldn't even come close to touching and that they'd better follow suit.

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