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MIB Files: Sirians

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I got part of the following from what you could say was some contraband. It was out of a magazine from the future. It had an interview of this guy and his wife. Basically, sometime in the near future aliens are able to walk around more openly without having to worry about getting shot by some redneck. Other parts were cobbled together from speaking with two others who claimed to be Sirians.

"Sirian" is not really what they're called, or their planet, but it's what they're known as on Earth and we'll keep it that way for the sake of simplicity. I'm not sure what his wife is. Some CIA agent or a Vatican Assassin or something. Maybe both. Maybe we're not supposed to know. Heh heh. It's pretty dangerous at times for aliens to be walking around out here the way things are now, so she watches his back and keeps him safe.

I'm going by memory, so this isn't word for word verbatim, but it's pretty damn close. Other parts of it I gathered in different ways from other sources, so there's a few different points of view here that some may not completely agree with. They were being pretty objective, but sometimes people unconsciously add a bit of their own bias to it, so it is what it is.

He said Sirians are human so the physiology is the same. There's slight differences in the body chemistry due to the miniscule changes in the environment at first, but they tend to balance out after adjusting to the Earth. He's no doctor and doesn't know all the workings of the body inside and out. They wouldn't find anything in any dissections, so hopefully Earth scientists don't start getting any ideas. They're Caucasian in appearance, and not much diversity back home.

He said life is a lot like Earth over there. Kind of like Iceland or Norway, only planet wide. It's more advanced and there's a lot of differences, but there are enough similarities that if a Sirian came here it's not such a drastic change that it would be hard to blend in and integrate.

Some of the languages there are like the Scandinavian languages, so if a Sirian arrives here it's easy to learn. A lot of the pronunciation is the same, it's mostly just differences in the words and grammar. Almost as if they were a "reshuffling" of the languages. If they were to misspeak, it would just be chalked up to slurring or an error and not completely alien.

The food is similar in ways. They have fowl and bovine type animals they raise for food. Suids are consumed, but not as much. It's said that they're not eaten as often because of their intelligence. It's not shunned or anything, they just take it easy on them. It's also more expensive because of supply and demand and tends to be used for special occasions.

Fruits and vegetables too. There are differences between them and what's found on Earth. There's one fruit that looks like a blackberry or a raspberry but grows on a tree and is the size of an apple. You could say a lot of the plants there are something like cousins. Most things are close enough that if you saw one you would know exactly what it was.

The biggest difference is how food is prepared, and on Earth it's a lot more diverse and elaborate, sometimes to the point of seeming nonsensical. The way they tend to prepare food there is in a more practical way. There's what would be considered "gourmet", but there isn't a lot of useless flashiness to it like how some places might prepare food in an "artistic" way. It's more of a focus on higher quality ingredients.

One thing they don't have is fried chicken. It's horribly bad for you like eating decadent garbage, but it's glorious decadent garbage. They can't condone eating it in good faith, it's almost as bad as smoking cigarettes. He said if that ever caught on back home it would probably single handedly bring down civilization. Joking, of course.

Sirius is a binary star system, and they have what they refer to as their "neighbor". It's another inhabited planet and they're more like Asians. He describes them as like a combination of the Chinese and Japanese cultures over there. He says it's surreal for him seeing separate Chinese and Japanese cultures here. Almost like each is half of a whole. There's a lot of interaction and exchanges between the planets.

There's something you could describe as a "Chinatown" type place on the planet. Only instead of a section of a city that takes on Asian culture, it's more like a region. It takes up the approximate area of the average size of a U.S. State in the Midwest. It acts like both a hub of their activity and trade as well as a foreign embassy. There's a counterpart embassy region on their neighbor's planet.

There's some occasional conflict and politics that go on, but mostly just some mild friction. Nothing like world shattering wars, but they've gotten close and fear it might happen again due to their current situation. I mentioned in the Off World Colonies that there are things like Walmarts that exist on other planets because of a parasitic hive mind type entity. They're having a problem that's describing the same symptoms over there.

They couldn't quite pin down exactly what it was that was causing this kind of thing. Whenever they would try to quash it, it would pop up again somewhere else in a slightly different form. Kind of like when a company like Blackwater gets a bad reputation then changes its name and keeps going.

Whenever these aberrations would appear with similar characteristics, the people involved would swear they had nothing to do with the previous ones. Under thorough investigation, that appeared to be true. He said they had went and checked out a few other nearby colonies and not only were they having the same problem, but they seemed completely helpless to stop it.

The seriousness of it stems from the fact that they've built "planet buster" weapons. They have nukes just like Earth, but they're old and they don't have them pointed at each other ready to go like Earth does. At least not on that kind of scale. They have a few strategic targets, but not "blow up the whole world level" or Mutually Assured Destruction. I was told they don't know how we live like that, it's scary.

The big thing is the planet busters. Those are world ending devices. If one exploded on a planet, it wouldn't exactly destroy the whole thing at once because of the way the curvature is, but it would certainly wipe out and otherwise vaporize at least one side of the planet. The other side would more than likely get some kind of residual devastation. If anyone survived it would be like a slow death because the environment would be unlikely to recover, not to mention the damage to the atmosphere if there even was one left after that.

Their neighbor planet has the same thing. It's one thing to have a ground war to settle their differences then pack up and go home, but this is far beyond that. We're talking on a permanent scale. What I was told was they had been going about their business while these planet busters were developing, then one day kind of "woke up" and realized that this isn't how they do things. It was like there's an outside influence. Their question is, where is that influence coming from.

Some of them had made plans to escape and live on Earth if the planets were destroyed. Not en masse with the entire population or like an invasion, but smaller more manageable groups spread out over a few colonies so they didn't upset the balance too much. They intended to do it peacefully and quietly. Most people probably wouldn't have believed them even if they came out and said who they were anyway.

They've been here in the past, but in a limited fashion. It's something to the effect of when you look at uncontacted tribes in the Amazon. You hear stories of planes flying over those areas and coming back with the bottom of them covered in arrows, so you observe from a distance carefully.

Yeah...moving on...

They learn about Earth in school and the people are seen kind of like primitive savages in a way. Not in a derogatory fashion, just telling it like it is. They tread carefully because they learn how the weaponry may be archaic, but the strategies they employ are devastatingly effective. There's an emphasis on the danger involved and to not take it lightly just because the equipment isn't as advanced.

That's quickly changing though. Like, astoundingly fast. "They must be cheating." a couple of them said. "Someone's gotta be helping them.", but they say that's none of their business, and no it's not the Sirians doing it either.

There were a lot of insane sounding rumors going around about the "Black Men", but the one constant was they were like police enforcers and were located on Earth. When they first came to investigate, the state of the planet looked like it was just as bad as back home, if not worse, because the technology was a lot more primitive.

Not to mention the medical care was borderline barbarism. People still becoming diabetic and getting their limbs hacked off for it. They look on it a lot like how we look back on medical care during the Civil War. You've heard of third world countries, but this was like a third world planet. He said the society was so depraved that it was amazing they hadn't already blown themselves to smithereens.

I was told the one thing good about the medical care here is how they tackle emergency trauma. It's still low tech, but there's a heightened sense of urgency to it. It doesn't really have a higher survivability than what they have, but considering what they're working with, it's good. He jokingly described it like some warrior race trying to get their people patched up as fast as they could with primitive battlefield instruments so they could get back out there and fight some more.

Sure, there's war and murder there, but not wholesale slaughter like that. If there is a murder, their police aren't so overworked and underpaid with so much backlog that cases go unsolved for years. They don't have prisons there like the ones on Earth either.

They're more humane, like the ones in Norway that actually focus on rehabilitation and treating inmates like human beings. Earth prisons would be thought of as madness there and anyone trying to throw people in cages like animals would be considered a criminal themselves or tossed in the mental health unit.

The amount of poverty they witnessed was nothing short of despicable. They don't have homeless people sleeping on the streets with garbage everywhere like that. Their equivalent of the most backwater white trash redneck is something that could best be described as the low end of middle class here. They're not really looked down upon over there either, it's more like live and let live and respect the way of life they're carving out for themselves.

Homelessness is something that just doesn't happen. An example I was given was if someone were out on their ass like that, they could just knock on someone's door an ask if they could crash on their floor or something. It wouldn't even be a question. Most people have a good network of family and friends to fall back upon, so if that kind of thing happened, they would think something major had just transpired and ask if everything was ok.

You can't really do that here. You can, but you have to be extremely cautious about it because society is pretty messed up. You don't know if they're a junkie that's going to steal your stuff or a killer trying to find a way in. They're still cautious about that, but society is a little more stable over there and they don't have problems like that of this magnitude.

They mentioned there is good movies and music here. Food too, as chemically laden as it is. So they thought they'd hang around for a bit and maybe carve out a quiet life. Maybe chip in a little here and there and improve conditions, even if were only tiny things.

Some of the movies they had been watching were considered to be actual established facts and history. Like "This is real, why is this called 'Science Fiction'? It should be in the documentaries." That added a little extra entertainment value to it for them. The would tend to think "How do they know this stuff?" and "Why would things be the way they are now if they know all this?"

He said the people here come off as wounded animals, and yet they somehow keep going everyday. He said it was like a combination of feeling bad for them, but also inspiring. He mentioned that people were surprisingly friendly considering their circumstances and it was hard for him to wrap his mind around that. He said it was because the conditions are perceived as being worse here, yet the people are a little friendlier than back home.

That doesn't mean they're a bunch of assholes over there or anything. They way it was described to me was something close to the stereotypes of Finnish people, only less so. A bit reserved and standoffish while taking their time to warm up to you, while at the same time still being approachable. They kind of keep their distance and respect your space, but are still warm and welcoming. Something like that.

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