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Death From Below

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There's a video online of what looks like a ship in Earth's outer atmosphere. It starts to fly off like it's getting out of the way of something, then you see what looks like a projectile fly past out into space as if it had been shot at. Here it is:

No, that wasn't one ship firing at another. That came from the Earth.

I wrote elsewhere about how Earth is like an uncontacted tribe of primitive screwheads in the Amazon, but things were changing extraordinarily fast. That ship in the video was a Sirian vessel and that little pop shot caught them by surprise because that weapon was something the people on Earth just weren't supposed to have at that point in their development.

The vessel is described as something like a "Sky Bus" that carries multiple passengers. A lot like the equivalent of the Greyhound buses on Earth only for space travel. No fancy pants first class stuff here. An interesting thing about them is they're not equipped with weapons per se, but it has a utility tool on board that could potentially be used as one.

The best way to describe it is something like a "tractor beam". It's mainly used for getting out of the way of debris to protect the ship. It can draw things towards it or hold onto them and "tow" other vessels should they need it. As advanced as their stuff sounds, it's no flawless utopia over there. Yes, their stuff still breaks down and needs a tow once in a while.

The other thing it can do is repel things. There's another "passive" field like it that keeps little bits of space rubble from damaging the hull. They can also focus the beam tightly and turn the repulsion setting higher and "fire" it in quick pulses so it acts in a destructive manner, almost like a projectile would behave. It's for if they needed to break up a meteoroid for whatever reason.

The vessels can camouflage themselves, and when they descend it's usually into sparsely populated areas. They don't "beam down" or anything like that. They usually land in an area where everything has been coordinated and have someone waiting for them in Earth vehicles. Then they take them the rest of the way into the cities.

They said they were just lollygagging about enjoying the scenery a bit before descending and a notice came up about a sudden build up of energy below. Something small, but hotter than the sun. Nobody was really paying any attention because they weren't expecting to see something like that come up while visiting Earth.

Then an urgent alert popped up. The people who fly these things are described as being a little more than what you would consider a bus driver, but not quite on the level of a commercial pilot. It was just another day on the job for him and he probably wasn't paying as much attention as he should have been.

A passenger quickly put two and two together and exclaimed "get us out of here!". He ran up and haphazardly pulled on the controls. After seeing what flew past he said his heart was pounding furiously. His hands were trembling and couldn't remember a time in his life he needed a drink more than right then.

The shot came out of nowhere and originated from the ground. It was lacking an energy signature consistent with that kind of firepower. It registered as being hotter than the sun, but the way to propel something like that at such a high velocity threw everything off.

It would be like if one of Earth's uncontacted tribes only had bows and arrows one day, then suddenly had high tech Tomahawk missiles and knew how to use them the next. Bring nukes into the equation and you have a terrifying situation.

Further intel has revealed that the Sirians have only been aware of what's been happening on the surface and not the stuff going on in underground bases and top secret facilities. Yeah, they hear chatter about Area 51 on the internet and whatnot, but they haven't been able to actually get inside. A lot of this stuff was also perceived as if it were just boogeyman stories for adults. At least at first.

They had tried to check out these facilities before, but couldn't even get close. Their attempts would bring way too much heat on them and they were trying to keep a low profile. The identities they assumed were pretty airtight under normal scrutiny, but they didn't want to take the chance if someone were to take a closer look. When you see things locked down with sophisticated security like that you start to think there may be something to it.

After that incident with the vessel, word spread fast and they've become convinced we may be on par with their technology at the very least, if not actually surpass them. It's just that everything's been kept hidden this whole time and that scares them. They knew we were sneaky, but not that sneaky.

What I can tell you about that incident and the weapon used is that it was just a demonstration, not really an attack. The weapon is actually a nanotech prosthetic arm that can reconfigure itself into a destructive device.

I was on the ground when I saw it happen. There was a guy and five ladies there with a little kid. That arm was actually on the kid. They were standing in a grass field like one you might see at a school. The guy and five women were trying to convince him to fire at that vessel, but he said he didn't want to because he thought it would be like an unprovoked attack and the people on board could die.

They explained to him that they weren't really supposed to be there. It's not that they were unwelcome, it was more like they were uninvited and had been coming and going as they pleased without official permission. "You wouldn't let someone do that in your house, would you?"

"No way!" he exclaimed. They told him that they would detect the shot coming and they were absolutely sure they would be able to move out of the way in time. There wasn't any danger. It was just to show them Earth's capabilities.

They told him that the guy that was there with them was actually on board right then and he wouldn't allow it to happen if he wasn't completely sure they would move out of the way in time. The kid didn't seem to get it, but when you have time travel as a factor, you can be in two places at once.

"If you don't believe us, you can remote view and look." He had this way of doing remote viewing only it was much faster and without sitting down with a pen and paper in a structured session. The only problem with it was he mostly sees archetypes and it gets harder to see fine detail. He saw someone on board that resembled the guy there, but that wasn't enough to convince him.

They told him that it's his job to protect his territory and this was the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to get the word out to them. They weren't here to attack us, but there are other beings out there that might not have good intentions that very well could some day. Word would spread to them too before they got any ideas.

Telling him they weren't there to attack didn't seem to be helping convince him much either. So a blonde woman said "You want to protect pretty girls, don't you? What if one wanted to hurt me? Or her?" Then she pointed at a short woman that was with them. "Or her. She's little, she wouldn't be able to fight off many bad guys."

The short woman had a way of making herself look all sweet and innocent. "I'm tiny." she said meekly with the puppy dog eyes expression on her face. It looked like his protective instincts started to kick in. Then she pointed at the ground. "Or her." referring to the Earth.

The kid was able to track targets way up and outside of the atmosphere with a kind of built in Heads Up Display. You could say he was heavily modified and it wasn't just his arm he was packing. He had reconfigured his arm and gotten into the ready stance he employs when he's preparing to use it.

It's like the feet are firmly planted with one arm extended and the other hand over the elbow area to brace for recoil. The palm of the extended arm is open, but the thumb, ring finger, and pinky are curled. The index and middle finger are left extended kind of like the "peace sign" and act like "iron sights" you could say. The area between the second and third knuckles are where you would look when aiming.

Kind of like this, only aimed upward and the hand isn't missing.

Then he locked on to the ship. Blondie was aware of his specifications and said "Without tracking." He stopped and lowered his arm then looked at her. "How am I supposed to shoot at them?" he asked. "Do it instinctively," she answered. "You should be able to fight with and without equipment. What if it was an emergency and your tracking was broken in the middle of a fight and all you had was your arm?"

He sighed, then raised his arm back up to the sky. You could tell his tracking was off because there's indicators from the outside that give it away. "Good." she said. "Just use your instinct. 'Feel' where the ship is. When you think you've got it, let 'er rip. Don't think, just do."

"You should all leave the area. Discharging this weapon can damage the surroundings in a 300 yard radius at the current settings. It's unlikely you'd survive in your current location." he said. It was like his demeanor completely changed. "Don't worry, we're shielded." she said. He glanced at her again. He didn't see any shielding. "See?" she turned it on and there was a spherical haze in a pale blue that surrounded their group.

He didn't want to actually hurt anyone, bless his heart, because he apparently cheated a little before he opened fire. He used his targeting in the one eye that was on the opposite side from where they were standing to adjust his aim so it would be slightly askew and turned it back off just before firing.

It shouldn't hit them in case they didn't get out of the way in time, but it had to be close enough to remove any doubt they were the ones being targeted. He fired off the shot and it kicked up all kinds of dirt, grass, rock, and who knows what other debris.

Everyone within the shield didn't move. It looked like there could have been a gentle breeze inside, because I noticed the women's hair stir a bit like there was one. They were all looking up at the sky as a bunch of what looked like lightning bolts swirled around the shield.

As the group was walking off one of the women said "I know you cheated and used your targeting for a second." The kid denied it vehemently. We found out later he had no idea how she could have possibly known that. The woman said "It's ok. Sometimes when dealing with life and death situations like that it's ok to lie and cheat. It's a sweet little lie like the song. It makes us love you more. Just don't lie too much. Especially when it's important."

The aftermath of the area where the shot was fired was pretty torn up. Almost all of the grass was dead, the sides of the trees facing the field were charred, and the paint on the side of the buildings was bubbled. Some of the window glass had a tan burnt look to it that wouldn't scrub off like acid etching. They repainted and the windows got replaced fairly quickly, but the field took a while to replace. Whenever someone would ask what happened to the field they would say "It's classified. Don't talk about it."

I guess this was all a big lesson in not underestimating people, especially based on appearances. Makes me suspicious about that short woman that was with them now. She was waaaaaay to sweet and innocent looking. Could probably kill all life on the planet with just a flick of her wrist for all I know.

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