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Off World Prisons

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There's this one prison off world. Its exact location is classified, but I will say it's located on a moon. It's uninhabitable and there's no other life there. It's where the worst of the worst go.

The very existence of this place is somewhat of a mark of shame. It continues to exist because it also acts as a deterrent. There might be better ways of doing things, but for certain people this is the only thing they understand.

You see, the laws of Earth, the Geneva Conventions, and pesky things like ethics and basic human rights don't apply there. That means some really messed up stuff happens. The worst prisons on Earth are like daycare compared to what goes on there. You would thank your lucky stars to be in one instead of this god forsaken place.

Since the worst of the worst are contained there, it's mostly just them being locked in an area and the inmates having free reign of the place. There are cells, but they're all open and people come and go as they please.

At one time there was structure and routine like an Earth prison, but that quickly went out the window because of how dangerous and cunning the inmates are. A lot of correctional officers died on a daily basis. They were eventually able to manage keeping them in an area but that's about it.

That's just the general population though. There's solitary confinement and if you end up in there you don't come out. You can get sent there, but generally speaking, only the most dangerous are kept there and go straight to solitary upon arrival. Once you're there, you're kept in restraints for the rest of your life. They don't ever come off.

There aren't any searches and shakedowns, so that means there's a lot of contraband floating around in there. How they've managed to still keep them from escaping is beyond me. I guess a little contraband is "allowed" because it keeps the violence down. At least to a degree.

There's no entertainment and no recreation. What little entertainment that comes in doesn't last long because you can't have nice things in a place like that. Drugs are common, but not rampant due to scarcity.

They have doctors there. Not ones working for the prison. Doctors that have committed atrocities and are actually inmates. They're really brilliant too. It's a shame they're locked up and all that brilliance goes to waste. They have medical knowledge that's far more advanced that any doctor on Earth.

What this means is they know how to keep you alive while you get brutalized way beyond anything that you should be able to survive.

One of the things I know about is some guy was literally nailed to a wall by his hands and feet. Rusty nails. No need to worry about infection killing you. They know how to let you get infected just enough to not kill you, but leave it to make you more miserable.

Some of the things that went on are too horrid to mention, but what I will say is he was beaten, burned, vivisected, and tortured day in and day out for years. He was just left nailed to that wall the whole time.

The skin of his chest and stomach were flayed out and nailed to the side. The organs were nailed to the walls to get them out of the way. They had apparently been using the open torso cavity as a restroom for some time. If that's not the most horrid thing you can think of, it gets worse, but we'll leave it at that.

With all that contraband in there, they have things to also extend your lifespan. I don't think even the correctional officers know about what some of the stuff does that gets in. They must figure as long as it seems harmless and not some explosive that's going to kill everyone or help them escape, they allow it.

I don't have an exact figure, but some of the people they had been doing this to were made to live longer than the typical lifespan of a Human would without being brutalized like this. So you KNOW they know their stuff.

A lot of collaboration goes on between the inmate doctors too. TONS of experimentation. I guess it keeps them busy and their minds from going insane even as depraved as it is. Sounds like they're already pretty looney to me though.

There's a diverse range of species that comes and "goes" and they've learned a lot about how life functions that's universal to most lifeforms. They know how to keep you going so they can inflict more sadistic misery on you.

A couple of the inmate doctors I spoke with were surprisingly civil considering what they'd been up to. I guess as long as they have "toys" to play with it keeps their overt violence sated. They basically run the place and some of them are physically imposing. If they want to do something to you, most people aren't going to be able to stop them.

One was quite large. Well over 6 feet and utterly muscular. You wouldn't believe me if I told you what he looked like, but let's just say he was definitely not human. The other was human looking and more lithe. He was bald and wearing goggles and had an almost stereotypical mad scientist look to him.

They told me they worked as a team. They were of equal intelligence approximately, but the big guy was the muscle that would bring in the victims to work on. The other guy, while being more on the slim side, was still not someone you would want to tangle with.

He was more than capable of defending himself and had for some time. When he first arrived he had no allies and had to fend for himself. He attributes his survival to his medical knowledge because he knew all the vulnerable areas to strike in order to keep himself alive.

They were telling me about how they figured out how to keep desensitization of pain at bay, so whatever they inflict on someone is always at a constant maximum. They already knew how to keep people conscious and awake too, so this was a big breakthrough for them. Especially working with what they had.

This stuff sounds so incredibly ghastly that I can't condone it in the slightest. The thing about this place though is if you end up in there, it's because you've done something that warrants getting sent there. Everyone believes you deserve whatever may happen to you and there's no sympathy.

Be good you little snots.

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