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Slave Piracy

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There are a few groups of individuals operating here on Earth that are referred to collectively by the MIB as Pirates. They're not slavers, but what they do is actually go around cracking the systems of slaves who are being mind controlled and free them.

They're comprised of different types of people. Some are from off-world. Some are ex-special forces or former/current intelligence agents from Earth. MIB even has its own Pirate division. Sometimes they all work together, sometimes separately.

Some groups do it just because it's the right thing to do. Others do it because they like the challenge of trying to crack the systems. You could think of some of them a lot like those software pirates that crack programs and games so people can torrent them on the internet. They tend to not make much money doing that, but they all have their reasons. Some of them may have been former slaves themselves.

What some of them do, either by using old-fashioned tradecraft skills or straight up thermoptic camouflage, they sneak into areas that are known hotbeds of mind control activity and take pictures of the codebooks or steal copies of laptop files from the controllers. Sometimes the information isn't written down so they have to observe while being hidden or bug the building.

Once they have the information, sometimes its as simple and just using a trigger on a slave and you're done. There are a few out there that are just kind of "one-time use" like a suicide mission sleeper. If the conditions aren't right when they get activated, they can't meet their mission parameters and it basically disarms them because they can't just be reactivated again.

Sometimes the systems are more complex and it requires planning because you might have to keep the victim "contained" and watch them for a while since you don't know if they're going to do something crazy or violent.

There's a slang phrase they use in these cases. They call it "shooting dice" because even they don't know what the outcome might be when doing this. Some of the victims might be mass shooters or assassins. Others are sometimes just sex slaves or sleeper agents for the alphabet agencies. For some of these Pirates, this is one of their motivations for their work because it provides a thrill for them like gambling.

I want to clarify that they don't take advantage of the sex slaves. What they do is just activate them, then "leave them on" so their minds can reintegrate. Usually, after these types of slaves have been used they're "put away" using memory compartmentalization with an electroshock device. They leave that part out so they can heal on their own.

There are other types of Pirates who are skilled in other ways. They can use NLP or real-time hypnosis to covertly "rearrange" and redirect the systems of victims and disarm them just by walking up to them on the street. It can take a long time to do things this way, so sometimes they have to befriend the victim so they have access to longer and more frequent sessions.

Sometimes they date a person so they can work on them. If you ever see a hot chick with a less attractive guy, or vice versa, and can't figure out for the life of you why they're together, that might be a clue. The victim's condition tends to improve over time while getting rehabilitated, so it doesn't mean they won't stay together. Just means it could be a clue.

Some systems are really complex and can take a lot of man-hours to disarm even if you have a codebook sitting right in front of you. The programming is sometimes redundant with several layers and copies of one "program" that has to be rerouted. The payoff is worth it though because a skilled Pirate can redirect assassin programming and turn it into something completely different. Like an author or painter. It's like turning a ruthless killing machine into a ruthless painting machine.

There's one technique called "Hot-wiring". They usually use it when they either can't find a codebook, or they only have incomplete parts of one. This particular method tends to be used on victims of the government type control because those codebooks can be hard to get.

The way it works is they do something out of the ordinary to make a memory stick in someone's mind, then repeat the same thing later when they're in their amnesic state. They don't use trauma or anything, it's just that certain people like this tend to be hyper-observant and have eidetic or near eidetic memories and what happens is it kind of "forces" a bridge between the compartmented sections of memory that works outside of the normal "programming" they've gone through.

It takes a while, but you can bridge section by section until smaller sections become larger "bridged" sections, which those large sections can get bridged together ad nauseam until the mind slowly becomes whole again.

The last type that I know of is by far the weirdest. It's a way of rearranging someone's programming remotely. Whether it's actual psychics or just some kind of technology being used, they have a way of diving into someone's mind and doing it at a distance.

What I can tell you though, is that some of these poor victims have been so horribly abused or thoroughly tampered with that it requires all of the methods done at the same time, but it's worth it in the end. Everyone has value, and you never know what these people might do in the future once they're given a chance instead of just being used and thrown away.

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