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CIA Special Activities Division

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The CIA Special Activities Division has been using amnesic contractors. They would have one of these contractor agents do a job for them, then they would "erase" the memory of the incident. They were using hypnosis, drugs, and electroshock, while also seeking people with somnambulism.

After "erasure" of the memory, they would have additional hypnotic commands for it. Fragment level: 1-10. 1 being low fragmentation, 10 being highest. It splits up stored memory into sections and rearranges them in random non-chronological order. When the memory is later recovered, it's pieced back together in a coherent fashion. The higher the fragment level, the longer it takes.

Even if you were interrogated and didn't have full total recall there's a chance the story wouldn't make sense and they'd probably think you were lying. Not to mention most of the subject matter sounds insane to begin with. The higher the level, the more sections of the memory it makes. Lower level fragmentation is for recovering memories quicker in a pinch. Higher level takes longer and is more secure.

There's Abort level 1-10. 1 being low abort, 10 being highest. To ensure thorough abortion of a mission given, they would go "Abort level 1, Abort level 2, Abort level 3" etc., all the way through 10, then check to make sure the mission was aborted completely. This was in case something changed or new intel was received so they could stop an agent from following through if they needed to.

They would use a hypnotic script after job completion using "Do you remember anything about..." and then go through a list of subject matter related to the mission that had just taken place. They would ask about location, weapons, equipment, people, etc. It was to test the amnesic barriers to ensure security.

There was this one guy who they thought was a Green Beret they had recruited. One of his aliases while working with them was Jason Bourne and they suspect the movie has to be from a leak since that exact name and subject matter is so specific. He had a degree of influence over himself while under CIA mind control. He would follow along with it normally, but every once in a while break programming.

It pissed them off, but also scared them. He was also too valuable for them to get rid of. They knew he was doing it to keep them in line to make sure he would get paid and that they wouldn't screw him over. He would collect evidence and blackmail material along the way just in case and they couldn't stop him. They were basically little reminders, but he always got the job done though.

He was to specifically collect payment in full before he was 35 years of age. That's the cutoff time limit that they agreed to on contract and in their records. They were keeping it in bank accounts that collect interest, and making investment decisions here and there to try and increase his final payment.

If one of those investment risks didn't pay off, the loss would be returned so that it would at least be where it was before the investment. He was also promised nice luxury all expense paid vacations as a bonus, but he only agreed to them as long as it didn't come out of the taxpayer's pockets. Some of them were offered as peace offerings due to the director's screw ups.

As time went on, every time there was a new director he would get detailed briefings on their "Jason Bourne from Special Activities Division" and each one would personally make a record of their commitment to pay him in full with interest by the age of 35 and thank him for his service to his country. There are video recordings of them with specific instructions to not be destroyed along with an authorization code at the beginning and repeated at the end.

Each director had a demonstration that showed them he could get to anyone. It was always something so insidious they would never see it coming. Usually it's kept pretty quiet, but the Petraeus Scandal is an example of this. He thought "Jason Bourne" was too dangerous to keep around and wanted to get rid of him. Basically, Petraeus got a little too big for his britches. There's a video of him confessing to everything.

Using agents who have this level of skill and training can become a double edged sword. Especially if there's amnesia involved. It's actually quite realistic that one could wipe out a whole CIA facility single handedly with enough prep time beforehand. The phrase "We don't want any trouble." was frequently used, along with assurance that their pay was safely held for them until the time was right.

He could be across the world and back in less than 24 hours. They would pick him up by car. Sometimes a cop car because it was faster, the drivers had training, and it could use sirens so everyone would get out of the way. Ambulances were occasionally used for the same reason, but they're not as fast or maneuverable.

Arrests were sometimes faked, or he would intentionally cause a ruckus to get arrested and the cruiser would be intercepted along the way. Big black SUVs would block them in on the freeway or out in the middle of nowhere and force them to pull over. When they called in, the Chief or Commissioner would personally get on the line and order them to cooperate.

The police involved usually had the incident hypnotically wiped from memory, or be injected with drugs and find needle marks on themselves later after being left in their car on the side of the road. Some would wake up in the hospital not knowing how they got there. Toxicology reports found barbiturates and opioids in their system. There may have been more drugs that weren't detected. Not all the notes and police reports were cleaned up.

The California Highway Patrol was involved in a lot of these transportations because they were considered the best of the best and had great high speed driving training to protect the asset. They were told he was a Green Beret and to keep him in handcuffs until he was handed over. They just did what they were told.

Eventually the Commissioner got tired of his guys waking up in hospitals and having unexplained absences. After starting an investigation, the CIA formally paid them a visit. They were fed the usual spiel about serving their country and they agreed to help. Transportation was completely transferred to the CHP because they were deemed the most competent out of the law enforcement agencies in the area.

They were given a stipend to help out with transporting and maintenance which was paid by check from the CIA itself. These stipend checks were described as being "peanuts" basically, and the Central Intelligence Agency actually missed some payments and broke their contract. Eventually the CHP stopped cashing them because the amount was so low it was like "why even bother?"

Their Green Beret became a bit of a legend and "having the honor" of transporting him became prestigious among them. They eventually nicknamed him "Rambo" and had a special car set aside that they gave extra attention to and kept it in tip top shape. It had oil changes done after every trip. They also had an Officer on call just in case.

He would then be taken to a military base. From there he would hop into a waiting F-16 and take off at full throttle to an aircraft carrier where another refueled F-16 or other plane would be waiting and go to the final destination. After mission completion, the reverse would take place to bring him back if possible. The Fulton Surface To Air Recovery System was also used.

The 2 seater F-16s and other aircraft were specially modified so he could safely eject and HALO jump down to where he needed to be and the plane could keep going. They had used a modified low speed "missile" a couple times that would slowly "fall apart" into small pieces and would deploy him. They were equipped with a fast disintegrating biodegradable parachute to slow it down. They had submarine launchable torpedoes that could do the same thing underwater.

If a job happened to be the termination of Human target, one or more pictures would be taken as evidence. They would be uploaded directly via satellite phone data connection so they couldn't be Photoshopped. There was a certain time limit for them to begin receiving the pictures otherwise the job would be considered a failure. Sometimes he would mess with them and wait until the last few seconds to start sending it.

There were specific instructions to make sure they were completely dead even after being shot. It involves taking a blunt object and completely destroying the head, specifically the brain. Then complete incineration if possible. If not, just leave the area and return home.

It wouldn't surprise me if all his PTSD was from having to do all that. The pictures taken looked like they had been hit with some kind of explosive device. There was blood and bits of flesh everywhere. Sometimes he carried a brick with him just for this, because the corner and weight made it easier. Everyone thought it was stupid and the extra weight would affect his ability to carry out his job, but it was like it wasn't even there until he brought it out. Sometimes he carried a lead pipe too.

It's out of the ordinary that they would specify the head and entire brain be completely destroyed. There is mention of "cyborgs" in their files and he was more than likely sent out to hunt them down. Some of them were specifically people who were ex-military and others who were part of the government's mind control experiments. A connection to Timothy McVeigh is documented, and it specifically mentions a brain implant.

Extraterrestrials were also in the files. It was standard procedure to completely destroy the head, brain, or whatever main limb or organ might contain the brain. They probably wouldn't understand how a new alien physiology might work, so they had to be sure it was dead because a regular gunshot might not kill it. There are allegations he "single handedly" stopped a couple invasions in the past that were kept quiet from the general public.

Not all of the targets were people so far out of the ordinary. There's a story of one time he brought someone along on one of his "adventures". She was a new employee that was doing some office work. Her background seemed a "little too clean" and they suspected it might be a little obscured, but they brought her on anyway.

He had specifically asked for her to come along and they were hesitant because she didn't have any training that they knew of. The target was a guy in Russia. He was basically a military guy that had a high level of training. He was also a serial killer and a rapist. There had been some sexual harassment going around at the CIA facility, so he let her beat the guy's head in with a brick for a little cathartic release.

They later found out that she had been someone working in the entertainment industry. She thought she could get by going by a different name and just passing it off as just looking a lot like her. It didn't fool them forever, and they targeted her for termination because they knew she'd be trouble. They later aborted it though because they found themselves way in over their heads in some serious business and didn't even realize it.

However, her name is mentioned in their files along with others she has been seen with in pictures and basically any likes or mentions on social media from other entertainers and have connected them all together.

Our guy "Jason Bourne" was nicknamed "The Terminator". Partially because of all his grisly kills, but mostly because his eyes would literally glow red just like a Terminator. I saw a selfie he took after he eliminated one of his Human targets. I thought it was fake, but his eyes weren't Photoshopped, and there are multiple witnesses who saw them in person.

It was only other S.A.D. guys and personnel holding high security clearances who saw this and knew to keep quiet about it. That particular detail is highly classified, more than likely because the CIA would lose credibility if information got out about their agents having glowing eyes.

Every time a new director came aboard, they would usually think the stories about him were hogwash. Especially later on when the actual Jason Bourne movies came out. However, every time they documented and recorded a new commitment, they would always say "Seeing is believing".

Most Human targets were from drug cartels around the southern border of the United States. They were seen as being "open season" since they weren't U.S. Citizens, and they were bringing drugs into the country. The CIA is still not supposed to be working domestically, and they were basically acting like hypocrites about the drugs. Specifically to protect their profits.

Supposedly he was keeping them "more under control" and from getting "too big and powerful" because some of those cartels can get a lot done and gather a large amount of resources while acquiring more and more people to work for them with the profits they accumulate. The CIA would also later have a "clean up crew" come by to gather up all the drugs.

It's possible they were using them as real world training and target practice so he would be more experienced for bigger jobs later. The guy was like a one man army and would go in by himself. The cartel guys would get their asses handed to them because they weren't expecting such massive firepower coming from one guy.

He would fire off a few shots or explosives, then run a distance to fire again elsewhere. Using these tactics made it seem like there were multiple attackers and they couldn't pin down where they were if they were even able to look. A few times he completely circled all the way around them and they thought they were completely surrounded.

They would use certain things from his life to get him motivated to act on things. There would be events or subjects involving people and they would play on that. For example, "do you want to get back at so and so for doing this?" Or these guys sold the drugs to that person in your life and they overdosed.

He had also been working with a woman. She went by "Katja", but it's not her real name. She's also gone by "Anastasia". She is ridiculously beautiful. They were apparently married, but it doesn't count under amnesia. Supposedly of Russian origin, but working with him in S.A.D. She had no noticeable accent, but you can subtly tell English isn't her first language. It's allegedly her second. She was a redhead and looked like a real life Black Widow from the comics. Some speculate she may have been a Skinwalker just because she seemed unrealistically beautiful.

She could have been surgically altered, but she denies it. I can't understate the "unrealistic beauty" of her appearance. Her features seem uncommon. Her red hair is unusually deep red. Could just be dyed. Her eyes are dark blue like sapphire. She says she's had no plastic surgery, her hair isn't dyed, nor is she wearing contacts.

She doesn't seem Human, like she could be an android or something. She's just too perfect looking. However, her mannerisms seem completely Human and there are videos of her getting debriefings with hypnosis and drug injections involved, so it's unlikely she's some kind of robot.

One of the injections was a derivative of sodium pentothal. It's something like a more potent form. Sodium pentothal was debunked as not being a real truth serum, but the truth is it's been suppressed. It actually works on some people and not on others. In some cases it works part of the time, and in the case of the S.A.D. several drugs were used.

So much so that it looked like she had track marks on her inner arms at times because they had to move from one drug to another. However, they were using small gauge needles like insulin syringes. Hence, the more potent form of the drug. It wasn't like the early MKUltra days. They knew what they were doing.

The hypnosis was for amnesia, and the drugs were to make sure they weren't lying. Hypnosis was also used for truth telling. The CIA was extremely paranoid about everything. Especially being infiltrated by other spies. Even polygraph was used along with threats of torture. They would have rusty tools and things set out and make a lot of implications.

Here's a sample of the hypnotic script that was used on "Jason Bourne". This was a level 9 fragment. Not all of these subjects were asked at once. He remembers a ton more, but there would just be pages and pages of it that would need to be typed out or dictated. Too many to fit in one article. Additional notes added in parenthesis.

S.A.D. Script

Do you remember anything about ___ in the last 24 hours?

(show a picture of the weapons, ammunition, equipment, used to ensure the agent doesn't recall anything)


Afghanistan Somalia Vietnam Philippines Thailand Russia Ukraine Ireland Wales Liberia Nigeria Nicaragua Congo Iraq Iran California Oregon New Mexico Washington Washington D.C. Area 51 (Multiple trips.) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Multiple trips. A lot of "heavy artillery" bring brought along here. Minigun, rocket launchers, and explosives.) New York Arizona Texas


FAMAS G-36 (FAMAS and G-36 seemed to be used the most. Probably because they didn't want anyone to think he was American should he get caught. Sometimes he went in with nothing at all and all weapons and equipment was procured on site) M9 Bayonet Beretta M9 Makarov PSG-1 Barrett .50 bmg Mossberg 500 shotgun Remington M700, M700P, or Super 9. Night vision and FLIR scope. Crosman Pnue-Dart DAN-INJECT IM injection rifle Tranquilizer ammunition

FGM-148 Javelin M47 Dragon RPG-7 UGGL-M1 Grenade Launcher HK69A1 Grenade Launcher Sage Deuce Grenade Launcher M67 Fragmentation Grenades Hawk MM1 Grenade Launcher M79 Grenade Launcher M134 Minigun M-29 Davy Crockett Weapon System


BDUs, black. Webbing, black. (Looked less bulky than the U.S. military MOLLE. Closest I've seen is what the German Army uses.) "Civvies" Grey Man (Different styles suited to the area)


MRAP, black APC, black 90's-2000's Crown Victorias, black 90's-2000's Ford Explorers, black Late 90's-Early 2000's Ford Expedition, black M1A2 Abrams Tank, sand, olive drab 90's-2000's Jeep Cherokee, white 90's-2000's Ford Taurus, white, grey, black, blue Willys Military Jeep. Olive Drab. Off-Road truck. Chevrolet. From the 2000's. Dark carmine red. Lifted, big tires. A second one more lifted with bigger tires. Black. A third one with sand tires. Multi colored from fiberglass fenders. They look flared out. Desert Patrol Vehicle Ford Raptor Prerunner. Multi colored, possibly from fiberglass fenders. F-16 (Most aircraft didn't have numbers on the tails or any other identifiers.) F-14 Tomcat AV-8B Harrier F-117 Nighthawk SR-71 Blackbird General Atomics MQ-1 Predator (Had the remote controls in a portable suitcase) Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk Convair F-106 Delta Dart (Configured as a parasitic fighter on the back of a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit.) Lockheed Martin LMH-1 airship Glider (Looked a lot like a "one sheet glider" build, only scaled up to hold people. Wing went across the top in one piece and cockpit was kind of "square". It was old looking like it might fall apart. Probably originally white, but faded yellow from age.) Submarine launched torpedo with a Human payload compartment X-29 reverse wing aircraft High Altitude Balloon for HALO (A lot like the Red Bull Stratos) Metal Hang Glider (Would deploy from a jet aircraft.) "Pseudo TR" black triangular craft. Mockup of TR-3B. Space Shuttle (Modified to be piggybacked on Boeing plane as high as it could go. Shuttle detaches and carries itself the rest of the way into space. It's unknown why all shuttle launches aren't done this way because it's a lot cheaper and less of a spectacle.) Flying wing plane Metallic silver. Jet powered. Old. Experimental VTOL (Kind of like a Harrier only with smaller wings. Almost like a flying weapons platform for jungles. Has a big gun on it.)

Rest assured your money is being held onto and you will be paid with interest. We don't want any trouble.

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