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The Real X-Men

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The Stargate project and so called "Men Who Stare at Goats" type projects by the U.S. Army from the 70's were officially shut down and classified, but they didn't actually stop. That was only on paper.

The programs were actually compartmentalized and used for MIB activity. This is on record with the Men in Black specifically named. It wasn't supposed to be on record like that, but as time went on the United States Government was getting increasingly sloppy and complacent.

The "psychic" type abilities were specifically for the purpose of identifying extraterrestrials and for "Remote Interrogation" of suspected terrorists without the subject knowing they were being interrogated. The NSA has supposedly been using the covert Remote Interrogation into the present day.

This is due to the many aliens who are Human or Human in appearance, the types of disguises used, as well as for identifying shapeshifters. "Shapeshifters" wasn't the word they used, but it was something along the lines of a description of a person or alien that could change their appearance instantly and look like anyone.

One thing they were supposedly able to do was what they referred to as "pyrokinesis". It wasn't actually manifesting fire out of nowhere, but more like a manipulation of energies in some way that could cause things to increase in heat until it would ignite.

They didn't know exactly how it worked, but there was speculation it had something to do with speeding up the vibrations of the molecules. Most practitioners would position their hands in a way that looked like they would be holding an invisible ball, then "compress" it like they were concentrating the "Chi" energy until a wadded up piece of paper would be set aflame.

They couldn't get things like steel to melt or ignite, but simple things like matches, paper, or dry grass could be set on fire. This progressed into a technique where it could be done remotely and they could set things of fire several feet way just by staring and concentrating on it.

Telekinesis had limited success. They couldn't get anyone to lift people, cars, or do a "Force Choke" like Darth Vader, but there's instances of being able to move around 5-10 lbs. Due to the limited lifting capacity there was investigation into what was called a "Heart Strangle Maneuver", abbreviated as HSM.

It involved using the telekinesis to try and hold a heart still and keep it from beating. It was pretty hit and miss on Humans. They tried to get people to just concentrate on stopping the heart valves or keeping them open without much success. For small animals like frogs it was pretty easy. Not very useful though. They weren't any special laboratory frogs either, they literally just caught ones right outside on the property.

Another thing that was investigated was the ability to "sense" people. It was something different than remote viewing. Like you could sense a person and their movement through walls. What it was meant for was advanced forms of camouflage, whether it was shapeshifters, or some kind of technological cloaking. The idea was to be able to detect the unseen in case someone was using that because of how dangerous it can be. What it was mostly used for was shooting combatants through walls instead.

Another subject was making oneself "invisible". It wasn't like physical invisibility, but it was like blocking the perception of yourself in someone's mind. If you've ever been standing with a group of friends and it was like nobody noticed you, then someone spoke up asking where you are even though you were standing right there, it's just like that. Only it's intentional and controllable.

Something else they were able to do was weather manipulation. They could do simple things like "cloud busting", which was remotely dissipating small clouds by concentrating on them. They used this for simple practice at first.

Eventually they were not only able to achieve breaking up a whole rainstorm, but actually manifesting them. Another thing was being able to subtly manipulate temperatures in the air currents over large areas. There was limited success in manifesting tornadoes and hurricanes.

One thing most people know about the Stargate Project publicly is the Remote Viewing. It actually had more success than people think it did. So much so that there was what you could say was something like a "psychic cold war" or "psychic arms race" kind of deal going on.

The Soviet Union had been experimenting with this stuff too. Other groups on the Moon and Mars had some of their own. When people on Earth had been remote viewing over there, they had been becoming aware of it and had started actively blocking it.

They can have people actually block it themselves, but there is also a way of creating a technological energy barrier. It's a frequency that's broadcasted that either prevents remote penetration or at least scrambles it to the point that it's useless. There's some blueprints out there for it.

Yet another subject that was investigated was Technopathy. They wanted people to be able to influence enemy computers and the guidance systems of missiles remotely and without leaving any trace. They referred to this as "Mind Hacking".

They started with random number generators. They had some pretty good success with groups of people focusing on them. They were able to whittle them down to just a few and train them further. Eventually they were able to get people to actually move mouse cursors without touching the mouse.

The problem with that is they were only able to get them to do it with a computer right in front of them. They had trouble getting them to focus on one computer remotely, especially in something like a room full of them or a server room, let alone actually see what they were doing.

It was supposedly "abandoned" after that, but they eventually got them to be able to influence Atari games. This progressed to slot machines and video poker. The programs were hard up for cash and wanted a way to be able to get an easy untraceable "black budget", but cleaning out all these machines would raise too many questions.

There was also experimentation on trying to manifest "psychic" abilities by rendering a person physically helpless. They would basically keep them locked in a cage immobilized, starved, dehydrated, and sensory deprived for extended periods of time to try and get the mind to have an outside influence as a means of survival. There was a lot of experimentation on sensory deprivation by itself as well.

A particularly heinous thing the U.S. Government experimented with along those lines was taking perfectly healthy people then blinding them, making them deaf, cutting their vocal cords, and even intentionally paralyzing them from the neck down. They were attempting to consolidate brainpower and forcibly manifest psychic phenomena by cutting off all the senses at once. They had some success doing this, but it's just extremely inhumane.

There are what's called "Near Death Trauma Centers". The U.S. Government was experimenting with them in order to create "Forced Adaptation" exactly like the Deadpool movie. How the storywriters knew about that is more than likely due to a leak. The thing about it is there was some success. Some more than others, but it was in fact successful.

There was a lot of experimentation on what the Human body is capable of in survival situations. They were speculating that stories of things like mothers lifting cars off of their children may have more to it than just an adrenaline rush and might also be aided by sudden bursts of powerful telekinesis.

Some of the experimentation involved different types of drugs. Some was aided by hypnosis. Some was with neither. All shared success. There was a lot of experimentation. Some of the missing persons in the country were actually kidnapped for this, as well as homeless people. There were also babies that were "unregistered", so to speak. Ones that were born without hospital records that were used.

They were also using people for breeders. They would offer a sum of money for couples to have babies outside of a hospital that they would later give up. Government agents would then just take them without paying. The idea was there was no recourse since the transaction was basically illegal to begin with and there was no record of birth either. This was risky and brought some heat, so they started kidnapping people and keeping them in an area and forcing them to reproduce.

There were a lot of deaths. There were more failures than successes, but the successes were concrete and repeatable which kept the funding coming in and contributed to everything getting so out of control with the acquiring of subjects.

Some of the repeatable successes they achieved were getting people to be able to breathe underwater without equipment. They would be put in a tank full of water with a sealed lid and no air between it with no way out. A common phrase heard by the victims by the people who were overseeing the project is "Don't hold your breath."

They weren't sure how this was achieved because the test subjects weren't growing gills, nor was there any change to their physiology. They hypothesized it was due to a deep trance state because they had been using drugs and hypnosis during these experiments.

The other success were putting them in an airtight container and lowering the oxygen levels gradually down to literally zero with them not only still surviving somehow, but without brain damage and being fully conscious the whole time. There was also experimentation with people in vacuum environments like they were trying to make it so people could survive in space without a suit.

Another one was subjecting them to constant physical trauma which apparently forced the body to heal faster eventually. EXTREMELY painful, and didn't even bother to give them any pain medication for it. This included sustained electroshock over the entire body and basically being cooked alive, both with just temperature increase and direct flames.

It was all called the "X-Men Program". Sounds like bullshit, but it's true. It was originally called something else first, but later informally referred to as the X-Men Program, then became known as that on the record.

While some of these things have been going on for the purposes of eventual MIB use, the MIB themselves weren't behind it and have specifically distanced ourselves from the United States Government because of these types of atrocities. From what I know, at least most of it's been shut down since around the 90's.

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