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MIB Enhancements Part 4

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It started out as the United States Military's "Synthetic Telepathy" project. Its purpose was for soldiers on the battlefield to be able to communicate with each other covertly. It was later used for the Secret Space Program.

A small implant is placed into the third ventricle of the brain. A syringe is inserted into the nose and pierced through the cribriform plate while using a fluoroscope to make sure it gets in the right area. It reads the electrical activity coming from the brain.

The implant's signal is above the 8ghz microwave spectrum. A high security signal would be encrypted and frequency hop. There's microwave towers on the ground which pick up the signal then relay it to satellites. The implant acts like a two way electroencephalograph. It can read activity coming from the brain, as well as stimulate brain activity simultaneously.

Information gleaned from the brain's electrical signals are deciphered by a supercomputer elsewhere with assistance by Artificial Intelligence. This allows the implant to remain small since all the processing is done on the outside. Brain activity from the visual cortex is read in real time. Same for the auditory cortex. Both can be seen and heard on a common PC. Sound and images can be sent to each part of the brain remotely.

This implant has a computer interface with a desktop-like environment like Microsoft Windows which appears in the "mind's eye" as if you were visualizing something. You can see images and talk with people using subvocalization. The same "inner voice" people tend to use while reading. It's much like instant messaging and text with real-time video calls such as Skype where you can see the person you're talking to on webcam and hear the audio in your mind.

To an untrained user, constant movement and sound coming from the implant can provide a distraction which can cause car and other accidents. It's like doing a video call while driving, and regular cell phones are bad enough. It also takes some practice and an adjustment period to differentiate between your "inner voice" and visualizations and someone else that's speaking to you through the implant.

For someone who is unaware they've been implanted with this or a similar device, perhaps by nefarious groups, it's possible that they could be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Even if they were aware of what was happening, someone talking about government implants would sound mentally ill.

In some cases someone may be unaware and untrained in the use of the implant interface, or are otherwise maladapted to it. A person intentionally obscuring themselves during a video call could possibly be attributed to instances of people who think they've been "talking to god", or even channeling information from "aliens" or some other "higher power".

The reason it was used in the Secret Space Program was because the implant is able to see and hear everything the person who is implanted is seeing and hearing in high definition video and audio that is recorded and stored. This is so they can use it like a "black box" that an airplane uses. In case there was an accident with one of the space ships they would be able to see what happened. It would also prevent theft and people going AWOL. After they stopped using dog tags, they went to the implant.

It's also like "wearing a wire", so to speak. Only it's a wire that's implanted inside the body so that even if you were completely stripped naked and searched, it wouldn't be found since it's inside the body. This was to make sure nobody would speak of the Secret Space Program, and if they did, they would know who. Now days it's used for undercover agents gathering evidence.

The implant also allows for the enhancement of memory. Since everything is recorded, a past event can then be played back again on the interface and more detail can be gleaned from the situation that took place. It can potentially allow for complete recall word for word of what was spoken, or something that was seen. It would be like having an artificial photographic memory. Combine this with someone who already has a photographic memory, and the results can be astonishing.

The video feed coming from the eyes is interesting to watch. It's unlike watching video from a camera. You can see the eyes suddenly darting around and focusing on objects. It looks almost like tunnel vision while zooming in when someone focuses on something. People who are unaware of what they're seeing tend to say things like "this person needs to get a better camera", "fix the lens already", and "their camera work sucks."

Another capability for Special Forces operators was that it had GhostNet and Looking Glass access. This enabled data to be sent back in time, as well as the ability to look forward. Its purpose was so that if whatever action attempted failed, they would be able to send the information backwards and tell the operator ahead of time what went wrong so they could avoid it. Hindsight is always 20/20.

This would be something almost like having "extra lives" in a video game. If they died, they would then be able to know what not to do. Combine this with real time advisory information by specialists and interactive A.I. and it would be like having an almost invincible force on the battlefield.

Legend has it there's someone out there that had one of these implants and the password was intentionally left blank. He was set out as bait in a sting operation. He was a Manchurian Candidate style sleeper agent who had amnesia about the implant and its operation so he would be unaware of what was happening and wouldn't respond to people communicating over it until he was activated.

There's a list on the login interface of all the people who are implanted and it usually says what agency they're from next to their name. Like Airborne, Recon Marines, Navy SEALS, U.S. Marshalls, FBI, CIA, NSA, MIB, Secret Space Program, etc. He basically had all of them, and the name was just listed as "Classified".

A lot of people thought it was just some kind of secure communication network, since information could be sent through time. They figured they'd be long gone from the scene of the crime, or that the statute of limitations would have run out by the time they had gotten caught. Little did they know that whatever was witnessed would be prosecuted as if it had taken place in the present time.

They had been using this "covert communication channel" as a means to coordinate criminal activities. They were also doing a lot of sick and unmentionable atrocities while filming it and sending it to each other. Let's just say something like a snuff film would be considered tame compared to what they were up to. A lot of them are people that could be considered those who at one time wielded a lot of influence in the world.

Some people from the general public thought it was just some kind of new online role playing game since nobody believes the MIB or Secret Space Program are real, and some of the things that had been going on were so grievous and horrific they thought it had to be fake. Like some kind of new interactive horror movie. Plus the timeframe was in the future for them and everyone was expecting flying cars by now.

A couple of the websites they had been accessing had a ".gov" and ".mil" extension on them with a warning about accessing classified information, the consequences involved, and basically telling them if they don't have clearance their "life is forfeit". It had an ActiveX download that enabled compression of packets for low speed connections.

It also attracted a few vigilante types and conspiracy theorists that thought they had stumbled upon a vast scheme and were going to uncover it. Others thought it was an alien invasion, or that the person they were watching was some kind of robot due to being able to see through his eyes as well as certain footage that was found which came from the U.S. Government.

One of the video clips was supposedly real. It showed a man with the skin of his head and face removed with a mechanical skull underneath and red glowing eyes. There were at least a couple fakes though. One was just footage from the Terminator 3 movie pasted over someone's face.

The other was some poor guy that was probably high on PCP. His entire head had been degloved, and they just spray painted his skull silver. They inserted small LEDs with batteries in his eyes with incisions. He more than likely didn't survive. Now you can get an idea of the types of atrocities that had been taking place. Nobody thought people could actually be that twisted. It gets much worse, but we'll leave it at that.

It started getting pretty ridiculous after a while. Soon some Anonymous and 4chan types started coming on and a bunch of "Deepfake" style fake celebrity pornography started going around. Then actors came on using face swapping technology to imitate celebrities to further bait more people into the honeypot, making the interlopers think they were interacting with them and watching actual celebrity porn. It was also attracting the kind of people who are into tabloids.

This further degenerated into people just playing some really poor quality dress up. Some of them even impersonating police and FBI agents. One guy just had a paper printout of an FBI badge he was wearing on his belt. Eventually this lead to someone trying to get people under 18 to log in because they thought the punishments wouldn't be as harsh for them since they were minors, but they'll all be tried as adults.

Eventually, due to a leak, the link was passed around on a few conspiracy forums. One of them that went more mainstream after some events that take place in the future. People were told they would win money if they could get the guy with the implant to kill himself by harassment only. The rules were they couldn't intervene in his life or online accounts, only through the implant.

Since conspiracy related material went mainstream in that timeframe, a lot of the people new to it weren't too bright and didn't see it for the honeypot it was. They had no idea who would be paying them if they won, or even who it was that was running this "contest".

Even then, there was people on there trying to warn them, but they wouldn't listen. They started listening when there was a judge on the implant feed signing autographs on arrest warrants right in front of them and showing them their name and address on the paper. Some people had the sense to bail out quickly, but a few stuck around until they had the cops breaking down their door shortly after.

It was ALL recorded and witnessed by multiple law enforcement personnel. Certain sealed indictments and the recent expansion at Guantanamo Bay may or may not have a connection to all this.

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