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Hunting UFOs

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Some of the U.S. Government's attempts at tracking UFOs in the 80's were surprisingly low tech. It was mostly for intelligence gathering up close and trying to figure out what they were up to. For some reason they were having kids help out with a lot of it. Probably because I had been getting training since the time I was able to actually hold a gun. At a young age you also tend to learn a lot more, and faster.

One of the things they did for closeup investigation was use a Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye. People kept mentioning "Greys" probably due to media contamination, but nobody was actually sure who they were. No one had actually seen who was piloting them. Could have been Humans or even drone aircraft, so that's what we were there to find out.

We drove onto an Air Force base in a van. It was a Ford E350 passenger van with windows on it. Comfy seats. The paint was this ugly burgundy color with "sparkles" embedded in it. The paint was dull though like the topcoat was damaged. The font grill had a pink stuffed animal rabbit on it, but it was skinny and had wire in it like it was poseable. It was dirty and faded to where it was mostly white. Arriving in a van like this was to keep everything low key. Driving there in some fancy convoy would draw a lot of unwanted attention.

I saw some fighter jets as we drove past. We got out and as we walked by I saw an F-14 Tomcat. It was my favorite plane as a kid and I wanted to fly it. Someone had asked me if I wanted to fly a "Hawkeye" instead. The name sounded cool, so I said "Yes!", but when they pointed to it, I saw some lame plane with propellers and no jets or missiles on it.

Two girls about my age were with me. One wanted to hold my hand because the air base was loud and she was a little skittish. I told her "I won't let anyone hurt ya". We met a man and woman there that were described as "Partners". The man was wearing an old style bomber jacket with sheep fleece in the collar. The woman was dressed sharply and wearing a long black coat reminiscent of a business suit jacket.

There were also six military looking people there. Four were wearing woodland camo fatigues. Two men, two women. The remaining two were wearing other uniforms. One was green and looked Soviet. He had a gold aiguillette on the arm and decorations on it. The other was wearing Marine Corps dress blues.

The "Marine" walked up, leaned forward and offered his hand to shake. He had his hat off and was holding it under his arm. I took one look at his hair which was quite obviously not a military haircut and told him "No Marine barber touched that head of hair." and walked away. My hand wasn't free anyway. I was still holding the girl's hand and wanted to keep her feeling safe.

We all boarded the Hawkeye together. I wondered why they wanted me to fly it because I was just a kid. They told me I was the best pilot around. Must be from all the flight simulator training I had been doing up to that point. A flight helmet they wanted me to wear was too big. They had me wear an aviation headset instead. I couldn't see out the window, so the bomber jacket guy stood next to me in the cockpit to advise me until we got off the runway. Once we were in the air, I was flying by instruments only.

We were headed towards an object they had gotten some reports about. It wasn't really doing anything, just hovering in one spot over the ocean for a good while. So we started circling while I stood on the seat. The craft we saw was silver. It was almond shaped and had lines along the hull that were indented. It looked just like the ship from Flight of the Navigator when it's elongated.

As kids we thought it was cool because were were like "Wow! It's real!". The other girl there was wearing a long shirt like she had just gotten out of bed. She had a little stuffed Doberman or Rottweiler dog with her. Her hair was a little longer than shoulder length. She had these little barrettes in her hair. Plastic, like a pinkish purple color. Cheap looking with a flower on them.

The second girl who's hand I had been holding was wearing pink onesie pajamas with rabbits on them. She was holding the hand of the other girl now and standing in the approximate middle of the Hawkeye. The two girls were there because we were told they were "psychically sensitive". They wanted them there so they would be able to detect if whoever was on the craft was Human, Alien, or if it was a drone. The girl in pajamas was asked to just tell them if she thought we were in danger so we could get out of there.

They were investigating the UFO with the equipment on-board. It was specially tuned and modified for finding things other than what they were normally using it for. The radar was made more sensitive so they could pick up objects that wouldn't normally be as easily detected by radar like an F-117. It also had sonar if the radar didn't work.

A series of microphones including a hydrophone from the Navy were installed on the outside of the craft for capturing the full frequency spectrum and decibels. There was an oscilloscope on-board and they were connected to a computer system to filter out the outside noise of the airplane engines. They wanted us to try and fly as close as possible little by little so we don't spook the craft in order to see what we could pick up.

There was radio equipment on-board. One of the women in woodland camo had headphones and was tuning what looked like a radio dial for detecting different frequencies. AM/FM/Shortwave/CB/HAM/VHF/UHF/Military Frequencies to see if it was another country's aircraft.

There was both FLIR and night-vision cameras installed on the bottom. A re-purposed laser designator was used for scanning the shape of physical objects and was connected to a computer. Everything was leftover parts that were specially used for this particular Hawkeye.

There was also a type of "sticky chaff" used that was dispensed by nozzles on the rear of the wing. They were connected to aluminum tanks that looked like oversized kegs under both wings. The idea was so the plane could fly over any cloaked aircraft and dispense it to nullify the invisibility. It was blaze orange so you could see it better.

We flew over the craft and the spray stuck to it, but it still didn't move. It just kind of hung there for a while. Eventually it took off at lightning speed and was out of sight in the blink of an eye. The girl they had on board as a "psychic" said they were "people" and they weren't there to attack, they were just "looking around".

In another instance, one of them shot at our plane and I got us out of there. Everyone was pretty scared, but it was easy and I couldn't understand why they were having me do it instead of an adult. They were panicking, so we left and went back to base. I doubt they were maliciously hostile. With equipment like that, and a primitive plane like ours, if they wanted us dead we'd be dead. Probably just wanted us to go away or see what we'd do.

The point of all of it was to supposedly get it on official record that there was craft out there not of government origin. Also all the radar, sonar, frequencies, sound, and everything was recorded. They wanted to later use the information to build something that could track objects like these easier.

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